… should be

14 06 2014

(http://www.rense.com/general14/bushsformer.htm): ‘Bin Laden’
(http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/12/leadup-iraq-war-timeline): War…
(https://www.google.com/#q=how+is+Obama+continuing+the+oil+wars): ‘Today’


The seriousness of how much MANIPULATION, ( ADVERTISING is Everywhere… except the “ghaucher group”…), be it the ‘Education’ SHYS-STEM ,through the  “PALL-LITICAL” SHYS-STEM “MONTEY” ,has the table surrounded.

The base plate for the Nation’s Ideological “foundation” has rotted significantly enough that what happened in Delaware…


…is more than a “STRANGER” dumping dirt without ‘ANYONE’ accepting responsibility in the recognition and, rectification of the  *’spore’ production . I PRAY that “IT” isn’t TOO LATE. *Someone HAS to ‘break’ the ‘MOLD’.

But, THAT  would have to be via a REALIZATION of “THE PROBLEM” and, the DETERMINATION  to withstand the legal ramifications of STANDING “ONE’S” GROUND with JUST a LOADED mind.


I’ve tried to be
most positive
‘midst ALL the offals thrown
and as the records
show these proofs
denials only grown

it seems to be
a masquarade
the Harliquin’s all grays
ugly news of worse reviews
are coming
via instinct replay

this first and ‘LAST’
a “JOB” well done
from sea to shining sea
add the fact
laws reconstrued
we’re NOT where “WE” should BE



12 11 2013

( http://news.ninemsn.com.au/health/2013/11/12/06/00/mammogram-stunt-saves-tv-host-s-life )

For the past three years I’ve been writing about a device that could be / is intended FOR the recognition of SURVIVAL. Of CANCERS and of SUBSTANCE Abuse(s). The above news article is about a Public Person BRAVING a “fear” to SAVE THEIR LIFE. The Person is ANOTHER GOOD MORNING AMERICA television anchor Amy Robach. Her on-air contemporary is [ROBIN ROBERTS], who’s been battling MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome. It’s a disease of the blood and bone marrow and was once known as preleukemia.

The thing that upsets ME at this time is that the NEED for something “JUST a LITTLE DIFFERENT” could throttle UP the funding situation during this time of a LACK of PERSONAL FUNDS of the ‘American’ people and the rest of the World. (Even though the funding time-table is finished at… fundly.com/thnqenterprises… the need and the DEVICE ARE still READY to be UNDERTAKEN. Everything is “IN PLACE”.) The most interesting thing about the “crowdfunding” genre is that the SAPIENS of today would rather have a Watch that they can tweet with, instead of helping a BALDING Ten year old that may not see a tweet in their life, ( ST. Jude’s Christmas ads.), because there’s NO MONEY for RESEARCH of their affliction. The “OTHER” part of the story is that close to 78% of the funds RAISED WOULD GO TO RESEARCH!!! And, not to “administrative” whatever.If there’s a time for TRANSPARENCY it’s RIGHT HERE in front of YOU. (Look up the past posts about this. I’ve even addressed BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA with the information… Do YOU hear the Crickets chirping, ALSO!?!)

No MATTER, as per “usual” there IS some RHYME to the UN-REASON.

you read the news(?)
you pride pink shoes
you know just how “BAD” IS
but, when it comes to “IT’S SO NEW”
your brain gives sounds of FIZZ

the malady we ALL do flee
EATS at the folk, its seize
but, come the day that ‘noma splays
precursor rends by fees

the day has come past walks and runs
monetaries such needs, without guns
the ones out here that know these fears
have TOOLS for gaining funds

Just ’cause it’s strange of visual gauge
means not under [ CURIE’S]   cage
it’s such small start to load HOPE’S carts

A Feint Within A Feint Within A Feint

12 01 2012

Knowing where the trap is — that’s the first step in evad­ing it. This is like sin­gle com­bat, Son, only on a larger scale — a feint within a feint within a feint…seemingly with­out end. The task is to unravel it.

—Duke Leto Atreides, Dune
The world of Frank Herbert, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Herbert), encompassed so many theoretical genres that those who’ve never read, or heard of him wil be shocked at how his “fiction” can be of such USE today. He gave us Dune the story of geneology and the revenge of politics. The starter, Dune, takes place on a planet that has a population the mirror of the “Middle-East” we “know” today, including a “language” typing. The intrigues of the story are many.
Then there are his heroes, one being Jorge X. McKie, a no nonsense, highly intellectual, invincible “WEEBLE” of the leprechaun series’ make-up.A a Saboteur Extraordinary, one of the principals of the Bureau of Sabotage, and the only human admitted to practice law before the “Gowachin” bar.
As of today there are many instances where a “McKie” would be useful. We “hear” of how an entire book has been written about the “true” goings on in the White House,( Jodi Kantor), WITHOUT speaking TO the folks the book is about. In New York, (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/01/11/swastika-earrings-latest-
example-anti-semitism-in-ny-and-nj-politicans-and/), the scare of a symbol that was used by a FIEND for for a few short years but, for CENTURIES by other cultures, has been called to the forefront as offensive enough that the youth should hold to the stupidity of that fiend, instead of LEARNING about the TRUE nature of said symbol.The PEOPLE that used the first atomic bomb against another are stopping others that threaten to do the same.
All these scenarios are just another feint to ruin the balances of thought and action to stop a few that seek to control the world. If just enough spoke to one another in a civil and truth-filled “PRO-VERS-ATION” there just might be SOMETHING DONE. But, as long as the “corporate” provocateurs keep rustling the bushes just outside enough doors the folks behind those doors won’t really “KNOW” what the “NEIGHBORS” are doing… and aren’t able to tell THEM the truth to what’s really happening.
This is the year where many believe it ALL comes to an END. It’s out of OUR hands if that IS so. But, we’re here NOW. And, if the world DOESN’T end this year the BETTER choosing of our leaderships just may make that charge of the FOUR less necessary in some way. But, no matter what WE have to STOP THE HATE, and EDUCATE OURSELVES so that if this world IS to be A BETTER PLACE that we resist the cartoons that we’ve started to believe and COMPARE our own better scripts for A WONDERFUL LIFE.
Oh, and by the way for those with DAUGHTERS, read the HERBERT book “THE WHITE PLAGUE”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_White_Plague), it may open the eyes of those that have forgotten that WOMEN are the ONLY way our world populates itself… Just “IMAGINE”
If we don’t DO SOMETHING ‘RIGHT’ the world , this NATION, will see “its” goals as…

Tea Parties Are For Pikers

14 10 2011

Looking at how the strength of a collection of [LEAVES] has made “DEMOCRACY” hard to [SWALLOW]. The past few months of what [INSPIRES] American “thought” and participation have sped “CHANGE” into stop.Things that were supposed to get this country “back-on-its-feet” are actually a fungus that is rotting away the foot itself… the “BASE”, what we STOOD FOR.
Just a small time frame later a [GROUP] has blood-HOUNDED their way to one of the sources of the “Wall Street” [MERCAPTANS]. The best thing about these “Occupants” is the fact that they have been willing to reach out to those of other nations and instruct them of a few techniques that may assist to render/ remove the offensive aromas left upon the World’s citizenry by the bosses of the “Bean-Counters”. Oh, wouldn’t that nick-name also be a source of the power “behind” the [POOT]?

Is Fashionably LATE Charming ?

1 10 2011

The count-down is now an earnest effort for those that want to “lead” this “United” States of America.

The “obvious” choice of the ‘Democratic’ party is one Barack Hussein Obama, administratively [TATTERED] and, Second Term [TORN] . The covert view presented, of late to the younger voter, is that seen in the movie Final Destination 5 as [DEATH]. Isn’t that immaculate timing !?!

Now, the time for a challenger has arrived. Someone that will accomplish those things that have been weighing [DOWN] this nation’s water treading abilities for the past two years. This soul will be buoyed by those that haven’t been afraid of the depths that they MUST go to insure their fellows have learned to “BOB” and Weave as they continue to call warning of their being in the vicinity of these “patriots'” actions.

STRAW, as a [POLL], or each prospective candidate’s [POSITION] of the “Party”, is but the “after” of the political [THRESHING]. “After”= the real decision makers have filled out the “dance-card” of the ‘Nation’.
And, as with any “dance” worth being “AT” we are witnessing the intricacies of HOW the “game” IS played. Do you remember any movie that had public, social interaction ? Those that were able to get the invitation to the [\"SOIREE\"], ( I label it thus because “IT” is getting LATE for just about everything !), usually get to the event as the doors [SWING OPEN]. Then you have those who are using their [CONNECTION] to enhance their standing, waiting for the next “dance”, so that they may be the “IT” boy, OR ‘GIRL’?

So, when these folk attend do they ever think about the previous events of “before” ? The “who” were that the event’s success is based on ? Let’s say that this is a “REGIONAL” trophy event, and there’d been ONLY two previous times that the “dance” produced the [VERVE] and [EXCITEMENT] that is building as you read this.
Is there a whiff of Texas Tea rolling across the plains ? It’s difficult to tell because the Lad from the [REPUBLIC] wouldn’t [TWO-STEP] in a [CYCLONE].We’ll just have to wait, like “Rick” is. Because any fighter worth their salt watches an opponent, in the [\"RING\"], weighing whether they are willing to trade “blows” to be able to PRESIDE before the next “dance”.
So, with no heroic record like Eisenhower. And NO Thyssen Bank holding your “BONES” out of the closet,like G.W., is it better to use the blood of your opponents to slide into the “show” ring to take the “regionals” ?

So, again I ask… Is Fashionably [LATE] Charming? Or the “CHARM”

“Mene Mene”

5 08 2011

Last days and the reversal of the Higher Power’s gifts. This thought isn’t just someone losing their mental “grip”. At least not by this “author”.

Many “wonder” if the current President has the proverbial snowball’s chance given how the CONSERVATIVE (/kənˈsɜrvətɪv/ Show Spelled[kuhn-sur-vuh-tiv] Show IPA



disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.
<br /2.

cautiously moderate or purposefully low: a conservative estimate.


traditional in style or manner; avoiding novelty or showiness: conservative suit.


( often initial capital letter ) of or pertaining to the Conservative party.


( initial capital letter ) of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Conservative Jews or Conservative Judaism.



having the power or tendency to conserve; preservative.


Mathematics . (of a vector or vector function) having curl equal to zero; irrotational; lamellar.




a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc.


a supporter of conservative political policies.


( initial capital letter ) a member of a conservative political party, especially the Conservative party in Great Britain.


a preservative. ),
machine has built its portrait of Barack H. Obama. The latest such [PORTRAIT] comes from the view of a “Reprehensative” from the exact state that three young [WHITE TERRORISTS] were caught at a Democratic National Convention to elect who would be their choice for PRESIDENT. That State would be COLORADO.
There really isn’t much else to say, the examples of “LEADERSHIP” that have been displaced these past twelve years truly presents an intimate graph of just how many children WERE LEFT BEHIND before George H.W. called official attention to the problem. Doug Lamborn hasn’t clued to the FACT that he ISN’T in his birth State of Kansas anymore.
Yes, the “WRITING IS On THE WALL”, stuck there like so many crass Locker/ Boardroom jokes. Sadly we have TOO MANY naturalized generations that have squandered the room they were given in the GENE POOL… and we have come BACK to ANOTHER “RUSHING” their judgement through the door marked “IDIOTS ONLY”. But, we should have seen it coming, the inside walls of the box we’ve built each have a small dis·ser·ta·tion(/ˌdisərˈtāSHən/
Noun: A long essay on a particular subject, esp. one written as a requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.). increasingly erased and “rewritten” as a [TWEET].
The saddest part of the sordid equation of Lamborn and Obama is that these two ARE children born within the same STATE’S borders.

America and The World…

15 06 2011

…In search of a HARMONY through a BLACK GUY.
We’re almost “there”. The crazinesses “of” are being placed upon the shoulders of a kid from “Kansas”. For all the blame that he’s had to assume I place before you a moment that COULD HAPPEN, if only we ‘could’.


If he CAN be allowed to conduct the basic orchestrations that can guide the assembled, all that has to be done is join into the cohesiveness of the group.