… the “balls”

23 05 2014


It’s “funny” that the current “PRESIDING”  Government ‘leader’ just happens to be “ONE-HALF” of the injuries being inflicted upon those that DID NOT ASK to be brought HERE in the first place. NO, there ISN’T any REAL GOING BACK, (Marcus Garvey didn’t “git-‘er-done” while he was alive.), with ALL the murkiness’ created by European govern-mental interferences.

I LIVE here, and ‘like’ it! I don’t “know” anything else BUT these SIXTY YEARS of HISTORY MADE… NOW being DISMANTLED. During the ONLY terms of THE only “PRESIDING” being of ANY TYPE of “DARKEST” AFRICAN descent.

You may find the following a tad acidic, but don’t believe that there’s ‘hate’. THERE ISN’T! The words are just the observational meanderings of one that HAS seen “too much” of a world that HAS MORE TO OFFER than what ‘WE’ are being subjected to, from too many sides. This is just how I’ve gazed on the return of “Simon Legree” and the “tunes” his “band” are now brave enough to “play” in public.


it’s really NOT AMAZING
that “whitebread” has this “taste”
were not for those Peach baskets
their pockets would have more space

no never that “they’re” different
sound bodies gloss the mind
sleek Gladiators nightly
next year a better find

create the game’s excitement
charge lazy just to watch
then charge them more for likeness
pay science for DNA swatch

but NEVER “keep” their company
not from 1619 ’til past today
bad enough butt pat as congrats
the fear now is the Gay

but what the hey “I OWN ‘EM”
the contract says it all
to think that they “won’t” play for me
no matter what the fables they haven’t got the “balls”


… IS IT !?!

20 04 2014


CONGRATULATIONS (!!!!!!) to the reporter that wrote the NEW YORK TIMES article about General Mills’ attempt to BROAD SIDE a CONSUMER’S RIGHT TO SUE.


With the SAT being DUMBED someone within the legal ranks of the Minnesota FOOD provider “thought” that a PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKING of the DUE PROCESS given by FEDERAL LAW would be “EASILY” foundationed within the (ANTI-) SOCIAL MEDIA of the CORPORATE BULLY.

THIS ACTION ALONE PROVES that the MOST OBSCURE of WORDS HAS the NEED to be LEARNED… AS QUICKLY as POSSIBLE! Not too long ago there was mention that “some” parents of elementary school age students HAD asked that their children be allowed to write their class, (ENGLISH, the one that is “required” by a lot that can’t spell themselves.), ESSAY assignments “in Telephone TEXT form”. (!!!) Add that too many of the CLASSICS are now available as AUDIO-BOOKS… SOMEONE ELSE DECIPHERS the spelling for them. AMAZON is a major outlet.


The SADDER part of MY writing this post is that as a “person OF colour” it WASN’T so long ago that WE were KEPT from learning to read… JUST FOR THE ABOVE SIGHTED REASON.

It’s not so “glossable” when the tools of destruction becomes one’s OWN TARGETED SYSTEM.

As I’ve retorted MANY TIMES…



… the best “code” trace

1 01 2014

The ARROGANCE of those that can count without their fingers or, read with unmoving lips, is a show of just how much has been lost of “OUR” individual traits handed through the “slow” process of the NECESSITIES of LEARNING EXPERIENCES. ONE CANNOT be “SURE” of something that HAS NOT had the PROVEN events of testing through TIME and TRIAL, “trial” being the NEGATIVE bombardments of usage and IMPLEMENTATION VARIANCES. The newest (RICH KIDS) on the block are those that HAVE found that ” the more bread one has, the less “crap”  they have to taste to ingest.”  Mattering nothing, to them, that the trail of destruction will have enough entropic momentum to intersect the path that THEY believe will keep them “above” the “whatever”. The sadder fact IS that the “MONEY-CHANGERS”, ( a very proper term in that these folk are allowed to create a “VALUE” ALCHEMY that excludes REAL VALUES of ‘common’ exchange.), stand behind BORROWED CURTAINS practicing their “fiscal emperor’s attire” while their investors pretend to not notice.


the [GENIUS] ‘child’

has gone BUCK WILD

“personhood” DEFILED

a Species soon reviled


deny biological

a tainted philosophical

global neighbor’s laughable

and yet so often sought

gold gadgets souled when bought

too many’s stolen thoughts

growth’s consequences wrought

in time a [“MENTAT‘S”] place

may save some Human’s Race

be bred for brightness’ grace

DNA the best “code” trace

The “United States” WAS Started to AVOID THIS

14 12 2013

I’m very tired. Even though it’s only been a three day week I HAVEN’T “had” to awaken at 5 a.m. for over thirty years. The problem(s) of “WHAT”  WE are becoming is none too dissimilar than the ARISTOCRACY and Monarchical ‘stupidities’ that chased so many TO this Nation. I’m NOT going to write much of anything, I’ll just direct you to A  couple of articles that “KIND’A” bring the totality of “WRONG ” into sharper FOCUS.

A.) http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/drink-driver-ethan-couch-who-2924545

B.) http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/13/opinion/brooks-strengthen-the-presidency.html?_r=0

C.) http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/judge-anadarko-may-be-liable-in-kerr-mcgee-case/2013/12/13/4c1ce380-63f9-11e3-af0d-4bb80d704888_story.html

A.)= How WE HAVE “raised” our children.

B.)= How WE have allowed the entire nation to be put under PLANTATION servitude.


1.) Communications = LESS CHOICE.



IT’S not the proper time for a nice gallon of PHUQETAUL.

Writing a ‘SLANT’ Like the Crack of An ASS

28 02 2012

Just before I went to bed I peeked at the Internet News.Scrolling I found a Post by a YAHOO “Contributor”: Texan Mark Whittington. The article was dated 02/24/2012. The title…
‘Penn Judge: Muslims Allowed to Attack People for Insulting Mohammed’,

a very interesting piece when an open minded, world wise reader sees it for WHAT it really is.At the start the true weight , and WISDOM, is presented for the smarter evaluation of the proffered event through the linking to the ORIGINAL OBSERVER and LEGALLY trained


At the conclusion of Jurist Turley’s post there were 202 comments very much like this:
“mespo727272 1, February 24, 2012 at 8:13 am

I’ve had some interesting experiences in Pennsylvania Unified Court System. The judges in the Courts of Common Pleas are generally pretty competent people with law degrees. The ones at the magisterial
district level as in this case — not so much. They are not even required to be lawyers and many are not. They are magistrates in most every sense but handle “minor” cases. They are a good argument agianst popular election of judges. There is a reason they call the district courts “minor” courts.”

Or this: “Anonymously Yours 1, February 24, 2012 at 8:03 am

I wonder if a Muslim atheist zombie was attacked, if it would make a difference?

The right to ignore stupid is also the right to peacefully assemble….”

The YAHOO “CLIFF NOTED” post received 12,815 comments, bundled thusly:

Bill L./ Houston, TX= “So by the same definition, someone could legally attack judge Martin because they were obligated to defend the Constitution.”

CROX/ ?,?= “Only in Islam could someone get away with this. Imagine a christian beating up a muslim man because he wore a halloween christian outfit. CAIR would be outraged.” ( Note to “CROX”, ‘All Hallow’s Eve IS a ‘CHRISTO-PAGAN’ observance.)

It NEVER ceases to amaze me when the OCRE JOURNALISTS are so in “need” of a recognition fix as when their latest version of “CHAR WARS” hasn’t found a “SNEW’QI” to graphically WADDLE into a “Qindal” flash reader.

The version, as told by the person that HAD done “SOME” research is concise and filled with THOUGHT and background knitted together with the staples of diverse viewpoints. Not be a close proximity to the “Niggerhead”,Texas property of Governor Rick Perry.To place two sides of the article’s issue…
“I fail to see the relevance of the victim’s attitude toward Muslims or religion generally. He had a protected right to walk in the parade and not be assaulted for his views. While the judge laments that “[i]t’s unfortunate that some people use the First Amendment to deliberately provoke others,” that is precisely what the Framers had in mind if Thomas Paine is any measure.

Notably, reports indicate that Elbayomy called police because he thought it was a crime to be disrespectful to Muhammed. The judge appears to reference this by noting that in some countries you can be put to death for such an offense. Those countries are called oppressive countries. This is a free country where it is not a crime to insult someone’s religion — despite a counter-trend in some Western countries.”

Of course Mr. Whittington just happens to “CONDENSE” the crux of his purloined post into the perfect “STROM”, (NOT a misspelling!), something that is running rip-shod through the “PAL-IN/ -ER” audience as mentioned in a recent ROLLING STONE Magazine article.

There’s not much more to say after sending someone to read MATT TIABBI… you just CAN’T make much MORE sense.

Except… Congratulations YAHOO! When are you going to start YOUR updated version of “YELLOW KID” ? (http://xroads.virginia.edu/~ma04/wood/ykid/intro.htm)

ANOTHER Example of an Elected’s Uneducatedness

24 12 2011

This post, you should file under the catagory of ” ANOTHER OBTUSE POLITICIAN” (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/12/21/
jim-sensenbrenner-michelle-obama_n_1163711.html?ref=mostpopular) [Pleases excuse your “having” to copy and paste, but WP and LINUX have issues that HAVEN’T been resolved.]
This find came here as I’d read that a FAILED California tea party “candy-date” had, (SERIOUSLY!), called for the ASSASSINATION of President Barack Obama AND his Daughters!?!

So, on to the gist of being here. Wisconsin Congressman Frank James (Jim) Sensenbrenner, Jr. has been heard giving his opinion about the amplitude/ compass worthiness of the FIRST LADY’S “SEATING ARRANGEMENT”, the comment being that if she’s to present a “good” example of fitness and health to the ” AH-MER-KAN” Kinder that such a “mass” can’t be deemed acceptable. (Notice that I haven’t quoted ‘Francis’.) This is his visage of knowledge about about “being” in-shape …

To “quote” a 1950’s “Rickilian” phrase of observation… “This man HAS more CHINS than the BEIJING telephone directory !”

Hasn’t this FORMER CHAIRMAN of the HOUSE SCIENCE COMMITTEE ever “browsed” a word that Margaret Mead provided to AMERICA!?! Didn’t this pillar of mid-west, Euro-GENED “ed-ja-muh-que-SHUN” ever “welcome” an AFRICAN Diplomat with SPOUSE in tow ? Hasn’t he met the PRESIDENT of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who earned her accounting degree at Madison Business College, in Madison, Wisconsin ? This WORLD IS small enough that this sort of S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y should have ceased by NOW.
But, in this day and age “we”, STILL, have little “hitler’s” telling the citizenry how OTHERS should be just like them…


But can’t seem to follow their own rules.

I do hope that Jim and Rush don’t develop a “problem” with their lack of natural “sunscreen”, although Rush has a real cure for the pain…

Although, neither of these “fauhn- up-staindin-jenmin” mind gazing upon what a YOUNG, “IN-SHAPE” fawn of womanhood SHOULD look like…


Is Fashionably LATE Charming ?

1 10 2011

The count-down is now an earnest effort for those that want to “lead” this “United” States of America.

The “obvious” choice of the ‘Democratic’ party is one Barack Hussein Obama, administratively [TATTERED] and, Second Term [TORN] . The covert view presented, of late to the younger voter, is that seen in the movie Final Destination 5 as [DEATH]. Isn’t that immaculate timing !?!

Now, the time for a challenger has arrived. Someone that will accomplish those things that have been weighing [DOWN] this nation’s water treading abilities for the past two years. This soul will be buoyed by those that haven’t been afraid of the depths that they MUST go to insure their fellows have learned to “BOB” and Weave as they continue to call warning of their being in the vicinity of these “patriots'” actions.

STRAW, as a [POLL], or each prospective candidate’s [POSITION] of the “Party”, is but the “after” of the political [THRESHING]. “After”= the real decision makers have filled out the “dance-card” of the ‘Nation’.
And, as with any “dance” worth being “AT” we are witnessing the intricacies of HOW the “game” IS played. Do you remember any movie that had public, social interaction ? Those that were able to get the invitation to the [\"SOIREE\"], ( I label it thus because “IT” is getting LATE for just about everything !), usually get to the event as the doors [SWING OPEN]. Then you have those who are using their [CONNECTION] to enhance their standing, waiting for the next “dance”, so that they may be the “IT” boy, OR ‘GIRL’?

So, when these folk attend do they ever think about the previous events of “before” ? The “who” were that the event’s success is based on ? Let’s say that this is a “REGIONAL” trophy event, and there’d been ONLY two previous times that the “dance” produced the [VERVE] and [EXCITEMENT] that is building as you read this.
Is there a whiff of Texas Tea rolling across the plains ? It’s difficult to tell because the Lad from the [REPUBLIC] wouldn’t [TWO-STEP] in a [CYCLONE].We’ll just have to wait, like “Rick” is. Because any fighter worth their salt watches an opponent, in the [\"RING\"], weighing whether they are willing to trade “blows” to be able to PRESIDE before the next “dance”.
So, with no heroic record like Eisenhower. And NO Thyssen Bank holding your “BONES” out of the closet,like G.W., is it better to use the blood of your opponents to slide into the “show” ring to take the “regionals” ?

So, again I ask… Is Fashionably [LATE] Charming? Or the “CHARM”