… looking back

10 05 2014

The saga of the “loose angle-ized” Clippers’ “PRO”-‘peach-basketeers’ being amidst the disrobing of a philanderer and his missus is too gory a thought for most. But, if the “BRAINS” of the league would just “DEREGULATE” the contractural membership of the entity and allow the PLAYERS and STAFF to FORM an “UNCLAIMED” PARTNERSHIP of “CONCERNED” PARTICIPANTS ALL the troublesome pathegents would be QUARENTINED for disposal. Leaving those, with ‘GOOD’ INTENT to make the proper negotiations to become the “partnerships” primary “Captain”.
of first and second name
brings ol’ “MacGyver”
to “save” this scene

the find to fix
most any flaw
is why they bring
them “IN” at all

the skill set “matrixed”
the “magics” very noir
none have much noticed
the heals have so few scars

and when the job’s done
such small “kit” to repack
the “perp” has run
not often looking back


… build with just right stuff

31 03 2014



When I was thirteen my Mother decided to take my Brother and the self to visit Montreal, QUEBEC, Canada during the event called THE WORLD’S “FAIR”. (Montreal is way past being a “FAIR” City.) The sentence also sounds like a passing statement.

We loaded ourselves into the Camaro and got there via Detroit, to Windsor, through Ontario, to Quebec / “Keh-BECK”. If you’ve ever researched the monstrous array of ‘THINGS’ that have gone on at an event like this you have to set such just TWO YEARS before Neil Armstrong walks on THE MOON to KNOW that the WORLD’S NATIONS, that participated, HAD made SURE that ANYONE visiting their PAVILION would leave ASTOUNDED. Most of my time on site was spent at the LUMBERJACK SHOW. Men AND, WOMEN doing everything that takes place on top of a mountain, on top of a TWO-HUNDRED FOOT ‘Douglas Fir’ Tree. The tree topping and, such was too cool. I still have the LOG CHAIR, ( a single High-backed PIECE of FURNITURE SCULPTED from a SINGLE section of a TREE / LOG (this time) by way of a CHAIN SAW.

All that. But, the “MAN and HIS SCIENCE ” building contained several OPERATING THEATRES, one of which is where I witnessed a PARKINSONS sufferer undergo a RADICAL BRAIN SURGERY that allowed the surgeon to take an electrode and “stimulate” various sections of the man’s brain . EVENTUALLY STOPPING the tremors of his hands.

Which leads me to the linked post that, FORTY-SEVEN YEARS LATER, shows that there IS a FURTHER SUCCESS to that witnessed as a ‘child’.

"Let's SEE what's on the MIND".

“Let’s SEE what’s on the MIND”.

sometimes the tech is truly good
won’t change ‘WHAT’S’ “LIFE”
just a simple what IT should

to “doodle” easements of desease
a “poly”- more of
nothing up a sleeve

the innovation past what we “know”
is why a thought takes time to grow
for as new “toys” get played with rough
there’s “kids” that build with just right stuff

… adapt for overcome

28 02 2014

What’s to say of the “World” today?  ANYONE can stand before “the crowd’ to fan out a “SHOE” of events that ARE affecting all “SIX DEGREES” of “our” section. Ideologies that favor hates. ‘Faiths’ that ignore their first edicts… OR “TEN”. “Leaderships” awash in the corporeal rape of their own CITIZENRY.

The “ENOUGH” needs to be enacted. If only by / for “THE SELF”, the rebuilding of HUMANITY IS so far OVERDUE that these “nexts” will have reverted into technologically gifted marionettes… ambulatory ‘PUNCH and JUDY(S)’.

Hope(FULLY) there is a SOME-“ONE” / ‘thing’ that can / will turn these futures into, “SUCCESS”.


the adjustments stack so many
with a mind quite over-run
of my thoughts worth more than penny
computations scream check some

strangely there is no compunction
to erase the ugly scores
it’s the adapting to conjunctions
that makes forgiveness such a chore

with the wait watch woo woe strictures
difficulties too replete
viewing Adolph Rohrschack’s pictures
makes for hover o’er delete

like the ridge that caused such heartbreak
enemies need over-run
but a good thought needs more intake
adjust the adapt for overcome

… distribution much broader flown

23 02 2014


I LIKE the way this Man intrigues this Nations thoughts and, perceptions. No MATTER what one thinks they “KNOW” is, QUICKLY, thrown to entropy, who directs the “whatever” to the nearest point it will as a stake. For the “things” that He’s “removed”  the watching of what falls next IS, more often than not, like watching an old Mickey-D’s commercial with “Ervin-Bird”… (“The next shot will be…”). Although I won’t see employment from the projects “formulatered” for a bettor econo-me I will remain ‘on my knees to beseech ‘the HIGHER POWER’ for relief.


just “can’t” forget the “home-buoys”
nor “home-girls” for that matter
it sounds just like the DALEY news
yet none on EARTH are shattered


“SEE-CENTE'” million here
CINCO times that there
those WHACKERS know how to drive
renew that urbane atmosphere
the old crew will have arrived

but what of young gal “SISIPPI”
down by the Gatored gulf
her folks have a life that is iffy
living off “DUM-DUMS” way past their shelf


to follow the LIB-REPUBLICAN*                                                                                was generous though “close” to home
attempt was good for direction
though distribution much broader flown


*(Horace Greeley: go west young man/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Greeley)

The “United States” WAS Started to AVOID THIS

14 12 2013

I’m very tired. Even though it’s only been a three day week I HAVEN’T “had” to awaken at 5 a.m. for over thirty years. The problem(s) of “WHAT”  WE are becoming is none too dissimilar than the ARISTOCRACY and Monarchical ‘stupidities’ that chased so many TO this Nation. I’m NOT going to write much of anything, I’ll just direct you to A  couple of articles that “KIND’A” bring the totality of “WRONG ” into sharper FOCUS.

A.) http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/drink-driver-ethan-couch-who-2924545

B.) http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/13/opinion/brooks-strengthen-the-presidency.html?_r=0

C.) http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/judge-anadarko-may-be-liable-in-kerr-mcgee-case/2013/12/13/4c1ce380-63f9-11e3-af0d-4bb80d704888_story.html

A.)= How WE HAVE “raised” our children.

B.)= How WE have allowed the entire nation to be put under PLANTATION servitude.


1.) Communications = LESS CHOICE.



IT’S not the proper time for a nice gallon of PHUQETAUL.


12 11 2013

( http://news.ninemsn.com.au/health/2013/11/12/06/00/mammogram-stunt-saves-tv-host-s-life )

For the past three years I’ve been writing about a device that could be / is intended FOR the recognition of SURVIVAL. Of CANCERS and of SUBSTANCE Abuse(s). The above news article is about a Public Person BRAVING a “fear” to SAVE THEIR LIFE. The Person is ANOTHER GOOD MORNING AMERICA television anchor Amy Robach. Her on-air contemporary is [ROBIN ROBERTS], who’s been battling MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome. It’s a disease of the blood and bone marrow and was once known as preleukemia.

The thing that upsets ME at this time is that the NEED for something “JUST a LITTLE DIFFERENT” could throttle UP the funding situation during this time of a LACK of PERSONAL FUNDS of the ‘American’ people and the rest of the World. (Even though the funding time-table is finished at… fundly.com/thnqenterprises… the need and the DEVICE ARE still READY to be UNDERTAKEN. Everything is “IN PLACE”.) The most interesting thing about the “crowdfunding” genre is that the SAPIENS of today would rather have a Watch that they can tweet with, instead of helping a BALDING Ten year old that may not see a tweet in their life, ( ST. Jude’s Christmas ads.), because there’s NO MONEY for RESEARCH of their affliction. The “OTHER” part of the story is that close to 78% of the funds RAISED WOULD GO TO RESEARCH!!! And, not to “administrative” whatever.If there’s a time for TRANSPARENCY it’s RIGHT HERE in front of YOU. (Look up the past posts about this. I’ve even addressed BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA with the information… Do YOU hear the Crickets chirping, ALSO!?!)

No MATTER, as per “usual” there IS some RHYME to the UN-REASON.

you read the news(?)
you pride pink shoes
you know just how “BAD” IS
but, when it comes to “IT’S SO NEW”
your brain gives sounds of FIZZ

the malady we ALL do flee
EATS at the folk, its seize
but, come the day that ‘noma splays
precursor rends by fees

the day has come past walks and runs
monetaries such needs, without guns
the ones out here that know these fears
have TOOLS for gaining funds

Just ’cause it’s strange of visual gauge
means not under [ CURIE’S]   cage
it’s such small start to load HOPE’S carts

The LEFT-HANDED Business Proposition

5 11 2013

I have been trying to get some response from Mark Fuller, of WET.

dubai-fountain-620x324I believe that there’s an avenue that this Genius HASN’T tapped…YET. Even though I’m NOT a part of  BRAIN-” TRUNK” of his Company I “COULD” be one of the longest RHIZOMES ever recorded.



(rung by WET Hammers.)

I can’t remember when the thought first spit-balled my brain. I was standing by a dog peeing on the neighbor’s ‘GIrl with a Dolphin’, ( She said that it was a copy of some famous sculpture in Holland. ) The sunlight made white-gold sparkles when the Spitz’s leg shadow moved for balance against the overcooked Oatmeal, fake stone that the “Super-Store” had ordered for their TWO-Hundred, TWENTY-FIVE “CAUCASIONAL” regioned acres.

My Grand-Father had a few acres of farmed land just inside this monied, little Hovel of a town in the mid-western center of this Country. (The exact topographical integers AREN’T your business.) The streets were, artfully, named for the lifestyle of the time… Morning, South,North and Evening “STREETS”, the church on the town square had a portrait of a relative of one of the past Presidents. Stern old fellow, in fact that may have been his name… first, or last. The property sat over a natural, underground river that gave the house water that gave its gunk to the Limestone that it wandered through to get to us. (Someone got into HUGE trouble for passing off CITY WATER for “NATURAL SPRING” about fifteen years ago. “ALASKAN FALLS” was the counciled “little-white-LIE” that NO-ONE, “as yet” named, has been tried for yet.)
As kids we had squirt-guns galore to rustle up some cool fun during the Summer months. Balloons were the air granades tossed over the corner of the house were ‘SOMEONE’ would always believe that they were clever… well trained by every Hollywood western, or War movie.

The “WHIRLIGIG” type of lawn sprinkler had little ability for artistic expression, at first, until the “‘twist” open / closed, spray radius adjusters were added to the Hardware Store’s arsenal for Homeowners to have a flat, green ‘pasture’ that looked like Scarlett’s front portico’s division between the driveway and the Hitchin’ post. We’d take the old, broke down ones and re-bend the arms, then we’d drill out or put a piece of something to force into the thing and drill it with a smaller hole, so that the water shot farther. All the while finding different combinations to play with the neighbors’ heads and sensibilities.

Getting older, then purchasing a home I often think about doing some of those same things to “CREATE” while doing the mundane acts of “ho-moaner-shi_”.

BUT… one day I was able to “move UP” into an “ABODE”, a place with some real room for a one / one-hundredth of the east wing Garden of the “WHITE HOUSE”. At 100′ by 40′ the area gave me enough room that the “best half” couldn’t say “NO” to the buoyed ‘hood’ she’d married. I went to a site that downloaded a FREE cad “HOME PROJECT” for me to begin with. Mastering that took almost two years of using words forbidden by my Grand-Mother. As the idea became more Honorable than ornery I began the task of sizing an cutting, after scraping the twice-a-month fertilized sod from the target site. Digging  a concave into the dirt began the “AHM-HERST ASWAN”. It WAS gonna look “DAM” good. The lining was placed, as the “light-years” lengths of moisture avenues for the “dis-play”…

What I haven’t told you “of” is that I’d included some Wind Chimes, to hang over various sections, thereby being “in the way” of some of the spouts designed. Along with that is that the supports FOR those chimes hid small capillary tubes to SPIN the ‘clappers’ set to revolve inside the various tubing, creating a “bowing” effect. A LOT of work for a kid that would have been LABELED as “one” (to be) “LEFT BEHIND”.

The water bill “isn’t THAT BAD”. And the next stage of development is to light the traveling spouts of water that HAMMERS the chime. I’ll let you know in a few years how the MISS-“US” has dealt with my obsession. The goal is to be able to coordinate the “party” music(s) with the fountain, ( My “Belle”, Michelle has a dream of winning the city “Best Home” contest.), well enough that when either of the ‘spring decide to “JUMP” into ADULTHOOD… and MARRY, that we’ll allow a bizarre “WESTMINSTER / HOLLY-WEIRD background sound-track to the Affaire. Here’s to “days of OLD”.