… looking back

10 05 2014

The saga of the “loose angle-ized” Clippers’ “PRO”-‘peach-basketeers’ being amidst the disrobing of a philanderer and his missus is too gory a thought for most. But, if the “BRAINS” of the league would just “DEREGULATE” the contractural membership of the entity and allow the PLAYERS and STAFF to FORM an “UNCLAIMED” PARTNERSHIP of “CONCERNED” PARTICIPANTS ALL the troublesome pathegents would be QUARENTINED for disposal. Leaving those, with ‘GOOD’ INTENT to make the proper negotiations to become the “partnerships” primary “Captain”.
of first and second name
brings ol’ “MacGyver”
to “save” this scene

the find to fix
most any flaw
is why they bring
them “IN” at all

the skill set “matrixed”
the “magics” very noir
none have much noticed
the heals have so few scars

and when the job’s done
such small “kit” to repack
the “perp” has run
not often looking back


… still you bet

13 01 2014



(Beowulf (Beowulf_TheKing) on Twitter

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Why did I include Beowulf with the political offal? Because it is a prime example of how misinformed “WE” have “allowed” ourselves to be tricked, cajoled, enticed and BEATEN into. The folks that have made it their BUSINESS in CONTROLLING the lives of those that WILL ‘LET’ them DO SUCH are in the process of finding out how far they can take “IT” TO and FROM the lot of “US”. The problem with this is that the “LOTS” are enthralled with the visages of the carnage. SALT is what’s causing the bloating of apathy within the daily actions that move this, (and OTHER) nation/ governments into the morass they continue to be sucked into. All by the help of the MONIED, Corporate educated, and “DUNCIFIED” group of children and, grand-children of those who spent the 1960’s and 1970’s smoking “TAILOR-MADE Tobacco”… which is, NOW, being sold legally.

The term [MANSLAUGHTER] might have IT’S name raised during the ‘investigation’ of WHO ordered the closing of traffic lanes on THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE . That type of political “wrist slap” might slow the  incumbent’s “fluffers” a “bit”. But, since more of the ‘elected’ ARE of the JURIS DOCTORATE DOCKETS the “post-[P’OWN-MENT]” of public trial is most HIGHLY unlikely.

Beneath are my thoughts on the situation…


oh what dangerous
webs they weave
to con your vote
dis-serve, deceive
the practice of
the science too
to shackle lives
your rights eschew
the bluster sharp
the rhetoric canned
don’t touch your eyes
after the shake of hand
the school of snake oils
post grad of smarm
lipsticks on piglets
great snake’s old charm
yet choose them often
that’s all you get
for asses frosted
but, still you bet

In The Spirit OF Competition…

27 07 2012

When I queried Google as to ‘how many WARS were happening around the ‘WORLD’ there were too many differing answers.The lowest was SIX, then came the sobering fact of the United States having citizens in SEVENTY-FIVE various theatres!

This IS the first day of the London located OLYMPIC GAMES of 2012. And with that chiseling in a CHALK-CLIFF face, (DOVER!),it seems to me that if this NATION is to “show” the world how to give HOMAGE to the SPIRIT of these games that our elected would follow the ANCIENT RULE of DECLARING a TRUCE during the dates of competition.


I’m not watching them, too much going on,but there’s news that the TWO running to “FIX” this country’s MONEY WOES are spending multiple MILLIONS of lobbyistic lucre to go on the commercial breaks to convince the JOBLESS and HOMELESS that the HOPELESS really do care about them, and their wellbeing.

If CHEATING is truly defined as…

1.)Sport, enhanced performance=

Imagine what could have “been” if ONE, or, both candidates distributed their fundings back… TO: THE PEOPLE.

It’s “bother-some” that the TWO vying for,(one OF), the greatest personal, and WORLD, accomplishments would tell their athletes that THEY are more important than an ANCIENT set of “GAMES”.

We CAN Miss What We Don’t Know

2 06 2012

I’ve been struggling with the ability to navigate within the “new RESTRICTIONS” that ARE continually plaguing ALL my blog sites. NO problem, it only forces me to think that much more.

In that, the past months’ articles have focused on an innovation that seems to SCARE those that have found a “better” life through the devastation of disease. The fact that too many are “in control” of so much, and have an “unspoken” fraternal bond of “Enrony”,(“IRONY”:[meriam-webster]. ”a pretense of ignorance and of willingness to learn from another assumed in
order to make the other’s false conceptions conspicuous by adroit questioning …” Only done on a CORPORATE LEVEL.), making the change from “Horse to Automobile” that much more difficult. Factoring in that with technology providing “the SHADOWS” with so many neat toys to make an entire colony of HUME-ANTS, ( I haven’t any umlauts for the “U”.), cower over contrived daylight “GRIMMERIES” most have forgotten WHY “WE” are HERE. Thus the following RE-BLOG of Joshua Lev’s CNN post about OUR LOSS of a wonderful PROVEN POSSIBILITY.
(It took FIFTEEN MINUTES to attempt to place an image, “they” win on this round.)

Nevertheless, this is an example of the WHY “WE” should PAY ATTENTION to the ‘WONDER-FULL’ of this life…


Yale grad’s inspiring life over too soon

May 31,2012 by: Joshua Levs, CNN

It’s astounding how fast the words of a 22-year-old woman, her life suddenly cut short, have spread across the Internet and into the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

Marina Keegan, a budding writer, was once published by the New York Times and had a job lined up at the New Yorker. Also a playwright, she had a musical slated for a staging in August at the New York International Fringe Festival.She wrote a moving essay in the Yale Daily News to inspire her fellow seniors as they graduated last week. She died in a car crash a few days later.

That column, in which she strives to remind her peers that “we have so much time,” has taken on a tragic, powerful resonance.

Discussing the “immense and indefinable potential energy” many felt as freshmen, she wrote that it’s important to remember “we can still do anything. We can change our minds. We can start over. … We’re so young. We can’t, we MUST not lose this sense of possibility because in the end, it’s all we have.”

The loss of Keegan is heartbreaking for many reasons. One of them is that she surely would have been among the too few people in the world who chase their dreams and bring them to fruition.

I know what it is to feel the “sense of possibility” she described. I felt it when I was at Yale in the ’90s. Since then, I’ve lived by it. I’ve also had time to see what distinguishes those who chase dreams from those who give up.

Two friends of mine, fellow Yalies who graduated in different years and don’t know each other, told me that in the years after college, they felt “betrayed” by some friends who had wonderful plans for the future and swiftly gave up on them. People who didn’t harness their creativity to carve new paths. People who became focused on making more and more money and little else, who never took chances, because they got too busy, more interested in wealth or stature than doing something amazing, or just forgot about those dreams.

In each case, I asked my friend how that amounted to betrayal. And each gave me the same answer: The plans we had for the future weren’t just plans or hopes. They were a pact. We would take the education and incredible opportunities we had been given and go out and fight for a better world in new ways. Separately, together.

It’s what Keegan touched on in her last line to her class: “We’re in this together, 2012. Let’s make something happen to this world.”

As I’ve written before, the world needs more visionaries. From electricity to vaccines to Hubble, everything humanity has created that improves our lives exists because dreamers pursued their visions.

It’s not easy, and it can become harder as you grow up and have families dependent on you. Life exhausts and distracts you into shelving aspirations. Making them happen is hard work. But it’s incomparably rewarding.

There is every reason to believe that Keegan would have fought for hers. It’s clear in her writing.

Written from the perspective of a young woman at the dawn of her adult life, her words are a stunning bookend to something David Brooks wrote about in October in the New York Times: a collection of short autobiographies that members of the Yale class of 1942 wrote for their 50th reunion.

People who “passively let their lives happen to them” lamented “how boring they must seem,” while others “regret the risk not taken,” Brooks wrote.

“The most exciting essays were written by the energetic, restless people, who took their lives off in new directions midcourse.”

Anyone with an unfulfilled dream would do well to keep that in mind — and should read Keegan’s column, because it applies to them as well.

The essays by people who “felt summoned to do one thing,” Brooks added, “ring with passion and conviction.”

That’s about instincts, which are ultimately the key to chasing dreams and the biggest driver for those of us who don’t give up. We let ourselves tune out everything else and listen to what our instincts are telling us we have to do. That’s why nothing can stop us.

It’s easy to imagine that nothing would have stopped Keegan.

Her death is also a reminder of a daily tragedy. While U.S. fatalities in car crashes are decreasing, far too many families and friends know the pain of such loss.

Keegan, above all else, valued family and friends. In this, she seemed wise beyond her years. I was — like many other ambitious young people — so focused on career goals, it took me years to gain the perspective she had and live by the knowledge that the loved ones you surround yourself with are by far the most important thing in life.

“We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life,” she wrote.

Yale graduates from 70 years before her say the same. “For almost all, family and friends mattered most,” Brooks wrote.

Keegan’s words give us all reason to remember the world of possibilities before us and to make sure we’re valuing time with loved ones. In her death, she just may be inspiring people to live better, deeper, more exciting lives — with “passion and conviction.”

And that’s unforgettable.

High HOPES Past False Horizons

8 05 2012

There’ve been a few folks that have GLOSSED OVER the posts placed on omegetymon and myweblog:thnq. The throng is tiny,but appear to be a lot more educated and connected than myself, so I believed that by bringing a knowledge of an item that most certainly IMPACTS ALL OF US would ignite a new way of HELPING those that ARE, HAVE BEEN,OR COULD BE afflicted by a devastating disease… CANCERS, Substance Abuses, ABUSES of any type.

Being in an “age” of wonderous abilities to reach another from anywhere has brought the communicative “golden fleece” to cover everyone. Yet the FACT that when most of us finish our little expression of the one percent we’ve “witnessed” , ( re-blogging and relating another’s story don’t count.). The rush to see what was written on that topic often doesn’t go past three, or four pages… two-to-five articles that show a glimmer “of”… all to the elementary school notion of being the first to have the “teacher” call on you for the correct answer, (Hopefully.), to prove your whatever. I HAVE been that way too, MORE than I want to admit.

Maybe, it’s that I’ve become tired of taking such a SMALL STEP to reach the top of a simple “SOAP-BOX“, and have tried to get others to lend me theirs by proxy. ( DONATING. Really, just to go to the item’s site and try to understand WHAT it could mean to so many. And, ATTEMPT to perform the “DUTY of the COLONY”… The TINY “US” MOVING THAT RUBBER TREE

… A childish thought, NO! Many of us find the WHAT we’re supposed to do in ‘Life’ through those things- influences of the things of WONDER, whether pro, or, con.) And, then, there are those that LOOK until the “SCISSORS'” view is close to their “thread”, sometimes finding the proper assistance to change their entire life, ( SIDDHARTHA!), and at that moment bake enough Bread, for the crumbs, by providing ENOUGH SEED to keep up with “the SEASON”.

When these electro-scribe-stalls were opened I had the thought of telling “MY” side of what “you” were ‘missing’, so few times has THAT occurred. But, it seems that for all of you that HAVE found the posts about the WATCH’S PURPOSE a “LIKE” I see NO TRUTH in it, because it still sits without “seed”, added altitudes, or even CARE. How much MORE ANTI-SOCIAL can a group of “people” be than to walk PAST someone offering the “plumbing” for the “well” that helps them get healing waters for THEIR FRIENDS ,and FAMILIES!?!

It’s somewhat sad that so many who, almost DAILY, want a part of the WORLD to “HEAR THEM WILL walk PAST that “voice-in-the- wilderness”, hear it CLEARLY… AND,ONLY say “HI” and NOT TELL A “FRIEND” where they found such. And how “interesting” it would be to “HAVE”.

The one question I have in this IS… WHY do “WE” give each other so much information when “we” DON’T intend to do something about it!?!

I can care LESS about whether someone “likes” what I’ve presented if their next action is to be NOT to DO SOMETHING about it.

Whitting Accomplises ALL

28 01 2009

This post is a re-release in that the problems of the coming ‘change’ to television’s viewing is completely out of our hands due to the legislators not listening… AGAIN / STILL.

In the coming year of 2009 every television in America must be digital ready or have a digital converter as its interface in transmitting the signal. Does ANYONE out there the remember those few frames of Douglas McQuaid as a totally vicious police officer” WASTING” hungry civilians during the food riots of TOTAL RECALL? Do you remember that he was actually INNOCENT because the GOVERNMENT had DIGITALLY “RE-SHOT” the footage in the attempt to incriminate him through fraudulent manipulations of actual events. THIS is a very likely scenario in our world today, AND it’s been set to be foisted upon this nation:FEBRUARY SEVENTEENTH IN THE YEAR TWO-THOUSAND and NINE !. The sixty year gap between Jules Vern and Neil Armstrong will have dwindled to, seeming, DAYS. The ‘good’ GENERAL’S offspring, (Michael Powell), has been led to as catastrophic a duping as dad, (remember father’s United Nations appearance to justify the Cheney-Bush reasons for WAR in IRAQ?), the only difference is that Michael has infected every American building, its contents EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD.

Why, dear reader, has our legislative leadership been pushed to this gambit? Let’s look at a few historical building blocks. The most prominent case to mind, for me, is the John F. Kennedy assassination and its “lone” video instrument of “proof”, (goto>http://wiretap.area.com/Gopher/Library/Fringe/Conspiracy/ jfk-foto.lis), too much dismissed,too much destroyed. Now, what this article IS about is how a ‘GOOD’ citizen’s witness might be ruled suspect just because they “aren’t QUALIFIED”, or any other “official” government agency’s ‘classification’. Know this, our ruling party’s ARE in it for the VALUE, not so much, for the money, that will “take care of itself”.

What is of VALUE to you or I is quite minuscule when it comes to WHAT THINGS HOLD or INCREASE TO MAKE VALUE. Now what, folks, must this gale winded person be going to enlighten you with? THIS… knowledge… past, present and ( this hinges on both of the former.), FUTURE= POWER. When any individual has control of the WHO’S, WHATS, WHENS, WHERE’S, whys and …HOW, those without access WILL PAY DEARLY FOR SUCH THINGS.( In ways that the Goebbels’ of this world haven’t imagined yet!) The film ‘proof’ of the aforementioned Abraham Zapruder, Bell&Howell filmed- frame 313, was VALUED at the silencing fee of SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS to the, late, Mr. Zapruder’s heirs.

All because the United States GOVERNMENT IS going to lock it in a vault and CONTROL ITS ACCESS. Another example of the WORTH of information is Microsoft founder William Gates’ past acquirings in his, (PURPORTED), buying the fallen empire of Russia’s copyrights to BOOKS,MILITARY RECORDS, WRITTEN HISTORY. AND anything else his learned advisers could trace.(Washington Post 5/19/2003) Or the MAJOR buying of “IMPORTANT PAINTINGS”,(Business Week 8/14/2001) What type of seeds are his projects?

As a very most recent event example there is time signatured video of the BBC coverage “during” ‘9-1-1’, the female anchor reads the ‘BREAKING NEWS’,( while one should be noting the digital time at the bottom cor ner of the frame…), SHE’S WAY TOO EARLY!!!

We are where we are with the mandate of ‘DTV’ and there ARE professional people out here who make it their business to know AND,( try to.), protect the world from those who’d usurp their constituents. I came across DrewClark.com, his ‘tag’ is: The Politics of Telecom, Media and Technology, this man Is knowledge able. ( Here are a few starting points, if this has peaked your interest. 1.) http://www. campaignlegalcenter .org- On the 2/8/1996 ,Telecommunications Act; telling the FCC to EVALUATE DTV within ten years from the first issuance of a public license. Signed into LAW by William Jefferson Clinton. 2.) A man from M.I.T.- http://www.wfschreiber.org/technical/FCC_ Digital_TV%20_Descion.html, his list is a shopping list of answers.

As mentioned above the, possible, illegal manipulations of what will be seen on our ‘tellys’ is a huge question. if you GOOGLE ‘laws on “real-time” digital video editing’ it gives you one-hundred and eighteen thousand entries on that query alone. Those who have the expertise in the art of video manipulation may be on their way to enormous paydays with this. Readily available software from companies like HOUDINI and LIGHTWAVE are extremely capable of remaking the movie shot by a ten year old at their local soccer game suddenly have Mr. Beckham scoring that go ahead goal AS YOU WATCH THE GAME ON THE SIDELINES! And that’s tame. The MAXON CINEMA 4-D program has a feature that ANTICIPATES via some very advanced algorithms.These softwares can do all this to RE-ROUTING and the INTERCEPTION of digital signals! YES, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN the ushering in of DIGITAL TELEVISION will be a REVOLUTION.

But, let’s remember what the head said ,in TOTAL RECALL, as McQuaid ‘s cover was blown… GET READY FOR A BIG SURPRISE!!!!

I don’t think there’s a need for any other pictures here, do you!?! They’re going to change them “AT WILL”anyhow…[Can\’t wait to start the process. UniverAs of 1/27/2009 the University of Washington has created a deterant for this,(at the moment.), [Coursings, a foil… Begin. ]