… “meek” cull herd

9 04 2014



These are TRULY sad days that we’re RAISING ‘children’ in. THANKS to the I-POD, and its various iterations by others, the youth of “this” Nation  ARE “self-controlling” the age population they’re a part of…

Driving while TEXTING,



(https://www.google.com/#q=people+hit+by+train+wearing+headphones&spell=1), [ GOTO: images, if you dare.]

The bizarre re-wiring of what ‘we’ used to call ETHICS, 


where the THOUGHT of making an “all” encompassing decision FOR one’s SELF, AND OTHERS, IS the core of their being PART of THIS ‘SOCIETY’ / WORLD .

We have no record of the TYPES of grotesques elicited by the Phoenician or, Roman youth for their new technical distractions. (YES, there IS record of their ways of doing so when as Soldiers, as those with Alexander, the ‘Great’ .). As you “read” that ‘SCHOOL’ “massacres” have been of record in these United States of America since the “mid’ 1700’s.  So, with the increase of population and, decrease of concentrated distances, there IS “going” to be “such”.

Of the ‘BULLIED’ there WILL be more REPRISALS for THEIR ACTIONS. “COLLATERAL” DAMAGES   WON’T be just for the “INJURED” in the physical form! Those that go to the site later WILL be reminded of the TERRORS INFLICTED for some time. AND, WHAT will BE the secret “seething(s)” OF THAT TIME and, place? When the plethora of “FIGHTING” / WAR “GAMES”, ( TUTORIALS! ), HAVE taught so many the ART of ending LIFE,  HOW MANY MORE will become statistically abhorrent before there is a CORRECTION to THE PROGRAM” !?!


just why this “growth”
from “frail and meek”
beware you bullies
of whom you “seek”

the problem with
their very snap
is you don’t hear
the thunderclap

they’ve learned a “craft”
by electronic Sensei
by time you’ve noticed
they’re well “on way”

and “parents” you’re NOT
“off the hook”
HAVEN’T took

so as your “pods” feed
what they’ve learned
remember these “times”
as “meek” cull herd


THIS IS NOT how “they” are to “INHERIT  the EARTH”!


… build with just right stuff

31 03 2014



When I was thirteen my Mother decided to take my Brother and the self to visit Montreal, QUEBEC, Canada during the event called THE WORLD’S “FAIR”. (Montreal is way past being a “FAIR” City.) The sentence also sounds like a passing statement.

We loaded ourselves into the Camaro and got there via Detroit, to Windsor, through Ontario, to Quebec / “Keh-BECK”. If you’ve ever researched the monstrous array of ‘THINGS’ that have gone on at an event like this you have to set such just TWO YEARS before Neil Armstrong walks on THE MOON to KNOW that the WORLD’S NATIONS, that participated, HAD made SURE that ANYONE visiting their PAVILION would leave ASTOUNDED. Most of my time on site was spent at the LUMBERJACK SHOW. Men AND, WOMEN doing everything that takes place on top of a mountain, on top of a TWO-HUNDRED FOOT ‘Douglas Fir’ Tree. The tree topping and, such was too cool. I still have the LOG CHAIR, ( a single High-backed PIECE of FURNITURE SCULPTED from a SINGLE section of a TREE / LOG (this time) by way of a CHAIN SAW.

All that. But, the “MAN and HIS SCIENCE ” building contained several OPERATING THEATRES, one of which is where I witnessed a PARKINSONS sufferer undergo a RADICAL BRAIN SURGERY that allowed the surgeon to take an electrode and “stimulate” various sections of the man’s brain . EVENTUALLY STOPPING the tremors of his hands.

Which leads me to the linked post that, FORTY-SEVEN YEARS LATER, shows that there IS a FURTHER SUCCESS to that witnessed as a ‘child’.

"Let's SEE what's on the MIND".

“Let’s SEE what’s on the MIND”.

sometimes the tech is truly good
won’t change ‘WHAT’S’ “LIFE”
just a simple what IT should

to “doodle” easements of desease
a “poly”- more of
nothing up a sleeve

the innovation past what we “know”
is why a thought takes time to grow
for as new “toys” get played with rough
there’s “kids” that build with just right stuff

… what they SHOULD have HAD

4 03 2014

The “by-line” says it most…” and, things I’ll see”.

As I’ve just received the official State of Ohio Department of Aging’s PLASTIC symbol of “arrival”. With the events of “THOSE CAUCASIAN FOLK”  have, (Again in my lifetime!), risen to  the top of the world’s political epidermis as the PUSTULE so reminiscent of ‘NIKITA’, (http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/03/140303-crimea-putin-russia-ukraine-khruschev-khruscheva-world/), during my childhood. “What’s OLD is NEW  again”. Who has ANY knowledge of “the reason” today?





just what’s this thing called POWER
the hard described but deadly SIR-COME-STANCE
the tensions by the second multi-houred
the builder shunning every recumpense

the monies are some reason but that’s seasonal
the poly-ticks all champing at your bits
the caucuses seem most EPHESIAL                              ( Ephesus*)
the peoples gold ethnicity giving fits

what makes you think that kingdom is a laurel
they rise they fall like any other thing
the molding of regions has no moral
especially the headaches that it brings

a thousand years from now this is a charring
a whim that time will pass as truly sad
consider all whose lives that you ARE marring
far offspring blessed by what they SHOULD have HAD

*: http://www.abrock.com/Greece-Turkey/ephesus.html
‘A Brief History:.. “Ephesus prospered until the mid to late second century CE, but the increasing incompetence and cruelty of a series of Roman emperors in the late second and third centuries led to its decline.”

… still you bet

13 01 2014



(Beowulf (Beowulf_TheKing) on Twitter

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The latest from Beowulf (@Beowulf_TheKing). I have conquered … Tweets. Beowulf ‏@Beowulf_TheKing 30 Apr 12. I must leave now. … Retweeted by Beowulf.)158 pages in book form: Amazon.com

Why did I include Beowulf with the political offal? Because it is a prime example of how misinformed “WE” have “allowed” ourselves to be tricked, cajoled, enticed and BEATEN into. The folks that have made it their BUSINESS in CONTROLLING the lives of those that WILL ‘LET’ them DO SUCH are in the process of finding out how far they can take “IT” TO and FROM the lot of “US”. The problem with this is that the “LOTS” are enthralled with the visages of the carnage. SALT is what’s causing the bloating of apathy within the daily actions that move this, (and OTHER) nation/ governments into the morass they continue to be sucked into. All by the help of the MONIED, Corporate educated, and “DUNCIFIED” group of children and, grand-children of those who spent the 1960’s and 1970’s smoking “TAILOR-MADE Tobacco”… which is, NOW, being sold legally.

The term [MANSLAUGHTER] might have IT’S name raised during the ‘investigation’ of WHO ordered the closing of traffic lanes on THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE . That type of political “wrist slap” might slow the  incumbent’s “fluffers” a “bit”. But, since more of the ‘elected’ ARE of the JURIS DOCTORATE DOCKETS the “post-[P’OWN-MENT]” of public trial is most HIGHLY unlikely.

Beneath are my thoughts on the situation…


oh what dangerous
webs they weave
to con your vote
dis-serve, deceive
the practice of
the science too
to shackle lives
your rights eschew
the bluster sharp
the rhetoric canned
don’t touch your eyes
after the shake of hand
the school of snake oils
post grad of smarm
lipsticks on piglets
great snake’s old charm
yet choose them often
that’s all you get
for asses frosted
but, still you bet

… one small way

23 12 2013

Sometimes, it’s just a great nonsensical that strolls across the hills and valleys of the accumulated moments that generate stuff like this…



were I Vulcan to forge great nets
for cosmic ventures needs to vet
to touch “the neighbor”
learn its feel
to sample natures far appeals

I could ask Neil
but it’s too late
his great “small step”
fills question’s lake
though dry to touch
it whets the lobes
synaptic free-for-all
electron’s strobes

to have the tides’ clock
within hand
the soft carved moonbeam
guided strands
control some lover’s breathing rate
of Mars and Venus’ debates

what thrill to have those
thirty days
to know creation’s
one small way

… REARRANGE melts to deranged

20 11 2013


The debate over HEALTH-CARE has reached its HIGH-WATER MARK. If either HOUSE cannot show CONCERN over THEIR UNRESPONSIVENESSES “WE” ARE in Serious trouble.


what DOES it take to recognize
that “HELP” has fallen to the LIES
YET, GREED is ruling with ALARM

some, “NOT QUITE NORMAL”, fast burning stars
those that don’t quite “understand”
the WORLD’S gone crazy, out of hand

WE ones won’t follow hate or greed
the KUDZUS of lost’s Mustard seed
too much to handle Marianas press
yet when “we” “LOSE IT” you’ve no “GUESS”

the HOUSES fought for PROFIT’S “heal”
while BEDLAM winds UP insured wheels
if soon the legislative thoughts
might sell less SOULS instead of bought

how strange the fate that lessons close
be so concise not so VERBOSE
a shame for reason to find CHANGE
mind’s REARRANGE melts to deranged


17 10 2013

I’ve mentioned the past year’s scenario of events that stripped me of an ‘income’ and, a period of posting here at W.P.COM. If you haven’t seen / read them trace them through “ALGHAUMON”:  AT&T / J.P.MORGAN-CHASE”. It involves 100, ( some odd), years of how OHIO has tinkered with the WORLD’S MONIES. From [ Salmon P. Chase], through [Mike DeWine], touching the Federal Government via [ Richard Cordray]. The last named, as the second, are “IN CHARGE” of  “PROTECTING” the CITIZENRY against those [ “MEN”] called CORPORATIONS.

For all this “firepower” generated to “FERRET OUT” those that [THIMBLERIG] the CONSUMERS… AROUND THE WORLD… but, HAVE a (CLOSE)VESTED interest in such for when LEAVING public office. My declination of “HOW WELL” the TWO have served  “THIS CITIZEN” can only be detracted by the revelation of how well they’d PAID ATTENTION to us “little guys'” infinitesimal revelations at the FIRST  ‘TREMORS”, let alone the ensuing [TREMOR(S)]. If YOU’VE PAID ATTENTION you’ll KNOW that the “FEES” HAVE been TOO STEEP, and NOT ONLY “OF LATE”.

To that, “AGAIN”(!?!) , there’s something in a “PROSETARIAL” fashion.  ( If some of the weird words seem “too wrong” it’s my tribute to [NORM CROSBY], the 1960’s MALAPROPIC MAVEN.)…

Whether “TOO” big, “too” SMALL
they’ll heist your all
the DIAMONDS play so rough
BUT, when it’s for their presious HINDS

The industry has grown, you see
to kleptomanic verves
when caught, hand in some “cookie’s” jar
a “PANIC” is their, WORLD-WIDE favorite “CURVE”

“WE” help such by just handing cash
to watch it disappear
they take it, give throughout the “DENS”
these “MONTEY’S” have NO FEARS

To catch them is when WAY TOO MUCH
as wastrelism overfills its VEINS
the generations childish trust
has woven WOOLS by skeins

The one, or two caught more then than now
the sacrifice for “ALL”
to harpoon “Whales” as POD does flee
label’s just, to “sooth” the fuss
that catch-all phrase IS: “SOME GALL”