… looking back

10 05 2014

The saga of the “loose angle-ized” Clippers’ “PRO”-‘peach-basketeers’ being amidst the disrobing of a philanderer and his missus is too gory a thought for most. But, if the “BRAINS” of the league would just “DEREGULATE” the contractural membership of the entity and allow the PLAYERS and STAFF to FORM an “UNCLAIMED” PARTNERSHIP of “CONCERNED” PARTICIPANTS ALL the troublesome pathegents would be QUARENTINED for disposal. Leaving those, with ‘GOOD’ INTENT to make the proper negotiations to become the “partnerships” primary “Captain”.
of first and second name
brings ol’ “MacGyver”
to “save” this scene

the find to fix
most any flaw
is why they bring
them “IN” at all

the skill set “matrixed”
the “magics” very noir
none have much noticed
the heals have so few scars

and when the job’s done
such small “kit” to repack
the “perp” has run
not often looking back


… IS IT !?!

20 04 2014


CONGRATULATIONS (!!!!!!) to the reporter that wrote the NEW YORK TIMES article about General Mills’ attempt to BROAD SIDE a CONSUMER’S RIGHT TO SUE.


With the SAT being DUMBED someone within the legal ranks of the Minnesota FOOD provider “thought” that a PRE-EMPTIVE STRIKING of the DUE PROCESS given by FEDERAL LAW would be “EASILY” foundationed within the (ANTI-) SOCIAL MEDIA of the CORPORATE BULLY.

THIS ACTION ALONE PROVES that the MOST OBSCURE of WORDS HAS the NEED to be LEARNED… AS QUICKLY as POSSIBLE! Not too long ago there was mention that “some” parents of elementary school age students HAD asked that their children be allowed to write their class, (ENGLISH, the one that is “required” by a lot that can’t spell themselves.), ESSAY assignments “in Telephone TEXT form”. (!!!) Add that too many of the CLASSICS are now available as AUDIO-BOOKS… SOMEONE ELSE DECIPHERS the spelling for them. AMAZON is a major outlet.


The SADDER part of MY writing this post is that as a “person OF colour” it WASN’T so long ago that WE were KEPT from learning to read… JUST FOR THE ABOVE SIGHTED REASON.

It’s not so “glossable” when the tools of destruction becomes one’s OWN TARGETED SYSTEM.

As I’ve retorted MANY TIMES…




18 03 2014

… to a “RE-GIFTING” to an evil “cinder-claws”.




There’ve been many articles and opinions brought to OUR minds, through the varied avenues there are. This morning I went to see a friend whose Grandson greeted me with his CBS: This Morning interpretation of what “OBAMA” should be doing about Crimea  / Russia. He’s THIRTEEN YEARS OLD and in the sixth grade. He only “knows” what BITS, ( fragmented  and, TAINTED at best.), are current… Not what HAS FORMED-FORMULATED-FORMENTED the scenarios as they are BECOMING.

It is BEST for YOU to just READ these posts “out of RUSSIA” to witness the differences in WHAT you are being fed during your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “WE, THE PEOPLE, MOST LIKELY, CAN listen to protect a DISTANT RELATIVE.

Make  SURE that you don’t forget to see: MOST READ.


10 03 2014





History WILL repeat “itself”. Especially with the help of someone that ‘believes’ in “THEIR SIDE’S” rightness. NEVER knowing… actually BEING CONCERNED… that those they what “eliminated” would /will hold the keys to the obliterator’s  survival… a.) (http://www.choctawnation.com/history/people/code-talkers/code-talkers-of-wwi/) b.) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Code_talker).

As one that has grown with the reality of being “the minority” the MANY avenues taken by those that IDENTIFY as being part of the larger / ‘stronger’ grouping,

(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imitation_of_Life_%28novel%29), their IMITATION of “LIFE” can, (and most often DOES!), backfire in ‘DUE’ time.

A new “VLAD” has begun to impale the new set upon his stakes. How many kilometres is he going to line during his (re-)construction?

+++++++++++update: 03/11/2014


… distribution much broader flown

23 02 2014


I LIKE the way this Man intrigues this Nations thoughts and, perceptions. No MATTER what one thinks they “KNOW” is, QUICKLY, thrown to entropy, who directs the “whatever” to the nearest point it will as a stake. For the “things” that He’s “removed”  the watching of what falls next IS, more often than not, like watching an old Mickey-D’s commercial with “Ervin-Bird”… (“The next shot will be…”). Although I won’t see employment from the projects “formulatered” for a bettor econo-me I will remain ‘on my knees to beseech ‘the HIGHER POWER’ for relief.


just “can’t” forget the “home-buoys”
nor “home-girls” for that matter
it sounds just like the DALEY news
yet none on EARTH are shattered


“SEE-CENTE'” million here
CINCO times that there
those WHACKERS know how to drive
renew that urbane atmosphere
the old crew will have arrived

but what of young gal “SISIPPI”
down by the Gatored gulf
her folks have a life that is iffy
living off “DUM-DUMS” way past their shelf


to follow the LIB-REPUBLICAN*                                                                                was generous though “close” to home
attempt was good for direction
though distribution much broader flown


*(Horace Greeley: go west young man/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horace_Greeley)


10 09 2013


1.) http://www.vancouversun.com/White+Rock+jogger+looked+right+missed+train+left/8668730/story.html

2.) http://www.vancouversun.com/White+Rock+jogger+looked+right+missed+train+left/8668730/story.html

3.) http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/stcharles/arnold-teen-listening-to-earbuds-killed-by-train-in-wentzville/article_978d81f7-0006-5360-b2c1-63b2a6fee1b4.html

Teen critical after being hit by train in Ohio
August 29, 2013
Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A 16-year-old boy is in critical condition in a Columbus hospital after being struck by a train in Marion.

Police say Tyler Kinney was hit just after 8 p.m. Wednesday in an area of Marion where there are four train tracks.

Marion Police Lt. Jon Shaffer tells The Columbus Dispatch (bit.ly/17l89TI) that the teen was struck while waiting for a train to pass. He was wearing headphones and apparently didn’t notice another train on the track behind him.

Information from: The Columbus Dispatch, http://www.dispatch.com

GONE are the days of “just” having fun while strolling the cross-ties of some RAILROAD tracks. This ISN’T a scripted scene from the movie “Stand By Me”.

The NOISE CANCELLING headphones purchased by “well… meaning” parents; worn by “THIRTY”, and UNDERS so that their latest tunes can be played with the volume adjusted to ELEVEN. And “won’t” disturb those in a HECTRE’S proximity.
One of the interesting facts of “community planning” is that ACCESS/ RIGHT of WAY to most of a CITY/ TOWN/ VILLAGE’S varied important structures follow previously established TOPOGRAPHICAL routes. Highways and Train TRACKS ARE, often, within a few hundred metres of the other. “Main thoroughfares” within a ‘Burg’ are where Stores, Theatres, ‘Eateries’… AND SCHOOLS are located ON, ( Or, VERY NEAR!).

The news article from the Associated Press tells the reader that the young man ‘lived’… even though HE WAS HIT SO HARD that HIS SHOES STAYED exactly where HE WAS HIT.

There are reports of school goers as young as the SIXTH GRADE using the “OPEN” routings of “CASEY JONES'” work corridors in their getting to class. Even though there had been fencing put in place to deter them. ( The links have continually been cut by someone “NEEDING” the access-way.)

The sadder part of someone “having” to write their concern of someone else’ offspring is that certain school officials have been contacted so that this COULD be done “as QUIETLY as POSSIBLE”… a week on and ‘PRINCIPAL(S)’ haven’t ventured to recontact to the provided email address. Even so, HIND-SIGHT IS always 20/20… especially when the “hind” is within one’s extremely close ownership. It would be a shame for a student, or two, to be gotten “off track” due to “ANOTHER” type of inability to TAKE NOTICE of A DANGEROUS SITUATION.

The last thing I can use to illuminate this is that you, who read this, I ask… ( kinda similar to “A Time To Kill’s” defense summary.)…
IMAGINE that you are driving 420 TONNES of machinery via enough electrical energy to power 2000 homes for a MONTH, traveling at 35 miles per hour, ( SCHOOL’S IN… DUE, THE MATH.), YOU see a “figure” a MILE away, blow the horn, yet the “figure” DOESN’T notice. Though the BRAKES are engaged your vehicle travels another TWO miles past the point where that “figure” DISAPPEARED…

(all you noticed was a BOOK BAG gaining height.)… And, it’s YOUR CHILD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY that you’re going to after you get off shift.

Railroaders seldom gift their children with such “NAPALMS”.
_______________________________”Up”-date 09/17/2013:
Tyler Kinney isn’t in the news anymore, word is that he has passed. The hope is that this is false since there has been NO further information. The sadder part of this is that Tyler’s parents are reported to be Christian EDUCATORS…

“We” Were Standing At the Door

8 11 2012

I’ve been on a “poetry” binge of late, the windiness to point isn’t with me at the moment.
The national election has raised the rate of racism to a level that may ruin the PROMISE made at COLOSSUS by EMMA LAZARUS. An example of such is that I was helping a neighbor get the front porch ready for winter, his sister was getting ready to leave. To get my attention she called “Hey! BUCKWHEAT!”… I PROMPTLY told her that she was out of line and that ANY further IGNORANCE would find her brother looking for way LESSER help. When I turned to the post election plethora I found appropriate ammunition to base the following on.

“WE” Were Standing At the Door…

we were standing at the door
suspendered breeches adept de’cor
you called us here but, not a peep
the neighbors told us you’d been asleep

but, of those morns when we walked by
nods of disdain no cordial “HI!”
you speak of Lincoln, Strom was there too
you sell us “porch folk”, humble pie after our stew

you guard the coffers collusion, theft
Ms. Lazarus’ COLOSSUS, now bereft
the cold you winter by southern rent
faith’s JOY,December, now discontent

so WE chose leader of Nestle’ brown
he promised change not trickled down
if compromise could offer more
WE’D still be standing AT the door

It appears that Allen West forgot WHICH DOOR to use.