… should be

14 06 2014

(http://www.rense.com/general14/bushsformer.htm): ‘Bin Laden’
(http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2011/12/leadup-iraq-war-timeline): War…
(https://www.google.com/#q=how+is+Obama+continuing+the+oil+wars): ‘Today’


The seriousness of how much MANIPULATION, ( ADVERTISING is Everywhere… except the “ghaucher group”…), be it the ‘Education’ SHYS-STEM ,through the  “PALL-LITICAL” SHYS-STEM “MONTEY” ,has the table surrounded.

The base plate for the Nation’s Ideological “foundation” has rotted significantly enough that what happened in Delaware…


…is more than a “STRANGER” dumping dirt without ‘ANYONE’ accepting responsibility in the recognition and, rectification of the  *’spore’ production . I PRAY that “IT” isn’t TOO LATE. *Someone HAS to ‘break’ the ‘MOLD’.

But, THAT  would have to be via a REALIZATION of “THE PROBLEM” and, the DETERMINATION  to withstand the legal ramifications of STANDING “ONE’S” GROUND with JUST a LOADED mind.


I’ve tried to be
most positive
‘midst ALL the offals thrown
and as the records
show these proofs
denials only grown

it seems to be
a masquarade
the Harliquin’s all grays
ugly news of worse reviews
are coming
via instinct replay

this first and ‘LAST’
a “JOB” well done
from sea to shining sea
add the fact
laws reconstrued
we’re NOT where “WE” should BE



18 03 2014

… to a “RE-GIFTING” to an evil “cinder-claws”.




There’ve been many articles and opinions brought to OUR minds, through the varied avenues there are. This morning I went to see a friend whose Grandson greeted me with his CBS: This Morning interpretation of what “OBAMA” should be doing about Crimea  / Russia. He’s THIRTEEN YEARS OLD and in the sixth grade. He only “knows” what BITS, ( fragmented  and, TAINTED at best.), are current… Not what HAS FORMED-FORMULATED-FORMENTED the scenarios as they are BECOMING.

It is BEST for YOU to just READ these posts “out of RUSSIA” to witness the differences in WHAT you are being fed during your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “WE, THE PEOPLE, MOST LIKELY, CAN listen to protect a DISTANT RELATIVE.

Make  SURE that you don’t forget to see: MOST READ.

… adapt for overcome

28 02 2014

What’s to say of the “World” today?  ANYONE can stand before “the crowd’ to fan out a “SHOE” of events that ARE affecting all “SIX DEGREES” of “our” section. Ideologies that favor hates. ‘Faiths’ that ignore their first edicts… OR “TEN”. “Leaderships” awash in the corporeal rape of their own CITIZENRY.

The “ENOUGH” needs to be enacted. If only by / for “THE SELF”, the rebuilding of HUMANITY IS so far OVERDUE that these “nexts” will have reverted into technologically gifted marionettes… ambulatory ‘PUNCH and JUDY(S)’.

Hope(FULLY) there is a SOME-“ONE” / ‘thing’ that can / will turn these futures into, “SUCCESS”.


the adjustments stack so many
with a mind quite over-run
of my thoughts worth more than penny
computations scream check some

strangely there is no compunction
to erase the ugly scores
it’s the adapting to conjunctions
that makes forgiveness such a chore

with the wait watch woo woe strictures
difficulties too replete
viewing Adolph Rohrschack’s pictures
makes for hover o’er delete

like the ridge that caused such heartbreak
enemies need over-run
but a good thought needs more intake
adjust the adapt for overcome

The “United States” WAS Started to AVOID THIS

14 12 2013

I’m very tired. Even though it’s only been a three day week I HAVEN’T “had” to awaken at 5 a.m. for over thirty years. The problem(s) of “WHAT”  WE are becoming is none too dissimilar than the ARISTOCRACY and Monarchical ‘stupidities’ that chased so many TO this Nation. I’m NOT going to write much of anything, I’ll just direct you to A  couple of articles that “KIND’A” bring the totality of “WRONG ” into sharper FOCUS.

A.) http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/drink-driver-ethan-couch-who-2924545

B.) http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/13/opinion/brooks-strengthen-the-presidency.html?_r=0

C.) http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/judge-anadarko-may-be-liable-in-kerr-mcgee-case/2013/12/13/4c1ce380-63f9-11e3-af0d-4bb80d704888_story.html

A.)= How WE HAVE “raised” our children.

B.)= How WE have allowed the entire nation to be put under PLANTATION servitude.


1.) Communications = LESS CHOICE.



IT’S not the proper time for a nice gallon of PHUQETAUL.

“DEAR” Sam Bacile

12 09 2012

Too many of our “educated” of this citizenry have forgotten that the ‘RIGHT’ of “FREE SPEECH” ENDS TWELVE MILES after one leaves the shoreline of THIS NATION. The problem for most of the NON THINKING is the fact that they “forget” that the INTERNET has been granted no such boundary.

A more tragic part of this event is the commentary of those that have been instructors of the youth in various educational institutions…


‘opinion’ should not cost ANOTHER their LIFE.

“Dear” Sam,

What HATE would make you
light the fuse
with “FAITH” accelerants
that STUPIDS choose

And, then include
a HUNDRED more
“oh,yes we’re safe”
at this “far” shore

But, what of those
lethally bitten
by YOU hate-filled LICE

The storm you caused
has led to HIDE
the right called FREEDOM
you can’t abide

So, YET, your friends
give to the HATE

Your like insist
your view is “true”
THAT, they won’t do

As for the “ROD”
that HE WON’T spare
for what you’ve done
IS more than ‘fair’

If GOD has chosen
children “BEST”
HE’S changed HIS MIND
at YOUR behest

Bailiff, Whack Her Vee-Vee

15 06 2012

One tends to wonder at the difference in the current age / maturity of those legislating in, (almost), any State of this “Union” with the way that the cliquishness and BULLYINGS have dominated our “progresses”. For / to those that CAN remember “CHEECH” (Marin) and (Tommy) “CHONG” the title may have tipped you off to wonder if there have been “representative” participations in Government MARIJUANA testings for its legalization. Evidence has been mounting for some time.

But, the State of Michigan’s House of Representatives have written one of THE best SCRIPTS for ‘SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’ to destroy their viewers’ collective diaphragms by BANNING Rep. LISA BROWN for a comment about “The VAGINA”… (” She used the word in an accurate medical sense, albeit sarcastically. She dared to tell her fellow representatives that women have the sole right to decide what happened to their vaginas–and men don’t get to force their views (or their penises) on them.”)…


Most of Rep. Brown’s male membership considered the statement a “RAPE REFERENCE”.


The “gentlemen” have assumed that they can claim ownership when it’s really ONLY A “LOAN”. Being an ‘adult’ Male, and having a newly adult DAUGHTER, has allowed me to “review” MY past and compare such to the cretins the “little” DARLING keeps giving directions to “Nirvana” to. And, then the truest argument IS that “if” the OWNERS / CARETAKERS of the HUMAN “factory” decided to “close-the-shop”…

And, yet them “goo-wed-ol’-buoys” still want to tell the ‘Fillies’ / “fillees” how to run the race.

That’s IT… short, not “sweet”.

Handle THIS One

8 03 2012

After the last post it “may” seem to you that I’m attempting to EXPOSE some of the HYPOCRISY that most Americans let “slide”. And, speaking of sliding the BASEBALL world is preparing to crown a new Pitching King, his name is Yu Darvish, half Japanese half IRANIAN… they say he’s got a “nuclear” powered FASTBALL…

The HEAT generated almost appears to burn through the Ash!

Yu has been under the microscope for some time, especially during the WORLD BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS…

Japan played Korea for the TITLE.

The fun part of this, for me, is how Baseball, being the ALL-AMERICAN game that it IS, has let the media remove the “MELTING POT” scenario and be covered by a fear of a response to Darvish’s heritage, ( http://ethnicelebs.com/yu-darvish ), calling him “PERSIAN“. Most likely because the media “mavens” think that the average Baseball FAN is too “dumb” and has too much rouge around their collar to make the actual identification during these “tense” times. I would, (and AM!), calling a ALL “runners” to advance, due to the BALK that in covering this Man’s BIRTH combination that they are turning OFF the “LIGHT” of WHAT THIS NATION STRIVES TO EXPRESS. “That WE are …

Very tired of the calls to KILL, to send our children to FOREIGN shores when all that needs to be done is INVITE Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a TEXAS RANGERS Baseball game. To WATCH, And LEARN, just WHAT the “crap” AMERICA’S been talking about with their UNITED WE STAND. It may take a “little” while for us to get the pieces in place, BUT when we do it’s pretty “neat” of WHAT a group of so “different” people can BE.

( http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/al/rangers/story/2012-03-07/
yu-darvish-debut/53407580/1 )

I guess that making such an offer was “kinda'” predicated by Darvish starting in the ‘CACTUS LEAGUE’. It WOULD make the invite sorta’ PRICKLY.