… customed chords

16 07 2014

“Business Acumen”. Once upon a time… The PEOPLES that came to this part of the world WERE “the TIRED, the POOR, those TEAMING to be FREE”. Now, as their “great-great” grand-children have “winnowed” a life from the wallet pockets of whomever they can the cry of “foul” from their lips is the bloody finger pointing at THE VICTIM. The “middle” CLASS,  (“ Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. Class, [http://www.exploringnature.org/db/detail.php?dbID=87&detID=1192], being the “basic” identification.), is/ HAS gone the way of the DODO, the uniquenesses of what “they” were IS GONE. The year that Corporations became a “PERSON” meant that a ‘smart’ crook could hide within / behind a LAW that disables the “common good” of BEING ABLE TO PROVIDE for one’s “LIFE”, (the essentials: good food, shelter,etc.), without having to make the day’s wages be used within the ‘HOUR’.

The Jobs report told the “BEIGE FALSEHOOD” of folk having the ability to make the smaller parts of “THE DREAM” be able to be assembled, especially after the, STILL being PROSECUTED, banking community turning to newer ways of “BARNUMIZATION”. Small businesses have been bagging and, tagging the newly “aged” by using the “old-style” work ETHIC cloned to the dollar on a fishing line way of work place assignment, ( 40+ miles: to/ from.), for a (slightly) less than equal of weekly hours. (And, “WE” wonder why people live like “they” do.)

I do believe that the time HAS arrived that “OF THE… BY THE… FOR THE” is overdue. AND, that “WE” who CAN, SHOULD “enable” the “market” to provide BETTER FARE/ FAIR.


please do pardon
as I pass you by
I’m not affording simple
even as your “failure”
I’m past your “college” try
no matter how
the change of “right”
your gaslight is too dim
protecting that which
is more than sham
there’s no support for glitch
the “family” business
but your cirque
to swallow more than sword
how much longer
will you weave these yarns
until YOUR neck encounters
falsehood’s customed chords




10 09 2013


1.) http://www.vancouversun.com/White+Rock+jogger+looked+right+missed+train+left/8668730/story.html

2.) http://www.vancouversun.com/White+Rock+jogger+looked+right+missed+train+left/8668730/story.html

3.) http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/stcharles/arnold-teen-listening-to-earbuds-killed-by-train-in-wentzville/article_978d81f7-0006-5360-b2c1-63b2a6fee1b4.html

Teen critical after being hit by train in Ohio
August 29, 2013
Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A 16-year-old boy is in critical condition in a Columbus hospital after being struck by a train in Marion.

Police say Tyler Kinney was hit just after 8 p.m. Wednesday in an area of Marion where there are four train tracks.

Marion Police Lt. Jon Shaffer tells The Columbus Dispatch (bit.ly/17l89TI) that the teen was struck while waiting for a train to pass. He was wearing headphones and apparently didn’t notice another train on the track behind him.

Information from: The Columbus Dispatch, http://www.dispatch.com

GONE are the days of “just” having fun while strolling the cross-ties of some RAILROAD tracks. This ISN’T a scripted scene from the movie “Stand By Me”.

The NOISE CANCELLING headphones purchased by “well… meaning” parents; worn by “THIRTY”, and UNDERS so that their latest tunes can be played with the volume adjusted to ELEVEN. And “won’t” disturb those in a HECTRE’S proximity.
One of the interesting facts of “community planning” is that ACCESS/ RIGHT of WAY to most of a CITY/ TOWN/ VILLAGE’S varied important structures follow previously established TOPOGRAPHICAL routes. Highways and Train TRACKS ARE, often, within a few hundred metres of the other. “Main thoroughfares” within a ‘Burg’ are where Stores, Theatres, ‘Eateries’… AND SCHOOLS are located ON, ( Or, VERY NEAR!).

The news article from the Associated Press tells the reader that the young man ‘lived’… even though HE WAS HIT SO HARD that HIS SHOES STAYED exactly where HE WAS HIT.

There are reports of school goers as young as the SIXTH GRADE using the “OPEN” routings of “CASEY JONES'” work corridors in their getting to class. Even though there had been fencing put in place to deter them. ( The links have continually been cut by someone “NEEDING” the access-way.)

The sadder part of someone “having” to write their concern of someone else’ offspring is that certain school officials have been contacted so that this COULD be done “as QUIETLY as POSSIBLE”… a week on and ‘PRINCIPAL(S)’ haven’t ventured to recontact to the provided email address. Even so, HIND-SIGHT IS always 20/20… especially when the “hind” is within one’s extremely close ownership. It would be a shame for a student, or two, to be gotten “off track” due to “ANOTHER” type of inability to TAKE NOTICE of A DANGEROUS SITUATION.

The last thing I can use to illuminate this is that you, who read this, I ask… ( kinda similar to “A Time To Kill’s” defense summary.)…
IMAGINE that you are driving 420 TONNES of machinery via enough electrical energy to power 2000 homes for a MONTH, traveling at 35 miles per hour, ( SCHOOL’S IN… DUE, THE MATH.), YOU see a “figure” a MILE away, blow the horn, yet the “figure” DOESN’T notice. Though the BRAKES are engaged your vehicle travels another TWO miles past the point where that “figure” DISAPPEARED…

(all you noticed was a BOOK BAG gaining height.)… And, it’s YOUR CHILD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY that you’re going to after you get off shift.

Railroaders seldom gift their children with such “NAPALMS”.
_______________________________”Up”-date 09/17/2013:
Tyler Kinney isn’t in the news anymore, word is that he has passed. The hope is that this is false since there has been NO further information. The sadder part of this is that Tyler’s parents are reported to be Christian EDUCATORS…

Oil and War: Feeding “the DRAGONS”

21 04 2012

In my being one with “only” a GED this may seem like fielding something in a ball park in Caracas, ( Venezuela), while standing in Yankee Stadium.

The perceived threat of Iran building a usable N-U-C-L-E-A-R “device” of aggression has rendered their economy almost equal in power as those that chose adjustable mortgages until 2007. The larger difference is that Iran has an economic tool to offset their building losses. BUT ! Since the WORLD has NO DESIRE to observe the “TEST” of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s resolve it has put a set of staples across the pocket that holds the “Wallet”… OIL EXPORTS.


Even as the talk is with their chin at “level” the fact that ALL SALES to CHINA, INDIA and KOREA MUST be IN THOSE NATION’S CURRENCIES, thusly ANY and ALL SPENDING has to be within those nations. In other words, Iran CAN’T use ‘that’ money anywhere else.


So, what DOES one DO in this situation of ‘SCIENTIFIC’ AND ECONOMIC National “GROWTHS” ? I have no idea of what Iran’s Leadership is outlining, but it seems that they have decided to put their “APPLES” into a number of “BASKETS” for the “FUTURE“.


Iran is selling oil to India for gold and rupees. And urging their neighboring Islamist regional residents to IGNORE the “European” based sanctions imposed by the U.S., Great Britain and German “conclave”.


There is an even more interesting factor that may bring some “dental powdering” to those responsible for the Iranian policy of “power”. Since the “demand” for the GRADE of product being extracted from the sands is not as “SWEET” as the surrounding area the further time period, PUMP to PUMP, is making the refining process more expensive.


Which brings us to “the Dragons”. During the past few years the “war-on-DRUGS” has led the various Cartels to embrace the advantages of becoming SUBMARINERS.


With Iran ‘having’ to place the previously recovered oil in some sort of storage the “innovative” would seize that day to find a way to “SIPHON” some of Iran’s “GOLD”.

Frank Herbert was “the” MASTER of the “Psychological thriller”, often basing the storyline on who thinks what and why. “Throwing” in the “tainted scales” of RELIGION, ( If you’ve read the DUNE series the scenario of TODAY would be clearer to you. The protagonist is landed on a planet that is “the middle-east”, and uses the background of the knowledge of such, as the antagonists are of the Monarchical genre…), Mr. Herbert’s “LEXICONIUM” could play a children’s learning tune for the Politicians and “KINGS” of the World right NOW.

The Book: The Dragon in the Sea, gets its name from the BOOK of REVELATION, which “many” see as the “time” we’re living now. The long and short of what this is alluding to is that the situation is RIPE for some INTERNATIONAL / (G)r(8)t pilfery on a level that could “ONLY” be done on a scale of the “unbelievable”. Making “the USUAL SUSPECTS” that much more susceptible to the (probable) culpability of “their” participations. Leaving the rest of US to receiving as many open wounds as we continue to witness on our ‘iPODS’ as “we” ignore the adaptive tune “ROCKET ROBIN“.

Even as this post IS a “reach” the facts of TECHNOLOGY still have a way of astonishing/ appalling us every time “IT” becomes a part of every day “happenstance”.


11 02 2012

“He was a haud scrabble Kid from the ivied had-coawt of HAV-AD”…

The LAST time “Bloomberg’s Buoys of BLUE” wrangled a DUB-YA columned celebration over the Purple and Maize of Laker-land was in 2007, the Chinese YEAR of the PIG. How appropriate. Even MORE appropriate is the “INSCRUTABLE”…

… ABOVE-THE-BOARDS artistry that JEREMY LIN has brought FROM California onto the , EUSTA’ BEE, bored walks of the New York- New Jersey franchise area.

The evening of Friday, February TENTH, “Twenty-Twelve” saw a “Chinese-American born “BAU-LAH” take on an Italian speaking “FREE-MAN” of Philadelphia the one-the only Kobe BEAN Bryant.TALK about INTRA-NATIONAL “SPAUTZ”!

SO, I’m here just “pickled tink” that the game of Basketball is, FINALLY, getting past the look of a TIN-TYPE photo. The old game of “coloured folks” is actually gaining AN ARRAY… “IP-IP”!

The “MURDOCH SHINES” provided the coverage, without getting into anyone’s “POUR-TAH-BILE TELLY” to find out the Los Angeles game plan. Or, by the outcome of the score…

Here’s to MORE new heroes for a game started with a PEACH BASKET.


Oh, I apologize. This year is the YEAR of the DRAGON !

Here “we” are 58 years after BROWN versus THE BOARD OF EDUCATION’S lighting of “THE TUNNEL”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_v._Board_of_Education),
to see the truest of the ‘MELTING POT’S’ best MELANGE du’ JOUR so far. THEN, you have the ATHLETICLY ‘gifted’ JASON WHITLOCK making a “statement” that could only fall into the EMBRACES of of A “GRAND DRAGON”/ KLANSMAN.
( http://aol.sportingnews.com/nba/story/2012-02-12/jason-whitlock-
apologizes-for-offensive-jeremy-lin-tweet )
You may, OR MAY NOT, excuse me for this “little” prosaic epithet that I heard in South Carolina, when I was a child…
It seems that every time they relight the LIGHT at the “tunnel’s” end some folks just HAVE to “MARK THEIR PATH” with ‘A LINE of SHITE”.

reverse update #2…
The word-term FAN is the shortened version of FANATIC,someone whose “entire” moments of time between “the necessities” of their existence. A yahoo sports article was presented that gave TEN,
NEGATIVE “puns”, (the author needs a dictionary. A pun is a figure of speech which consists of a deliberate confusion of similar words or phrases for rhetorical effect, whether humorous or serious.), about the Knicks’ next LOSS. It’s amazing that this New York Knick “phann”* sould manufacture, then PUBLISH, thes negative bits of OBTUSENESS… And find a ‘yahoo’ to put it in front of the public.
His name and tweet-arena
are… Eric Holden is a lifelong New York Knicks fan. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden. If THIS is “LIFE-LONG” fan-da-monium it seems quite similar to the POLITICKS of today.
^Phan= Phan as a first name gives you a very independent nature, yet you are friendly, approachable, and generous.

You can be a spontaneous, expressive, and talkative person.

^Generally you are good-natured, though at times you can be rather blunt and sarcastic.

update 02/16/2012:

Sometimes the “view-to-a thrill” is generated long before a “star” is formed… ( http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204880404577225562995441868.html)… and, they keep their “DAY JOB”.

A “Not so Little” Story

27 10 2011

We’ve bashed this President for the blundering of those that seek to continue their luring this nation into their “cars”. They’ve had help from the previously “indoctrinated” who’ve made the acts appear “normal”.
But, through it all there seems to be someone from another *”[NEIGHBORHOOD]” that knows a basic how and when.The future will arrive according to ITS OWN CHOOSING, what we’ve done to make its arrival pleasant enough for reciprocation hasn’t been revealed as yet.
Yes, this post is extremely short but, if you read the link I COULDN’T have told you such welcome views. Happy days are here, again isn’t what the world’s citizenry has been [DYING] for. The song “of” this new day will be sung by “men” that were thought to have only limited abilities…

“Carlton” does have the ” Chops, (technical ability, to execute music physically and to negotiate chord changes. Distinct from the capacity to have good ideas, to phrase effectively and build a solo.)”
This is about what the *Englishman sees, mine’s such the little story. And, there are [BETTER] thoughts than mine.

Nature: Patience and DISGUST

19 10 2011

The natural beauty that was the quiet town that [EBENEZER ZANE] founded [BECAME] a historic horror for the Zoological community. Terry Thompson was the owner of a private Animal park that was set 500 yards from the nearest roadway. He is, alleged, to have killed himself just after opening the doors of the enclosures of his “brood”. Although Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz “couldn’t” tell the on-air news media about his own knowledge of Mr. Thompson he did say that “He’s been known to push the ENVELOPE of the Law, at times”. As a Pilot Terry Thompson did so in his other endeavours also. Of the, approximately, 62 animals on the Farm a verified 48 were destroyed near, and on the premises… Quite sadly, of those 48 the Sheriff's Deputies had to [DESTROY] EIGHTEEN Bengal Tigers, there are “only” 1400 left in Nature. During the news filmed one could see that [J. BUSHNELL HANNA] was doing his best NOT to GRIND HIS TEETH INTO POWDER while listening to insensitively constructed questions from the “VISIBLE DISEDUCATED” pushing their corporate tonsil probes as close as decorum allowed.Only [PUBLIC RADIO INTERNATIONAL</],(RADIO !?!), had the 'spheres' to show video of this tragedy.
If you've watched enough Television you'll know that Jack Hanna is accutely passionate about the creatures that share the SAME DUST as we do. Probably, as well as [AUDUBON] or [JIM\'S BOSS].
This all boils down to the question of… DID God grant “ownership”-by-proxy” to us through Moses’ obeying?…
I CAN’T believe that God would put savants in charge of the Factory. This is proof that we are still children, and every thing/ body is praying for us to get things right. If we can’t be our own “brother’s keeper…

It’s kinda’ like what the Gorilla may be pondering…


Tea Parties Are For Pikers

14 10 2011

Looking at how the strength of a collection of [LEAVES] has made “DEMOCRACY” hard to [SWALLOW]. The past few months of what [INSPIRES] American “thought” and participation have sped “CHANGE” into stop.Things that were supposed to get this country “back-on-its-feet” are actually a fungus that is rotting away the foot itself… the “BASE”, what we STOOD FOR.
Just a small time frame later a [GROUP] has blood-HOUNDED their way to one of the sources of the “Wall Street” [MERCAPTANS]. The best thing about these “Occupants” is the fact that they have been willing to reach out to those of other nations and instruct them of a few techniques that may assist to render/ remove the offensive aromas left upon the World’s citizenry by the bosses of the “Bean-Counters”. Oh, wouldn’t that nick-name also be a source of the power “behind” the [POOT]?