… looking back

10 05 2014

The saga of the “loose angle-ized” Clippers’ “PRO”-‘peach-basketeers’ being amidst the disrobing of a philanderer and his missus is too gory a thought for most. But, if the “BRAINS” of the league would just “DEREGULATE” the contractural membership of the entity and allow the PLAYERS and STAFF to FORM an “UNCLAIMED” PARTNERSHIP of “CONCERNED” PARTICIPANTS ALL the troublesome pathegents would be QUARENTINED for disposal. Leaving those, with ‘GOOD’ INTENT to make the proper negotiations to become the “partnerships” primary “Captain”.
of first and second name
brings ol’ “MacGyver”
to “save” this scene

the find to fix
most any flaw
is why they bring
them “IN” at all

the skill set “matrixed”
the “magics” very noir
none have much noticed
the heals have so few scars

and when the job’s done
such small “kit” to repack
the “perp” has run
not often looking back


… more ‘WAKES’

12 02 2014

It IS amazing to “ME” that [THIS] “could happen” for a SECOND time, in such a short period. In the SIXTY YEARS that I’ve been part of THIS SOCIETY I remember walking streets and upon reaching a corner with a Stop Sign, or Traffic Signal FEELING the HATE by the “simple” clack of a Car’s  LOCKING MECHANISM being ACTUATED by the “JUST FROM FLORIDA TANNED” CAUCASOID immi-“GRANTS” as they signaled THEIR recognition of MY PRESENCE. SADLY, it CONTINUES in FAR TOO MANY MORE FORMS today*.

The word WAKE has many definitions:

A.) [DEATH’S recognition]

B.) [WAKEN]: To be aroused FROM a state of INACTIVITY , “UNAWARENESS”.

C.) [WAKE]: a DEPRESSION caused by… (FLUIDS : Water or AIR.)

A Wake CAN be used FOR locomotion, Drawn by / Sucked into…

There are a LOT of WAKES that HAVE BEEN,were and, ARE being created and, continued around this orb TODAY. To be “ONE” of “THOSE” that a WAKE  does affect should ONLY be for PRODUCTIVE REASONINGS.

“One” of the worst parts of writing this post is the KNOWLEDGE that TRAVON MARTIN’S, now, JORDAN DAVIS’ MURDERS occurred as the TWO Men, IN CHARGE of the LAWS of THIS NATION JUST HAPPEN to be ‘MEN-OF-COLOUR’ ALSO.

Just, , where ARE the “new” buds to grow? And, why is the “CROP” being so “GMO”‘d


the “once” upon a time
being placed upon
the differences not profound
return to ground

the ‘law’ has made
for HATE’S repreives
while “KIZZY” watches

it makes for “wonder”
that this late
that “LIBERTY’S” island
will take more ‘WAKES’


I’m writing this between looking up JOB postings. I’d been working for an Asian TV service  and, ‘had’ been “TOLD” that my work ETHIC was “quite good”… wherefore they dismantled the department. Being there through a “temporary service”, ( and being that the State of Ohio IS an [“AT WILL”] State…), I was moved to another section of the new warehousing setup. The short of this IS that ONE “particular” (‘overseer’)/ supervisor didn’t like the FACT that I COULD PERFORM ANY TASK SHE’D “command”. To make “things” more challenging I’d be BOUNCED from section-to-section because of “SCHEDULING” ISSUES with the recruits sent the company. I COULD / WOULD FILL ANY POSITION ASKED, and DO SO… IF ONLY the PROPER DIRECTION where given to FULFILL the demand. “REPUTTA” asked if I could “multi-task” after finding fault with my “NOT” doing five OTHER addend-‘DUMBS’ that where NOT descibed… and, after allowing me to do so for ONE HOUR before correcting the matter.
“Reputta” had earlier given me HER version of “a kiss on the cheek” by walking up and “wiping away” a “bit-‘o- Styrofoam’ gently from my cheek. I didn’t recognize the phone message that I’d been “dismissed” from the assignment.

It’s “funny” that a GERMANICALLY “COLORED” person could “entice” the “Nipponese” AGAIN.


5 10 2013

Having recently been ‘terminated’ “for… ( Order inconsequential.)…
“Talking to the rail crews, ( being transported.), about the “safety” of company vehicles”. This WOULD be difficult to give a “NEGATIVE” about such, since I HAD NO ACCIDENTS during the Nine Month tenure with… I HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOF of comments directed TO A MOMENT “OF”, UNPROMPTED by MYSELF but of a Potentially SERIOUS moment.

“Inappropriate Touching”: (of a Female employee.) After being driven HOME by TWO Female Co-Workers  the joking had prompted me to Leave these FRIENDS like a “Grandfather” sending away LITTLE GIRLS to return to their “dolls”, by PINCHING them on their FACIAL CHEEKS. ONE of which made the accusation, the OTHER finding NEW EMPLOYMENT AFTER denying the weight of the charge.

Lastly, and the “KY” on their “ESCAPE ROPE”,is the “someone(s)” in “supervisory position(s) that DELIBERATELY FAILED to REPORT ‘the ,(STATE MANDATED ), CLAIM of an EMPLOEE INJURY CORROBERATED  throughout the ‘H.R. Department. I “believe” that THIS WOULD BE “A” Fraudulent ACTION.

SO, if anyone of the offenders recognizes themselves… “THE NAMES of the ‘GUILTY'” are  “open for speculation”. And, YES, OF COURSE(!), There is a small “flow” to staple the thought in a MIND…

I’m CLEARLY done

with “those” like YOU

that believe above

the wrongs they DO

to live as rife


selecting BLINDNESS

to what they “see”

the causes

that you, sickly craft

while telling ‘world’

I’m “HE” that’s “daft”

yet, there’s this “TOME”

of WISDOMS great

that clearly prove



“DEAR” Sam Bacile

12 09 2012

Too many of our “educated” of this citizenry have forgotten that the ‘RIGHT’ of “FREE SPEECH” ENDS TWELVE MILES after one leaves the shoreline of THIS NATION. The problem for most of the NON THINKING is the fact that they “forget” that the INTERNET has been granted no such boundary.

A more tragic part of this event is the commentary of those that have been instructors of the youth in various educational institutions…


‘opinion’ should not cost ANOTHER their LIFE.

“Dear” Sam,

What HATE would make you
light the fuse
with “FAITH” accelerants
that STUPIDS choose

And, then include
a HUNDRED more
“oh,yes we’re safe”
at this “far” shore

But, what of those
lethally bitten
by YOU hate-filled LICE

The storm you caused
has led to HIDE
the right called FREEDOM
you can’t abide

So, YET, your friends
give to the HATE

Your like insist
your view is “true”
THAT, they won’t do

As for the “ROD”
that HE WON’T spare
for what you’ve done
IS more than ‘fair’

If GOD has chosen
children “BEST”
HE’S changed HIS MIND
at YOUR behest


29 08 2012

Yes, young folks, the elder “spatesmen” of the PACHYDERM PRIDE have painted the picture of President Obama “fairly” inept.There IS a SERIOUS lack of EMPLOYMENT.The jobs that ARE out there ARE being offered to those ALREADY on the company payroll, so the company just offers THEM that infinitesimal part-time job …AS OVERTIME, no extra paperwork, etc. But that company complains of the extra outgo to their bottom line.When that’s a GOVERNMENT entity that equates to BLOWN BUDGETS that AREN’T getting met. BECAUSE of the ADDITIONAL OVERTIME!

The GOP has paraded someone that, in a “historical” scenario, would be one of the SLAVES that a Harriet Tubman would have accepted to be lead to the North, NOT knowing that the “YELLAH GAL” he’d been suffering over was actually the OCTAROON DAUGHTER of the Plantation owner who’d received enough TRINKETS to ignore the plight of the rest.She’s convinced this man to BETRAY any, and ALL others. Him NOT knowing of the “MARK”, to the others, he’d become.

This may seem far fetched to you, but another, RECENT example IS well documented. That would be the CANCER numbers of the PEOPLE that worked FOR, and “LIVED” around the Manufacturing Plant that made TEFLON cookware that contained the DuPONT chemical “C8″.

1.) (www.naturalnews.com/036887_

2.) (www.voiceoffreedom.com/archives/environment
/teflon/teflon.html )

3.) (ohiocitizen.org/tag/dupont-teflon/)

So,”GRASSHOPPERS”, PAY ATTENTION to the SIGNS that mark the path they direct YOU on. Notice the FRESH PAINT that covers those “FUNNY” looking marks and STAINS…

“SOME”of it contains A LOT of YOUR DNA.


24 08 2012

…Pavlovian tactics of creating influence.*

Four years ago a, THEN, friend suggested that I scribe my opinions to the electronic tablet of “blogdom”. Many nights, and the blight of unemployment, have saved what little sanity possessed
to begin with. An early attempt was the boiling down of my stating that this NATION “Didn’t get the ‘WHITE KNIGHT’, but, it DID receive a BETTER DEAL“, thanthe eight before.

Here we are at the ending advertising campaigns just about to

2.) http://www.psychologicalharassment.com/coercive_mind_control_tactics.htm

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7.) http://psych.fullerton.edu/rlippa/Psych101/outline2.htm

All the above, minus two pdfs make the “perfect beginning to the ‘TOUR de FORCE’ that the PRIMARIES’ BLUE “V” RED ARE USING to “ring ANY, (And, EVERY!..), CHIME” to induce a RACIAL SALAVATORY response to “win” this year’s Presidential, and Legislative elections.

Here are just a few of the MANY …( pic of Moe to Curly two fingers in the eye.) …

a.) http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/08/24/romney-makes-a-birther-joke-

b.) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/20/obama-romney-welfare-reform_n_1812171.html)

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g.) http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/romney-bain-abortion-stericycle-sec)

And, then, OF COURSE(!), there IS that little thing called ‘Youth’ …
and the “knowledges of the FATHERS”.

1.) http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/post/mitt-vs-george-romney-on-black-white-

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8.) http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Did_Mitt_Romney’s_children_attend_public_school)

All in all, the DIN, CLANG, PEAL or TING of the much studied “BELL” in use will only work if the signatory PACS’ demagoguery will be Americas alpha bet for their “CHOSEN ONE”…
BUT, what WILL they “DO” with the “canines” that the “BELLS” DON’T register the desired response !?!

Old Charges “New” Case

27 03 2012

As of Monday March 28, 2012 the ‘revelation’ of WHY Trayvon Martin was suspended from school was identified as his “having a plastic bag with traces of MARIJUANA”.

( http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Latest-News-Wires/2012/0326/

OH-EM-GEE!!! In 2009 there were 577,712 individuals,in just twelve “STATES”, that were PRESCRIBED the “MADNESS”.


WOW, the folks attempting to “cover” their COLLECTIVE GLUTEUS MAXIMII are pulling SOMETHING out “OF” a particular somewhere. All to find a way to JUSTIFY a LYNCHING-BY-EXTREME-LEAD-POISONING! By a a self appointed KEYSTONE BLACK, er, BLOCK WATCH captain.The “Goy” that cried “WOLF” so often that the Sanford Police Department HAD him on “SPEED ANSWER”.

The “War” on drugs has had its many strange participants, before…

(http://teens.drugabuse.gov/blog/betty-ford-shining-light-addiction/)…and, NOW, after. YOU might not even KNOW that every time YOU make YOUR CHILDREN “KOOL-AID” from the TAP that YOU ARE GIVING THEM A DOSE OF PROZAC

Or, maybe YOU DID ‘KNOW’ and counted ON those effects.

But, to recharge the “DRUG-ADDLED-KNEE_GROW” ruse of the “HANG-‘EM-HIGH” 1930’s and 1960’s is OUTDATED, OUTMODED,as well as OUTLANDISH.It’s interesting that for more than a half century WE celebrated the INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADORSHIP of one (HELLO, DOLLY!), Louis Armstrong who just happened to write a letter of request for the LEGALIZATION ofMarijuana to President, DWIGHT D EISENHOWER…

( http://cannabisculture.com/v2/node/18060 )

So, the “EVIL” that Trayvon Martin carried around with him that fateful eve MUST have been sensed by George Zimmerman as that extra incentive to stop the “MADNESS” being brought into “HIS” gated community.
Let’s hear what others have to “say” about the “evils” of the “TEA” totaler…

YUP, THAT makes for a good defense of “JUSTIFIABILITY”. Oh, and by the way did YOU notice that there WASN’T a single HOODIE covering an “ULTRA-TAN” body ? AND, NO-ONE WAS FIRED UPON during the making of the video ?
————– ————— ———————

“up”date 04/11/2012:

The “FAIR”- IN- HYPE has reached an acute boil under the frying pan of “JUST-US” in the State of Florida.


“Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey plans to announce as early as Wednesday afternoon that she is charging neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.” Wash/Post

The stage was set a lot longer ago than most realize. The “endentured” quickly had their contracts rescinded when “they” didn’t look like their employers anymore. But, when “jungle fever” produced “little” Auntie’s bodies carrying results of ‘OCTOROON’ SWOON the COVER-UP began its RACE of / to confusions. The Au LAIT wasn’t a cheer of accomplishment, it was the “PASS”-WORD to a history of disasters. The many children of mixed heritages aren’t often provided the SOCIETAL tool-sets to see WHO and what they REALLY are.They are the CHEATER’S hidden pieces on the CHESS BOARD of life and PRIDES… PURITY is the ALABASTER “LOVING” Cup the just happens to have a peculiar layer of different hues of ‘BONE’. Bleached as best as can for continued presentational purposes.

The worst scenario of this is that it lays further inroads for the possibility of the RACE WAR that the “ADOLFIAN” ARMADA has been planning to LAUNCH FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA.