… the “balls”

23 05 2014


It’s “funny” that the current “PRESIDING”  Government ‘leader’ just happens to be “ONE-HALF” of the injuries being inflicted upon those that DID NOT ASK to be brought HERE in the first place. NO, there ISN’T any REAL GOING BACK, (Marcus Garvey didn’t “git-‘er-done” while he was alive.), with ALL the murkiness’ created by European govern-mental interferences.

I LIVE here, and ‘like’ it! I don’t “know” anything else BUT these SIXTY YEARS of HISTORY MADE… NOW being DISMANTLED. During the ONLY terms of THE only “PRESIDING” being of ANY TYPE of “DARKEST” AFRICAN descent.

You may find the following a tad acidic, but don’t believe that there’s ‘hate’. THERE ISN’T! The words are just the observational meanderings of one that HAS seen “too much” of a world that HAS MORE TO OFFER than what ‘WE’ are being subjected to, from too many sides. This is just how I’ve gazed on the return of “Simon Legree” and the “tunes” his “band” are now brave enough to “play” in public.


it’s really NOT AMAZING
that “whitebread” has this “taste”
were not for those Peach baskets
their pockets would have more space

no never that “they’re” different
sound bodies gloss the mind
sleek Gladiators nightly
next year a better find

create the game’s excitement
charge lazy just to watch
then charge them more for likeness
pay science for DNA swatch

but NEVER “keep” their company
not from 1619 ’til past today
bad enough butt pat as congrats
the fear now is the Gay

but what the hey “I OWN ‘EM”
the contract says it all
to think that they “won’t” play for me
no matter what the fables they haven’t got the “balls”


Is Fashionably LATE Charming ?

1 10 2011

The count-down is now an earnest effort for those that want to “lead” this “United” States of America.

The “obvious” choice of the ‘Democratic’ party is one Barack Hussein Obama, administratively [TATTERED] and, Second Term [TORN] . The covert view presented, of late to the younger voter, is that seen in the movie Final Destination 5 as [DEATH]. Isn’t that immaculate timing !?!

Now, the time for a challenger has arrived. Someone that will accomplish those things that have been weighing [DOWN] this nation’s water treading abilities for the past two years. This soul will be buoyed by those that haven’t been afraid of the depths that they MUST go to insure their fellows have learned to “BOB” and Weave as they continue to call warning of their being in the vicinity of these “patriots'” actions.

STRAW, as a [POLL], or each prospective candidate’s [POSITION] of the “Party”, is but the “after” of the political [THRESHING]. “After”= the real decision makers have filled out the “dance-card” of the ‘Nation’.
And, as with any “dance” worth being “AT” we are witnessing the intricacies of HOW the “game” IS played. Do you remember any movie that had public, social interaction ? Those that were able to get the invitation to the [\"SOIREE\"], ( I label it thus because “IT” is getting LATE for just about everything !), usually get to the event as the doors [SWING OPEN]. Then you have those who are using their [CONNECTION] to enhance their standing, waiting for the next “dance”, so that they may be the “IT” boy, OR ‘GIRL’?

So, when these folk attend do they ever think about the previous events of “before” ? The “who” were that the event’s success is based on ? Let’s say that this is a “REGIONAL” trophy event, and there’d been ONLY two previous times that the “dance” produced the [VERVE] and [EXCITEMENT] that is building as you read this.
Is there a whiff of Texas Tea rolling across the plains ? It’s difficult to tell because the Lad from the [REPUBLIC] wouldn’t [TWO-STEP] in a [CYCLONE].We’ll just have to wait, like “Rick” is. Because any fighter worth their salt watches an opponent, in the [\"RING\"], weighing whether they are willing to trade “blows” to be able to PRESIDE before the next “dance”.
So, with no heroic record like Eisenhower. And NO Thyssen Bank holding your “BONES” out of the closet,like G.W., is it better to use the blood of your opponents to slide into the “show” ring to take the “regionals” ?

So, again I ask… Is Fashionably [LATE] Charming? Or the “CHARM”

And So IT Grows

19 09 2011

It’s become unusual for me to encourage the [\"WHY\"] generation that’s questioning those things that “we” hold sacred. The life we’ve lived has been founded on a fault that has seen enough movement to swallow the houses that we’d been told were safe on “higher” ground. There’s [NOTHING] “safe” in THIS universe.
As the elections loom on the Sunset of our way of life the politicians have been guided through the training of the art of pulling a rug from under America’s feet.
One of the best tactics either party can use is [REDISTRICTING], even though the GOP called on Diebold [VOTING][MACHINES] before the Obama election.
Whatever happens next will be one of the biggest examples of HYPNOTISM in U.S. history… EVERYTHING that has happened in this country, and around the world, is “ALL” because of BARACK H. OBAMA… Rush,Karl,Dick, and every Tea party member says so.

Update: 9/19/2011
As the morning arrived in a damp fashion it reminded me of the fact that President Obama has been [GLEANING] what has been left of what was stolen from the larger segment of the [ CITIZENRY]. If the Republican “majority” think that the lobbyists can fool the country any more then I see this ‘nation’ traveling the VERY CLOSE PATH of [THOSE] that invented [DEMOCRACY]. Is the fact that when life intimated art that it was, more often than not, as a TRAGEDY !?!

A Man of WHAT god

2 04 2011

This  will be short. This nation has sent MANY of its young into the jaws of death for what we “NOW” know as a fabulous group of LIES.

HATE has been the fuel to separate the brothers of Abraham’s blessing,drawn from the very soil where his great-grand children have lived and died.

We have suffered the destruction of the “brother” towers of WORLD TRADE, being lead to the belief that Hagar’s son accomplished the deed. That has NOT been proven.

Now we are TEN YEARS into Afghanistan and the old adage of LOOSE LIPS SINK “SHIPS” is as true now as it was during the Second WORLD WAR.

The lips that have sunk the ship called FREEDOM, this one of RELIGION, belong to the  class mate of RUSH LIMBAUGH, his name is TERRY JONES. It seems that after being smart enough to NOT burn the KORAN earlier the self proclaimed “man-of-god” proceeded to do so March twentieth of 2011. (http://news.google.com/news/section?pz=1&cf=all&ned=us&hl=en&q=topic:koran_burning&ict=clu_top)

Jones has proven the point of inciting [\”ANGER\”]. My question is who is going to make the charge of his causing a WORLD panic? With the addition of causing the DEATH of EIGHT WORLD CITIZENS.

HOW can we ask the world to believe in “FREEDOM” when it’s being used as a WATERBOARD?

What If (?)

24 10 2010

What if we could actually go back and CHANGE those ‘terrible’ things of history ? What if the truly ‘important’ events could be EAR-MARKED for “correctings” ? Again I find a tasty mental morsel to chew on electronically.

[\”WHAT IF\”]: to ponder a scenario known, but, not having ones desirable outcome. To change it to become so mentally.

CNN dropped this charged bit-o-introspection for the coming anniversary of the fiftieth year since [JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY] became America’s Thirty-Fifth President. He’ said that:
“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

The interesting thing, of this coincidence, is that when the “Black” population, of THIS nation, were going through “White” people locking their car doors when they’d stopped at corners with “Blacks” on them Juan Williams had JUST moved into America from Panama. Suspicion was the wardrobe worn through the fear colored glasses of the “majority” at “that” time. And ANY [\’KNOWLEDGEABLE\’] person should remember such, especially if they’d been PART of said time.

So, what if the HISTORY “OF” only changed by a [SINGLE DIGIT]* factor, instead of a [CAST] ? What if we stopped reading the covers and tried to edit the (mal-) [CONTENT] before a second* “printing” were run ?

What if we ACTUALLY paid attention to what WAS going on around US, instead of allowing another to skew our trusted perceptions with FEAR and STUPIDITY ?

When WAS the last time that you “sat down” and really THOUGHT, instead of continuing to put compresses on your chin… where your KNEES keep catching it ?

And The “TRUTH” Shall Set You Up

20 10 2010

We’re so close. Can YOU feel the tension ?

The “news” (h)a(te)gencies are working VERY closely…

… with their [CURTAINED] com-patriots, along with some “outside” interest(ed)s to finalize the recension of Democracy, ( probably since it sounds like D.e.m.o.c.r.a.t..), and that ugly ruse called FREEDOM.

After 40, intermittent, years of assisting America in its [DUMBING] down the masses there’s a clear avenue for the “RED WAVE” to nurture themselves a new and more [\”FIT\”] constituency. With the current, (see: Monsanto.), ‘crop‘ of indoctrinated, and “learned”, [CANDIDATES] for States’ [REPREHENSATIVES], proudly wearing the hue of PEKOE, ( I didn’t know that there was a RED besides the Orange or Black. But, hey, gene juggling has risen to new heights recently.), it’s not difficult to see why that ALL the blows to the heads of our ADULT population have given them [(JIM) CROW-TIMERS] disease.

How can it be that All of this anger at …

#1.) The “WAR”(s) that HAVE lasted LONGER than Viet Nam,

#2.) The “saving” of our ECONOMY,

#3.) The “SECURITY“of our policies…

Have landed, the first man in EIGHT YEARS to be able to pronounce / SPELL,

(N.U.C.L.E.A.R. !!!!)

…Into such a deplorable National distress ? He DID “Talk Softly”, he DID walk softly. And I do believe that by doing so the “TAN-MAN of YES-WE-CAN” is finding that those “CANNED” through letting those that set the underpinnings, of this current “nation”-WIDE fiscal disaster, ( cue the ‘church lady !!!), CONVIENIENTLY KICK them away from THEIR paper mache’ foundations ?

We’re, only, 13 lucky days away from a [PREVISIONIST] Gulag redistricting. Have YOU decided on the new wardrobe that you’re not being able to choose ?

Of “LITTLE” Visions

10 10 2010

… And the things WE should have [NOTICED] !

Here we are. At the terminice, (which is a Latin word for “end”.), of what should have been. For a nation begun by those that sought freedom. Theirs was [NOT] as we’d been “schooled” to believe. As the world, as our politicians and their cronies tell us, IS NOT what they’ve been STUMPING us [WITH] / [FOR].

As most “read” the latest [PROGNOSTICATION] they FAIL to look at HOW we’ve been [LEAD(ED)] by the will of the [AFFLUENT] and their constant , public unveilings of a “NEW’ [BOOGEYMAN]… which is only their Dorian Grey portraitures.

November SECOND, Two-Thousand Ten, most likely its anniversary that will prompt OUR Grand-children to visit our graves and EXPECTORATE their gratitudes to our “wisdom” of choice.

And, with it following so closely to All Hallows Eve it’s become very easy for “Elephants” to charge that the Obama “tribe” conjured up many things before coming here to study…




But, then again, it’s been easy for the infused American grandchildren of, ‘hidden’ [\”AYRYAN\” DESCENT] to tell the rest of us how THEY feel about the freedoms that we’re “entitled” to…

When you’ve drawn that curtain to pull that LEVER of ‘CHOICE’ make sure that it’s not connected to the “[BOOBY]- trap” “they’ve” been having YOU BUILD ,
FOR THEM, all this time.