27 09 2012

…Just DON’T “go DOWN”.

AH, And YES, Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time, AH-GIN, for another round of “GUESS WHAT THEY WERE thinking?”

The fine folk of the STATE of ARIZONA have come up with another extraordinary MARKETING technique that WASTES NOTHING, except the future HEALTH of the ENVIRONMENT.


Arizona “SNOWBOWL” ski resort owner, Eric Borowsky, has decided that all the brew-ha-ha about global warming “just” may have a bit of MERIT. So, he decided to expand the available area of recreation “SNOW” skiing and make ARTIFICIAL SNOW,( even though the State IS amid a SEVERE DROUGHT.), to cover the lack of natural frozen water crystals that the season requires.

BUT! The ‘UNIQUE” way of achieving this is BY the use OF SEWAGE (!) WATER proported to be “safe”.

“It hired Catherine R. Propper, a scientist and professor at Northern Arizona University, who found that Flagstaff’s water contains endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, including hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants, pharmaceuticals and steroids.

“We don’t know what effect freezing and thawing is going to have on the chemical compounds,” she said. “We don’t know what UV is going to do to them. Some of the compounds will bind to the soil; some will get into the aquifers. It is a very complicated system that we know very little about.”

WOW! This makes “ME” ‘want’ to spend Fifteen-THOUSAND dollars on some “PRISTINE POWDER”,and a nice drink of HOT “CHOCOLATE” after…

SO, to ALL YA’LL that has a hankerin’ to get yer “SHUSH’ on, remember to keep yer mouth shut when a wave of “golden” crystals is spayed yer direction…

The BRIGHT GOLDEN HUE ISN’T OL’ SOL paintin’ yer path. It’s BUDWEISER.


In The Spirit OF Competition…

27 07 2012

When I queried Google as to ‘how many WARS were happening around the ‘WORLD’ there were too many differing answers.The lowest was SIX, then came the sobering fact of the United States having citizens in SEVENTY-FIVE various theatres!

This IS the first day of the London located OLYMPIC GAMES of 2012. And with that chiseling in a CHALK-CLIFF face, (DOVER!),it seems to me that if this NATION is to “show” the world how to give HOMAGE to the SPIRIT of these games that our elected would follow the ANCIENT RULE of DECLARING a TRUCE during the dates of competition.


I’m not watching them, too much going on,but there’s news that the TWO running to “FIX” this country’s MONEY WOES are spending multiple MILLIONS of lobbyistic lucre to go on the commercial breaks to convince the JOBLESS and HOMELESS that the HOPELESS really do care about them, and their wellbeing.

If CHEATING is truly defined as…

1.)Sport, enhanced performance=

Imagine what could have “been” if ONE, or, both candidates distributed their fundings back… TO: THE PEOPLE.

It’s “bother-some” that the TWO vying for,(one OF), the greatest personal, and WORLD, accomplishments would tell their athletes that THEY are more important than an ANCIENT set of “GAMES”.

High HOPES Past False Horizons

8 05 2012

There’ve been a few folks that have GLOSSED OVER the posts placed on omegetymon and myweblog:thnq. The throng is tiny,but appear to be a lot more educated and connected than myself, so I believed that by bringing a knowledge of an item that most certainly IMPACTS ALL OF US would ignite a new way of HELPING those that ARE, HAVE BEEN,OR COULD BE afflicted by a devastating disease… CANCERS, Substance Abuses, ABUSES of any type.

Being in an “age” of wonderous abilities to reach another from anywhere has brought the communicative “golden fleece” to cover everyone. Yet the FACT that when most of us finish our little expression of the one percent we’ve “witnessed” , ( re-blogging and relating another’s story don’t count.). The rush to see what was written on that topic often doesn’t go past three, or four pages… two-to-five articles that show a glimmer “of”… all to the elementary school notion of being the first to have the “teacher” call on you for the correct answer, (Hopefully.), to prove your whatever. I HAVE been that way too, MORE than I want to admit.

Maybe, it’s that I’ve become tired of taking such a SMALL STEP to reach the top of a simple “SOAP-BOX“, and have tried to get others to lend me theirs by proxy. ( DONATING. Really, just to go to the item’s site and try to understand WHAT it could mean to so many. And, ATTEMPT to perform the “DUTY of the COLONY”… The TINY “US” MOVING THAT RUBBER TREE

… A childish thought, NO! Many of us find the WHAT we’re supposed to do in ‘Life’ through those things- influences of the things of WONDER, whether pro, or, con.) And, then, there are those that LOOK until the “SCISSORS'” view is close to their “thread”, sometimes finding the proper assistance to change their entire life, ( SIDDHARTHA!), and at that moment bake enough Bread, for the crumbs, by providing ENOUGH SEED to keep up with “the SEASON”.

When these electro-scribe-stalls were opened I had the thought of telling “MY” side of what “you” were ‘missing’, so few times has THAT occurred. But, it seems that for all of you that HAVE found the posts about the WATCH’S PURPOSE a “LIKE” I see NO TRUTH in it, because it still sits without “seed”, added altitudes, or even CARE. How much MORE ANTI-SOCIAL can a group of “people” be than to walk PAST someone offering the “plumbing” for the “well” that helps them get healing waters for THEIR FRIENDS ,and FAMILIES!?!

It’s somewhat sad that so many who, almost DAILY, want a part of the WORLD to “HEAR THEM WILL walk PAST that “voice-in-the- wilderness”, hear it CLEARLY… AND,ONLY say “HI” and NOT TELL A “FRIEND” where they found such. And how “interesting” it would be to “HAVE”.

The one question I have in this IS… WHY do “WE” give each other so much information when “we” DON’T intend to do something about it!?!

I can care LESS about whether someone “likes” what I’ve presented if their next action is to be NOT to DO SOMETHING about it.

Old Charges “New” Case

27 03 2012

As of Monday March 28, 2012 the ‘revelation’ of WHY Trayvon Martin was suspended from school was identified as his “having a plastic bag with traces of MARIJUANA”.


OH-EM-GEE!!! In 2009 there were 577,712 individuals,in just twelve “STATES”, that were PRESCRIBED the “MADNESS”.


WOW, the folks attempting to “cover” their COLLECTIVE GLUTEUS MAXIMII are pulling SOMETHING out “OF” a particular somewhere. All to find a way to JUSTIFY a LYNCHING-BY-EXTREME-LEAD-POISONING! By a a self appointed KEYSTONE BLACK, er, BLOCK WATCH captain.The “Goy” that cried “WOLF” so often that the Sanford Police Department HAD him on “SPEED ANSWER”.

The “War” on drugs has had its many strange participants, before…

(…and, NOW, after. YOU might not even KNOW that every time YOU make YOUR CHILDREN “KOOL-AID” from the TAP that YOU ARE GIVING THEM A DOSE OF PROZAC

Or, maybe YOU DID ‘KNOW’ and counted ON those effects.

But, to recharge the “DRUG-ADDLED-KNEE_GROW” ruse of the “HANG-‘EM-HIGH” 1930’s and 1960’s is OUTDATED, OUTMODED,as well as OUTLANDISH.It’s interesting that for more than a half century WE celebrated the INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADORSHIP of one (HELLO, DOLLY!), Louis Armstrong who just happened to write a letter of request for the LEGALIZATION ofMarijuana to President, DWIGHT D EISENHOWER…

( )

So, the “EVIL” that Trayvon Martin carried around with him that fateful eve MUST have been sensed by George Zimmerman as that extra incentive to stop the “MADNESS” being brought into “HIS” gated community.
Let’s hear what others have to “say” about the “evils” of the “TEA” totaler…

YUP, THAT makes for a good defense of “JUSTIFIABILITY”. Oh, and by the way did YOU notice that there WASN’T a single HOODIE covering an “ULTRA-TAN” body ? AND, NO-ONE WAS FIRED UPON during the making of the video ?
————– ————— ———————

“up”date 04/11/2012:

The “FAIR”- IN- HYPE has reached an acute boil under the frying pan of “JUST-US” in the State of Florida.


“Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey plans to announce as early as Wednesday afternoon that she is charging neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin.” Wash/Post

The stage was set a lot longer ago than most realize. The “endentured” quickly had their contracts rescinded when “they” didn’t look like their employers anymore. But, when “jungle fever” produced “little” Auntie’s bodies carrying results of ‘OCTOROON’ SWOON the COVER-UP began its RACE of / to confusions. The Au LAIT wasn’t a cheer of accomplishment, it was the “PASS”-WORD to a history of disasters. The many children of mixed heritages aren’t often provided the SOCIETAL tool-sets to see WHO and what they REALLY are.They are the CHEATER’S hidden pieces on the CHESS BOARD of life and PRIDES… PURITY is the ALABASTER “LOVING” Cup the just happens to have a peculiar layer of different hues of ‘BONE’. Bleached as best as can for continued presentational purposes.

The worst scenario of this is that it lays further inroads for the possibility of the RACE WAR that the “ADOLFIAN” ARMADA has been planning to LAUNCH FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA.



A Prophet Speaks to a Deaf Audience… AGAIN

17 03 2012

It’s really NOT “funny” that so many Bloggers sit for some few minutes to tell the WORLD what they’ve witnessed, from the headline’s peep to their personal “revelations”. Today is March 17, 2012, the WORLD is still picking its collective noses while an entire NATION and region of Africa is having its citizenry EXTERMINATED. Even after these few years of acknowledgement.


The focus IS on George Clooney,as well as his former WLWC News-Caster Father who was arrested with his Son. The interesting part of the focus is that their fellow protester is Martin Luther King the Third, following in HIS Father’s consistency of SHACKLING-for-Justice tactic. ( Borrowed from Mohandas Ghandi.)
_________________________________________May 10, 2008
As I saw “IT” then…
There is a vicious rumbling around the world today and its only GETTING LOUDER. We citi/deni-zens of this, (quite disjointed actually.), UNITED STATES of AMERICA have let the driving force of our self- centered concerns remove us from the very people and countries that ARE OUR FAMILIES. No matter what the forced ‘Anglo’ history that is the prevalent, accepted “truth” of why this country became what we think it is now. WE, who are NOT able to say that our lineage has been within these boundaries of two seas for OVER A THOUSAND YEARS, are in DANGER of killing off our cousins that live on the opposite bank of the “POND”. And this can only affect us NEGATIVELY.

It’s, NOW, our scheduled time to elect the next ‘PERSON’ who we consider to be “ABLE’, (The two capitalized words should be one for HE or SHE to REPRESENT US as a COUNTRY made up of many PERSONS.), and this person must know WHO WE ARE, what we REALLY need to do, the things that LEAD US THROUGH OUR ‘PURSUIT of HAPPINESS(S). But AS people who are IMMIGRANTS from everywhere we CANNOT injure someone else to achieve it. The very beginning of this nation’s growth into its status of “Super Power” was built through the task of genocidic expansionism. The difference in this ploy, FROM colonialism, is that colonialism USES the citizenry to exploit the offender’s plundering of those PEOPLE’S wanted natural resources. CAPITALISM is an animal that, from how American business practice on CORPORATE LEVELS engage, it devours, BOTH, the resources AND the PEOPLE. Amidst our own woes, housing, jobs, health care and, of course, the PRICE OF FUEL! Be it gasoline, diesel, home heating types, electricity… On top of which “the powers that be” have included our very FOOD SOURCES. Have we heard it sooooo many times that we just ignore it until, as Martin Moeller prophesied…” THERE WAS NOBODY LEFT”? I write these thoughts only as the crazy man running around trying to get the audience to PAY ATTENTION to those who ARE delivering the message. I AM NOT the PROPHET. The ones who HAVE been WARNING us of our pending increase of sorrows have done so in some very non-threatening ways. Just this year a man that a lot of the entertainment critics have dismissed for his non Shakespearian acting abilities presented us with a glimpse of the country once called BURMA. Now called MYRANMAR we have witnessed how nature exacts its own judgement on us when we fail it and each other. Sylvester Stallone/John Rambo these men stand quite strong for what the believe. They are what they are, and you don’t have to like them. But you must respect the ways that they accomplish their job. Sylvester Stallone gave us an extremely graphic depiction of what the KAREN have lived through and, NOW, die over. On top of this we all now know that Cyclone NARGIS has killed an, estimated, EIGHTY THOUSAND PEOPLE . GONE. With FORTY THOUSAND PEOPLE MISSING.

The underlying facts of part of the devastation that happened BEFORE the cyclone can be traced to the afore mentioned CORPORATE hunger. And NATURAL GAS is its name. American, British and French gasoline companies, by the names of CONOCAL, PREMIERE and TOTAL have been ignoring the unceasing cries of a people older than European history, and may have their historic importances removed with their demise.

Another sin that the world, not only us here, is DARFUR. Euro-Christian vs. the Muslim POLITICS, not their doctrinal differences but POWER. I’d win a significant wager with 98% of the American Christian population if they took me up on the bet of : DOES THE BIBLE OR QU’RAN mention Jesus’ parents the most? I will not divulge you the answer,YOU have to do the homework. Its KNOWLEDGE will let you have a good ‘DEBATE WITH A TWELVE-YEAR- OLD at any participating TEMPLE.’ Oh, did I fail to say that the WAR in DARFUR is OIL ‘fueled’? In a WESTERN STATE? About the size of our state of TEXAS? WHAT…A…COINCIDENCE! Have you noticed that BONO hasn’t made any presence to implore the current presidency about HELPING these long suffering people? Isn’t it TIME to STOP worrying about the latest model car to spend a college tuition’s fee to drive, from a house that could be in FORECLOSURE NEXT MONTH, and spend just a little attention… care… HOW ‘BOUT SOME HUMANITY… then, there may be SOMEBODY LEFT.FREE BURMA.ORGWho will be left?


Being in Ohio is “wonderful”, we’re the State that’s given you SPEAKER-of-the-HOUSE John Boehner and HIS ‘brand’ of “accomplishments”. But, when you’ve got the Son of Nickolas Joseph Clooney, ( ), using some of the ammunitions learned from the SIXTIES, along with being “ONE-of- the-BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE” of HOLLYWOOD and TELEVISION that just HAPPENS to RISK his LIFE for “a” BELIEF, there’s the “NO CONTEST” rule that applies.
-nick-clooney-harvard-humanitarian-initiative?_s=PM:OPINION )

That’s NOT, as you (hopefully) read just MY opinion.

Developing A Killer ‘CROSSOVER’

22 02 2012

As an industry develops and grows there’s the fact that the “labor” force that saw to its growths and, sometimes, policies build and strengthen unwittingly to become its SUPPLY SIDE of “employees”. The term for this, when it’s used unfairly, at most illegally, is NEPOTISM.

In the business of SPORT we have witnessed entire GROUPS of families become the foundation of a team’s DYNASTIC evolution throughout a decade or more. An example of such is the ALOU family of BASEBALL.To give you some names: Felipe, Moises, Matty, Jesus Alou; Uncle Mel Rojas and cousin Jose Sosa. The Alou brothers of Matty, Felipe and Jesus helped make the San Francisco Giants World Champions. ( The extent of “family” begins when Baseball began.

In nearer history, the genetic Platinum that comes by “birth” may present too much responsibility tonnage.


The weight of being the “Spawn of SWEETNESS”,has been a Calf
grown too fast for Jarrett Payton, even though the SKILLS were shown in college.

The BEAUTY of being ‘blessed’ with such an “extensive” tool-set can, more times than not, be “USED” for a whole different “product line” than what the progenitor bestowed…

Ronald “Popeye” Jones played eleven years in the NBA, and is now Coaching a Development team within the league’s system. But, unlike what happens in most of these situations his Son has taken those innate abilities and walked into another “ARENA” entirely…

The SUNDAY of February 19, 2012 was “HOCKEY DAY” for the National Hockey League. As a segment of the development of the sport here, today, NBC stepped into the ‘National MANDATE’ by giving fans a glimpse of “HOW” the DIVERSITY of AMERICA can be the CATALYTIC GLUE for its continued GROWTH, and continued GREATNESS sought.

Seth Jones is in the final stages of becoming ONE “OF” the United States’ UNDER 18 National Hockey TEAM. An assembly of the BEST Young men from ALL choices from these FIFTY STATES, and 14 TERRITORIES. The U.S. Under 18 Hockey TEAM has the distinction of being WORLD CHAMPIONS for THREE CONTINUOUS CONTESTS !!! The group is in LAKE PLACID preparing to defend that TITLE. What do YOU remember about ‘unknown’ U.S. Hockey players and LAKE PLACID ? (

Whenever a skill-set is developed, then improved on, the TOOL SETS “built” to go with them must be improved also. The events that “WE KNOW” won’t CHANGE” much… But, the “way” the TOOLS are used CAN enhance the outcome of BETTER, SAFER,LONGER LASTING… “PRODUCT LINES”.

American Business:Sports and the ART of the NO-LOOK, PASS

17 02 2012

The previous post glanced at the PHENOMENA of Jeremy Lin, the young man has generated an, almost, 75% increase in Madison Square Gardens’ game/ seat ticket price demands. I wonder about the write-up in the Harvard Business Review.

The fun part of this is that by this there’s “some” remarkable OPPORTUNITY to be accomplished wherever Mr. Lin will deign his presence. Now, as a fairly inventive character I thought of how the NBA could salvage some lost revenue from their shortened season, and make a little “Stone Soup” to feed the GLOBAL VILLAGE of BASKETBALL. The following is WHO I CONTACTED via EMAIL. TWO DAYS have passed and there have been NO RETURNS.

I began with the thought of the City of New York touting itself as the “capitol OF”, including the knowledge that the KNICKS’ offices were very close to David Stern’s DIAS. A little research gave me the clue of the Knicks playing the Indiana Pacers the evening of MARCH SEVENTEENTH, TWO-THOUSAND TWELVE!?! Oh MY ! So I send the email suggesting this… GREEN long-sleeved T-Shirts with a nod to Jeremy’s heritage, ( the ‘Chinese’ NUMBER for luck is the number 8 Lin wears the two digit version of 17, wow, that “looks” coincidental.), and the inclusion of the world’s first, or second,largest St. Patrick’s Day PARADE held in a “single” location, NEW YORK. More than likely the television networks will “oblige” the viewership in ASIA. The “GOLDEN SPIKE’ of this is that Europe gets “its” bow because of the inherent fiestiness of IRELAND. Tie all this in with…

“EIR-LIN go BRAGH” EMBLAZONED ACROSS THE WEARER’S SHOULDERS, and “you” have an INTERNATIONAL “LOVE”-fest that, even, includes ‘faith’ with the “FAITHFUL”…

I equate this to the vision of “Mini-ME” winning the SLAM-DUNK contest over SPUD WEBB.

The second THGIL BLUB to go nova is a tribute to New York’s Asian populace, OLD and new. Tea IS so much an association that I called upon the HARNEY’S* via the electronic vellum…
“LIN-CHAI TEA”: a little citrus, (Lin IS a STATE CHAMPION “beach-boy”.), a GREAT CHAI BASE TEA, ( Harney’s was at the TOP of listings for the “BEST CHAI TEA MAKERS IN NYC”.), a “waft” / “BITE” of a good Chinese ‘spice/ pepper’, finishing this ‘draught’ with three tiny bits of STEVIA for the lilt of sweetness.* The “Asian” purveyors called didn’t want anything to do with my call, asking if I wanted to order some Tea. Oh well.

Well, NO RETURN, yet. Though the NBA did send the CURSORY “Thank You, for…” without acknowledging the idea itself. Of course, NOT! That would mean that there’d have to be some sort of credit given.

I requested NO such thing. These ideas were ‘given’ as a “Here, take this and DO SOMETHING to help THIS COUNTRY get some COMMERCE returned …TO “THE PEOPLE”.