… customed chords

16 07 2014

“Business Acumen”. Once upon a time… The PEOPLES that came to this part of the world WERE “the TIRED, the POOR, those TEAMING to be FREE”. Now, as their “great-great” grand-children have “winnowed” a life from the wallet pockets of whomever they can the cry of “foul” from their lips is the bloody finger pointing at THE VICTIM. The “middle” CLASS,  (“ Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. Class, [http://www.exploringnature.org/db/detail.php?dbID=87&detID=1192], being the “basic” identification.), is/ HAS gone the way of the DODO, the uniquenesses of what “they” were IS GONE. The year that Corporations became a “PERSON” meant that a ‘smart’ crook could hide within / behind a LAW that disables the “common good” of BEING ABLE TO PROVIDE for one’s “LIFE”, (the essentials: good food, shelter,etc.), without having to make the day’s wages be used within the ‘HOUR’.

The Jobs report told the “BEIGE FALSEHOOD” of folk having the ability to make the smaller parts of “THE DREAM” be able to be assembled, especially after the, STILL being PROSECUTED, banking community turning to newer ways of “BARNUMIZATION”. Small businesses have been bagging and, tagging the newly “aged” by using the “old-style” work ETHIC cloned to the dollar on a fishing line way of work place assignment, ( 40+ miles: to/ from.), for a (slightly) less than equal of weekly hours. (And, “WE” wonder why people live like “they” do.)

I do believe that the time HAS arrived that “OF THE… BY THE… FOR THE” is overdue. AND, that “WE” who CAN, SHOULD “enable” the “market” to provide BETTER FARE/ FAIR.


please do pardon
as I pass you by
I’m not affording simple
even as your “failure”
I’m past your “college” try
no matter how
the change of “right”
your gaslight is too dim
protecting that which
is more than sham
there’s no support for glitch
the “family” business
but your cirque
to swallow more than sword
how much longer
will you weave these yarns
until YOUR neck encounters
falsehood’s customed chords



… “meek” cull herd

9 04 2014



These are TRULY sad days that we’re RAISING ‘children’ in. THANKS to the I-POD, and its various iterations by others, the youth of “this” Nation  ARE “self-controlling” the age population they’re a part of…

Driving while TEXTING,



(https://www.google.com/#q=people+hit+by+train+wearing+headphones&spell=1), [ GOTO: images, if you dare.]

The bizarre re-wiring of what ‘we’ used to call ETHICS, 


where the THOUGHT of making an “all” encompassing decision FOR one’s SELF, AND OTHERS, IS the core of their being PART of THIS ‘SOCIETY’ / WORLD .

We have no record of the TYPES of grotesques elicited by the Phoenician or, Roman youth for their new technical distractions. (YES, there IS record of their ways of doing so when as Soldiers, as those with Alexander, the ‘Great’ .). As you “read” that ‘SCHOOL’ “massacres” have been of record in these United States of America since the “mid’ 1700’s.  So, with the increase of population and, decrease of concentrated distances, there IS “going” to be “such”.

Of the ‘BULLIED’ there WILL be more REPRISALS for THEIR ACTIONS. “COLLATERAL” DAMAGES   WON’T be just for the “INJURED” in the physical form! Those that go to the site later WILL be reminded of the TERRORS INFLICTED for some time. AND, WHAT will BE the secret “seething(s)” OF THAT TIME and, place? When the plethora of “FIGHTING” / WAR “GAMES”, ( TUTORIALS! ), HAVE taught so many the ART of ending LIFE,  HOW MANY MORE will become statistically abhorrent before there is a CORRECTION to THE PROGRAM” !?!


just why this “growth”
from “frail and meek”
beware you bullies
of whom you “seek”

the problem with
their very snap
is you don’t hear
the thunderclap

they’ve learned a “craft”
by electronic Sensei
by time you’ve noticed
they’re well “on way”

and “parents” you’re NOT
“off the hook”
HAVEN’T took

so as your “pods” feed
what they’ve learned
remember these “times”
as “meek” cull herd


THIS IS NOT how “they” are to “INHERIT  the EARTH”!


18 03 2014

… to a “RE-GIFTING” to an evil “cinder-claws”.




There’ve been many articles and opinions brought to OUR minds, through the varied avenues there are. This morning I went to see a friend whose Grandson greeted me with his CBS: This Morning interpretation of what “OBAMA” should be doing about Crimea  / Russia. He’s THIRTEEN YEARS OLD and in the sixth grade. He only “knows” what BITS, ( fragmented  and, TAINTED at best.), are current… Not what HAS FORMED-FORMULATED-FORMENTED the scenarios as they are BECOMING.

It is BEST for YOU to just READ these posts “out of RUSSIA” to witness the differences in WHAT you are being fed during your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. “WE, THE PEOPLE, MOST LIKELY, CAN listen to protect a DISTANT RELATIVE.

Make  SURE that you don’t forget to see: MOST READ.

… adapt for overcome

28 02 2014

What’s to say of the “World” today?  ANYONE can stand before “the crowd’ to fan out a “SHOE” of events that ARE affecting all “SIX DEGREES” of “our” section. Ideologies that favor hates. ‘Faiths’ that ignore their first edicts… OR “TEN”. “Leaderships” awash in the corporeal rape of their own CITIZENRY.

The “ENOUGH” needs to be enacted. If only by / for “THE SELF”, the rebuilding of HUMANITY IS so far OVERDUE that these “nexts” will have reverted into technologically gifted marionettes… ambulatory ‘PUNCH and JUDY(S)’.

Hope(FULLY) there is a SOME-“ONE” / ‘thing’ that can / will turn these futures into, “SUCCESS”.


the adjustments stack so many
with a mind quite over-run
of my thoughts worth more than penny
computations scream check some

strangely there is no compunction
to erase the ugly scores
it’s the adapting to conjunctions
that makes forgiveness such a chore

with the wait watch woo woe strictures
difficulties too replete
viewing Adolph Rohrschack’s pictures
makes for hover o’er delete

like the ridge that caused such heartbreak
enemies need over-run
but a good thought needs more intake
adjust the adapt for overcome

… the best “code” trace

1 01 2014

The ARROGANCE of those that can count without their fingers or, read with unmoving lips, is a show of just how much has been lost of “OUR” individual traits handed through the “slow” process of the NECESSITIES of LEARNING EXPERIENCES. ONE CANNOT be “SURE” of something that HAS NOT had the PROVEN events of testing through TIME and TRIAL, “trial” being the NEGATIVE bombardments of usage and IMPLEMENTATION VARIANCES. The newest (RICH KIDS) on the block are those that HAVE found that ” the more bread one has, the less “crap”  they have to taste to ingest.”  Mattering nothing, to them, that the trail of destruction will have enough entropic momentum to intersect the path that THEY believe will keep them “above” the “whatever”. The sadder fact IS that the “MONEY-CHANGERS”, ( a very proper term in that these folk are allowed to create a “VALUE” ALCHEMY that excludes REAL VALUES of ‘common’ exchange.), stand behind BORROWED CURTAINS practicing their “fiscal emperor’s attire” while their investors pretend to not notice.


the [GENIUS] ‘child’

has gone BUCK WILD

“personhood” DEFILED

a Species soon reviled


deny biological

a tainted philosophical

global neighbor’s laughable

and yet so often sought

gold gadgets souled when bought

too many’s stolen thoughts

growth’s consequences wrought

in time a [“MENTAT‘S”] place

may save some Human’s Race

be bred for brightness’ grace

DNA the best “code” trace

“We” Were Standing At the Door

8 11 2012

I’ve been on a “poetry” binge of late, the windiness to point isn’t with me at the moment.
The national election has raised the rate of racism to a level that may ruin the PROMISE made at COLOSSUS by EMMA LAZARUS. An example of such is that I was helping a neighbor get the front porch ready for winter, his sister was getting ready to leave. To get my attention she called “Hey! BUCKWHEAT!”… I PROMPTLY told her that she was out of line and that ANY further IGNORANCE would find her brother looking for way LESSER help. When I turned to the post election plethora I found appropriate ammunition to base the following on.

“WE” Were Standing At the Door…

we were standing at the door
suspendered breeches adept de’cor
you called us here but, not a peep
the neighbors told us you’d been asleep

but, of those morns when we walked by
nods of disdain no cordial “HI!”
you speak of Lincoln, Strom was there too
you sell us “porch folk”, humble pie after our stew

you guard the coffers collusion, theft
Ms. Lazarus’ COLOSSUS, now bereft
the cold you winter by southern rent
faith’s JOY,December, now discontent

so WE chose leader of Nestle’ brown
he promised change not trickled down
if compromise could offer more
WE’D still be standing AT the door

It appears that Allen West forgot WHICH DOOR to use.

Dusting Off the CHILD’S NAME

26 10 2012

I’ve been a part of this NATION’S ‘job market’ since the age of FIFTEEN, completely taxable since TWENTY. And, YES(!), there ARE “GAPS” where the “GRAY-PORT” Market provided essentials for the “day-to-day”. But, after high school, in 1972, since the year 1975 I’ve held an “income” productive task, clear up until 2009. That’s when the incidental insanities of ’emotional’ and chemical had to be eradicated.AND, I DID SO. The year of 2004 saw my spending a year at the SALVATION ARMY Adult Rehabilitation Center located in Columbus, Ohio. ONE of the changes I made was to PROUDLY adopt the never uttered “CHRISTENED” verbal identifier of what was the FIRST written on my Birth certificate… D’Ellis.( there IS no correction in ANY dictionary!)
Now, since THAT moment,the considerations of obtaining a RETURN-OF-PHONE-CALL, let lone the RECOGNITION that SOMEONE had gotten my RESUME’, has been leaner than a BULIMIC switching to being a “BREATHAIRIAN”,(http://breatharian.info/).

SO, I did what any other alms considering blogger would do… I ASKED the electronic ether of “GOOGLE-DAMIA” and found the REASON why as my “mommy’s” little “RICKY”, (OH, did I tell you that I was born during when “I LOVE LUCY” would be showing? I’m told that it was Wednesdays at 9, Oh-something. My first YAWP was at 9:18p.m..), could “always” find something to mke an end get closer.

As I careened through the articles the fact hit me of I HAD NO problem obtaining even the chintziest job with the child’s moniker of Rick, ( It’s weird that when most kids P.O. their parents they get called by their ENTIRE canonical I.D.s. Me, i guess the divorce really WAS FINAL, MOM would ONLY blare RICKY(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at a short “mini-gun” burst with her timbre raising like the barrel of an A-1-A Colt Service Automatic Side-Arm.( I got laughed “at” for other reasons.) There IS NO Government agency that HAS SPELLED my FIRST name CORRECTLY.NOT in, going on 60 years.

And, then I find that “JUST” because my name SOUNDS FOREIGN that the LINEN / EURO-HERITAGED HR departments have to “EVELYN WOOD” their way through ALL the BUSHED, and BELEAGUERED job seekers that don’t have INNOVATIVE parents.The following is the SYNOPSIS of what was found…

Truth Be Told…


How an ethnic-sounding name may affect the job hunt Add to …
The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Nov. 17 2011, 7:15 PM EST

Even if the résumé clearly addresses such concerns of hiring managers, “sometimes they can’t shake that first reaction,” he said. “And that can be the difference in deciding not to contact that very qualified person for an interview.”
It’s an underlying reason for a common complaint from immigrants to Canada that they never hear back from prospective employers, even when they are applying for jobs that precisely match their expertise. In fact, the results suggest that a foreign-sounding name alone can put even Canadian-raised and educated job applicants out of the running for a job, Dr. Oreopoulos said.
The study (titled “Why do some employers prefer to interview Matthew, but not Samir?”) found that English-speaking employers in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver – who should have an awareness of the diversity of talent in the work force, given their city’s multicultural populations – are about 40 per cent more likely to choose to interview a job applicant with an English-sounding name than someone with an ethnic name, even if both candidates have identical education, skills and work histories.
The researchers sent out more than 7,000 hypothetical résumés to hiring managers at companies in the three cities that had advertised jobs requiring that applicants have a bachelor’s degree and fluency in English. The positions covered a number of professional fields.
For 25 per cent of the résumés, the fictitious applicants were given English-sounding names such as Carrie Martin and Greg Johnson, with relevant Canadian undergraduate degrees and Canadian experience at three previous jobs.
The researchers found that those applications were 35 per cent to 40 per cent more likely to be contacted by employers than the second 25 per cent of the résumés which were identical, except that the supposed applicants had Chinese-, Indian- or Greek-sounding names.”…



P/ February 11, 2009, 8:28p.m.
‘Black’ Names A Resume Burden?
…”Two recent papers from the Cambridge-based National Bureau of Economic Research draw somewhat different conclusions about whether a black name is a burden. One, an analysis of the 16 million births in California between 1960 and 2000, claims it has no significant effect on how someone’s life turns out.

The other, however, suggests a black-sounding name remains an impediment to getting a job. After responding to 1,300 classified ads with dummy resumes, the authors found black-sounding names were 50 percent less likely to get a callback than white-sounding names with comparable…”
…”White names got about one callback per 10 resumes; black names got one per 15. Carries and Kristens had call-back rates of more than 13 percent, but Aisha, Keisha and Tamika got 2.2 percent, 3.8 percent and 5.4 percent, respectively. And having a higher quality resume, featuring more skills and experience, made a white-sounding name 30 percent more likely to elicit a callback, but only 9 percent more likely for black-sounding names.
Even employers who specified “equal opportunity employer” showed bias, leading Mullainathan to suggest companies serious about diversity must take steps to confront even unconscious biases – for instance, by not looking at names when first evaluating a resume.”…


Christine Tam, ctvbc.ca

Published Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011 12:17PM PDT
According to a new Canada-wide study from Simon Fraser University, applicants with ethnic-sounding names are less likely to get a call back from potential employers.

Employers discriminate against ethnic names: study

“Researchers sent thousands of resumes to online job postings in Canadian cities for the study, which was conducted by the Metropolis British Columbia Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Diversity.

The results showed that employers favoured resumes from applicants with English-sounding names over ethnic and international-sounding names. Researchers said the discrimination greatly affects an immigrant’s ability to succeed in the labour market.

“We found that there is significant discrimination by name, ethnicity and city of experience,” says Krishna Pendakur, co-director of Metropolis. “Employers in cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver significantly discriminate against applicants with common Indian and Chinese names, relative to English names.”



Ethnic names and interviews/hiring in law jobs
Started by almostnot, Nov 18 2011 01:16 AM

Posted 18 November 2011 – 01:16 AM
I’m wondering if anyone has come across a study similar to the one conducted by this UofT researcher:

You may have a string of prestigious degrees and years of experience in Canada, but potential employers may never get that far into your résumé if your name sounds foreign, a new study has found.

An underlying reason appears to be subconscious discrimination, the researchers suggest.

On that NOTE,(That WOULD be a BASS,(BASE), F for THE MELTING POT.), I DO believe that I’ll just HAVE TO make these ‘potential’ employers realize that THIRTY-SOME-ODD-YEARS in ONE INDUSTRY WASN’T accomplished in French Guiana! I mean, look at what the “white wevwend” Jim Jones did to all the American “NEGROES” HE hired to start HIS church down there.