… end of “Play”

19 07 2014

What “IS” has been before. The insanity of “POWER”, ‘Pride’, CONTROLLING those that had only sought to be able to trade for those things that make for “LIVING” less a struggle. “POLICY” is the ROULETTE WHEEL that MANY forget IS controlled from BEHIND that ‘smiling’ face.


the Bear attempts

to feed more “cubs”

by holding backs of heads

with manicured precisions

of former glories dreads

To stalk a yard

without the deed

in neighborless delights

is making sure that futures

are seeded by great blights

But same is said of Eagles

the Lion cannot hide

and Dragons slumbers

have been cut short

so neither can make chide

The “story’s” told by every tongue

the ears may turned away

but when the “flock” arrives to roost

who’ll bow at end of “play”


From D’Ellis To Deepak: My INTENT

18 03 2010

Dear Mr. Chopra,

I write to YOU specifically today as I cannot entrust my idea to just be used for advertising. I DO understand that for a Lake to fill a single drop of rain must fall.But, there must also be a basin to gather and hold the many that join it… the many that will travel together as a stream.

Your daughter, Mallika has been given your gift of insight and concern. Through ‘Pepsi-Refresh’ their choice for health ambassador could not have been more fitting. My reason for this open scribe to you is that there is an idea that is larger than the Pepsi provided basin and I’d like to contact one who would know of such.

Since this company gives a certain protection against intellectual theft I hope that there are enough that respect the importance of what they’ll read here.

Simply put Imagine that someone could wear a timepiece that gave them the reading of the current “hour”, but also the current “future” hour. The reading of TIME SURVIVED, like those who’ve stopped their ‘substance abuses’. Or, better yet, those who’ve gained a REMISSION from the devastation of the various Cancers, or Any other malady. Imagine such a tool for the coming revelers participating at the WORLD CUP Soccer matches… I here that the South African government has contemplated Legalizing PROSTITUTION for this LUCRETIVE “moment”. There IS something to aid the combating of this/ these. The question is whether some ONE, or, something will STEP UP without an implementation being coupled to an advertising budget.

Things ARE in place to get this project into the essential “speeds” that can carry it to those that need it. The hold up is that there isn’t enough backing, financial or recognitional, to create its physical existence. THAT is why I’ve risked writing you in this OPEN forum.

You’ve become your own institution, do you have enough psychic acreage to annex to a new vintner ?

To any of you who read this. IF you’ve a knowledge of sending the word of this post’s existance to Deepak Chopra please don’t hesitate to do so. Many will thank and bless you for your doing so, especially D’Ellis.

A Response to Njoroge Wachai

29 01 2009

From the POSTAL GLOBE: [Africa calls to Her SON.] A journalist calls out to a “close” relative for help and guidance.

Dear SIR, I use the term “sir” for the etymology of the term: a shortening of the formal address ‘SIRE’, meaning Father, Pater, etc.. As you have brought the fact so prominently to the foreground in your terse to President Obama, YES, we who need no time in a tanning bed are to consider “OUR” progenitorial homeland of Africa.

Mr. Wachai, after so many years of this type of “life-style” how is it that the populations of Mother Africa have NOT stopped this themselves ? Why do so many of her SONS BOW to the false strength of serving greed instead of serving their FAMILIES ? We, your STOLEN cousins, constantly read of how the “pride” of manhood dictates that “when he stands to honor his desire”, [Wrap\’t Scallions], that if it is NOT for CONTINUING the bloodline that clothing itself for “a better day” is unnecessary, (Thus the ATROCITIES of HIV/AIDS !). Couple that with the “sociological immolations” of Soldiers killing future societies through the practice of RAPE, [ Pick a country.] and sexual disfigurements […With MALICE of forethought.] being blanketed on their only source of continuing a nation. These are the sources of misused “power”. We, here, suffer the same type of societal deficiencies but attribute them to a “GANG”. I imagine that is what our race is prone to… “TRIBE” before all. It should be better, but until the continent removes this greatest of progress negating practices the “Pack” mentality will always destroy the BEAUTY that Africa will ALWAYS offer.

With these generational underpinnings that continually prop up those who finally “reach” the top of the “Order”, what do you suggest that President Obama install as a “first action” so that GRACE and BEAUTY return to the people of AFRICA ? So that THEY may, again and still, mirror one of creation’s greatest works of natural ART ?

As it should be.

As it should be.

The Call’s Been Given

20 11 2008


December 1, 2008 is the date that should reverberate in the minds and fingers of every blogger in the world ! IT is [WHAT WILL you do to STOP HIV/AIDS !?!] and if the future is going to be free of this curse then WE Must ALL lift not only our voices, but our CHARACTER to fight and win against this disease.

The frightening issue of HIV/AIDS is the fact that the most influential nations of this Earth have done little to eschew the ignorance of one of the ugliest killers known to man today.

With that salvo I want to drop a little knowledge into your spheres of conscienceless.The world organizing body of ‘Football’/’Soccer’ have chosen the nation of SOUTH AFRICA to show off the confederation’s cup in the year 2010. 3,000,000 people from anywhere on this planet are expected to show for the matches between BRAZIL, ITALY, EGYPT, NEW ZEALAND, SPAIN, IRAQ, U.S.A. and Host Nation: REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA. Where-in lies this proverbial “RUB”. It has been reported that officials of the city of DURBIN,SOUTH AFRICA have requested that the LEGALIZATION OF PROSTITUTION be allowed for the lucrative monetary exchanges that WILL “raise” its greedy ‘little’ head during the MONTH LONG TESTOSTERONE “FILLED” international challenges. Host cities PRETORIA/TSHWANE, MANGUNG/BLOEMFONTEIN, RUSTENBURG and JOHANNESBURG will most likely have similar legislative initiatives “raised” so that the inevitable “PAN-ORAMA” may have some modicum of “CON-trol”. [Durbin, South Africa : TURNING ON THE RED LIGHTS.]

This exercise of bi-pedal dexterity and ART takes place every two or so years and with the recognized length of time that the world has known of HIV/AIDS just how many more have been infected by POLITICAL ” OVER-SIGHT” ? This blogger has already entered into a fray that many of the world’s prominent ‘leadership’ have chosen to overlook. [Mr. Mandella\’s staff don\’t read what\’s written on their sites.] [We\’re ALL running out of TIME.]

Since the sport of Football/Soccer is also an Olympic event I looked at what the representation of each of the five coloured rings could mean to those that may read our thoughts on this December FIRST,the Two-Thousand and Eighth year of the Gregorian calendar…

BLUE = PARTICIPATION: Like in TRUTH, friendship, CARING about, the hue of a sun filled day.

BLACK = EXCELLENCE: The gradient of RICH EARTH (for growing FOOD), the backdrop so that we can see outside ourselves to other worlds.


YELLOW = COMPETITION: As in how many people on this planet can we entice to challenge another to prevent a friend or stranger to not give or receive this terrible VIRUS.

GREEN = UNITY : Exactly what the folks at BLOGGER have asked of each of US, to get ON our board and attempt to find a/ ‘THE’ KEY to help put an end to just One of HUMANITY’S FAILINGS TO ITSELF.

No matter what happens to any ONE of us, because we’ve done our deed as a group others WILL have to PAY ATTENTION, BECAUSE without attention to this detail we could lose the world.

If you have read this article and have returned or told a friend here’s an “up-date” piece:[It\’s happening ALL OVER THE WORLD.] or two [One BILLION People to choose from.], but then again, [The French aren\’t tickled about HIV/AIDS.], once, and again [John\’s no-BULL about AIDS.]

And as the day has received its needed recognitions even outgoing U.S. President George W. Bush has been doing something POSITIVE in the battle against HIV/AIDS. [He made up some ground here.]