… end of “Play”

19 07 2014

What “IS” has been before. The insanity of “POWER”, ‘Pride’, CONTROLLING those that had only sought to be able to trade for those things that make for “LIVING” less a struggle. “POLICY” is the ROULETTE WHEEL that MANY forget IS controlled from BEHIND that ‘smiling’ face.


the Bear attempts

to feed more “cubs”

by holding backs of heads

with manicured precisions

of former glories dreads

To stalk a yard

without the deed

in neighborless delights

is making sure that futures

are seeded by great blights

But same is said of Eagles

the Lion cannot hide

and Dragons slumbers

have been cut short

so neither can make chide

The “story’s” told by every tongue

the ears may turned away

but when the “flock” arrives to roost

who’ll bow at end of “play”




say sump'in n'telligent!

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