… while they’re still here

16 02 2014

Just how long will it take for this WORLD to recognize those that HAVE an INNATE / INTRINSIC,(  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/intrinsic), gift to “see”  what IS being removed from HUMANITY’S  Societies, Thoughts, and RELATIONSHIPS? AND, HAVE a catalyst for a “restoration”?

For these Sixty years I’ve been ‘told’ that “caring” is worthless, unless done by societal “norms’. Those “norms” treat ALL as CURRENCY, most as “LUCRE”,(http://www.thefreedictionary.com/lucre), to be used for unsavory events. As the time of “living” is getting to the time of “preparing for” HAS BEEN getting more challenging I notice that (even) my ‘seed’ has chosen the path of ACRIDITY.

With this I have withdrawn from trying to be ANYTHING to them, as they’ve been mis-educated into being the crassness that I’ve WORKED TOO HARD to WITHDRAW FROM .

When this article gathered my attention, ( http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/16/opinion/sunday/kristof-professors-we-need-you.html?_r=0), I thought about HOW the FEW, that actually TRY to bring the BETTER of SOCIETAL GOLDS, ARE being savagely “winnowed” from a position that they DO BEST SERVE. This is a severe melanoma racing through THIS WORLD.

The problem is that too many stick dirty, foreign objects into the “wound”, instead of cleaning and dressing it.


what you call “love”
is but greed’s
attempted access
to use to get
is all that’s understood
if it’s not yours
to “have” then
it’s not worthy
the pain that’s caused
is “sheltered” ‘hind a hood

you’re here because
there was someone thinking “what-if”
the genes aligned poorly
to something without care
enabled with the minimums
of “HUMAN”
it’s hard to lose
a child while they’re still “here”




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