… still you bet

13 01 2014



(Beowulf (Beowulf_TheKing) on Twitter

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Why did I include Beowulf with the political offal? Because it is a prime example of how misinformed “WE” have “allowed” ourselves to be tricked, cajoled, enticed and BEATEN into. The folks that have made it their BUSINESS in CONTROLLING the lives of those that WILL ‘LET’ them DO SUCH are in the process of finding out how far they can take “IT” TO and FROM the lot of “US”. The problem with this is that the “LOTS” are enthralled with the visages of the carnage. SALT is what’s causing the bloating of apathy within the daily actions that move this, (and OTHER) nation/ governments into the morass they continue to be sucked into. All by the help of the MONIED, Corporate educated, and “DUNCIFIED” group of children and, grand-children of those who spent the 1960’s and 1970’s smoking “TAILOR-MADE Tobacco”… which is, NOW, being sold legally.

The term [MANSLAUGHTER] might have IT’S name raised during the ‘investigation’ of WHO ordered the closing of traffic lanes on THE GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIDGE . That type of political “wrist slap” might slow the  incumbent’s “fluffers” a “bit”. But, since more of the ‘elected’ ARE of the JURIS DOCTORATE DOCKETS the “post-[P’OWN-MENT]” of public trial is most HIGHLY unlikely.

Beneath are my thoughts on the situation…


oh what dangerous
webs they weave
to con your vote
dis-serve, deceive
the practice of
the science too
to shackle lives
your rights eschew
the bluster sharp
the rhetoric canned
don’t touch your eyes
after the shake of hand
the school of snake oils
post grad of smarm
lipsticks on piglets
great snake’s old charm
yet choose them often
that’s all you get
for asses frosted
but, still you bet




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