5 10 2013

Having recently been ‘terminated’ “for… ( Order inconsequential.)…
“Talking to the rail crews, ( being transported.), about the “safety” of company vehicles”. This WOULD be difficult to give a “NEGATIVE” about such, since I HAD NO ACCIDENTS during the Nine Month tenure with… I HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOF of comments directed TO A MOMENT “OF”, UNPROMPTED by MYSELF but of a Potentially SERIOUS moment.

“Inappropriate Touching”: (of a Female employee.) After being driven HOME by TWO Female Co-Workers  the joking had prompted me to Leave these FRIENDS like a “Grandfather” sending away LITTLE GIRLS to return to their “dolls”, by PINCHING them on their FACIAL CHEEKS. ONE of which made the accusation, the OTHER finding NEW EMPLOYMENT AFTER denying the weight of the charge.

Lastly, and the “KY” on their “ESCAPE ROPE”,is the “someone(s)” in “supervisory position(s) that DELIBERATELY FAILED to REPORT ‘the ,(STATE MANDATED ), CLAIM of an EMPLOEE INJURY CORROBERATED  throughout the ‘H.R. Department. I “believe” that THIS WOULD BE “A” Fraudulent ACTION.

SO, if anyone of the offenders recognizes themselves… “THE NAMES of the ‘GUILTY'” are  “open for speculation”. And, YES, OF COURSE(!), There is a small “flow” to staple the thought in a MIND…

I’m CLEARLY done

with “those” like YOU

that believe above

the wrongs they DO

to live as rife


selecting BLINDNESS

to what they “see”

the causes

that you, sickly craft

while telling ‘world’

I’m “HE” that’s “daft”

yet, there’s this “TOME”

of WISDOMS great

that clearly prove






say sump'in n'telligent!

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