10 09 2013


1.) http://www.vancouversun.com/White+Rock+jogger+looked+right+missed+train+left/8668730/story.html

2.) http://www.vancouversun.com/White+Rock+jogger+looked+right+missed+train+left/8668730/story.html

3.) http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/stcharles/arnold-teen-listening-to-earbuds-killed-by-train-in-wentzville/article_978d81f7-0006-5360-b2c1-63b2a6fee1b4.html

Teen critical after being hit by train in Ohio
August 29, 2013
Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A 16-year-old boy is in critical condition in a Columbus hospital after being struck by a train in Marion.

Police say Tyler Kinney was hit just after 8 p.m. Wednesday in an area of Marion where there are four train tracks.

Marion Police Lt. Jon Shaffer tells The Columbus Dispatch (bit.ly/17l89TI) that the teen was struck while waiting for a train to pass. He was wearing headphones and apparently didn’t notice another train on the track behind him.

Information from: The Columbus Dispatch, http://www.dispatch.com

GONE are the days of “just” having fun while strolling the cross-ties of some RAILROAD tracks. This ISN’T a scripted scene from the movie “Stand By Me”.

The NOISE CANCELLING headphones purchased by “well… meaning” parents; worn by “THIRTY”, and UNDERS so that their latest tunes can be played with the volume adjusted to ELEVEN. And “won’t” disturb those in a HECTRE’S proximity.
One of the interesting facts of “community planning” is that ACCESS/ RIGHT of WAY to most of a CITY/ TOWN/ VILLAGE’S varied important structures follow previously established TOPOGRAPHICAL routes. Highways and Train TRACKS ARE, often, within a few hundred metres of the other. “Main thoroughfares” within a ‘Burg’ are where Stores, Theatres, ‘Eateries’… AND SCHOOLS are located ON, ( Or, VERY NEAR!).

The news article from the Associated Press tells the reader that the young man ‘lived’… even though HE WAS HIT SO HARD that HIS SHOES STAYED exactly where HE WAS HIT.

There are reports of school goers as young as the SIXTH GRADE using the “OPEN” routings of “CASEY JONES'” work corridors in their getting to class. Even though there had been fencing put in place to deter them. ( The links have continually been cut by someone “NEEDING” the access-way.)

The sadder part of someone “having” to write their concern of someone else’ offspring is that certain school officials have been contacted so that this COULD be done “as QUIETLY as POSSIBLE”… a week on and ‘PRINCIPAL(S)’ haven’t ventured to recontact to the provided email address. Even so, HIND-SIGHT IS always 20/20… especially when the “hind” is within one’s extremely close ownership. It would be a shame for a student, or two, to be gotten “off track” due to “ANOTHER” type of inability to TAKE NOTICE of A DANGEROUS SITUATION.

The last thing I can use to illuminate this is that you, who read this, I ask… ( kinda similar to “A Time To Kill’s” defense summary.)…
IMAGINE that you are driving 420 TONNES of machinery via enough electrical energy to power 2000 homes for a MONTH, traveling at 35 miles per hour, ( SCHOOL’S IN… DUE, THE MATH.), YOU see a “figure” a MILE away, blow the horn, yet the “figure” DOESN’T notice. Though the BRAKES are engaged your vehicle travels another TWO miles past the point where that “figure” DISAPPEARED…

(all you noticed was a BOOK BAG gaining height.)… And, it’s YOUR CHILD’S BIRTHDAY PARTY that you’re going to after you get off shift.

Railroaders seldom gift their children with such “NAPALMS”.
_______________________________”Up”-date 09/17/2013:
Tyler Kinney isn’t in the news anymore, word is that he has passed. The hope is that this is false since there has been NO further information. The sadder part of this is that Tyler’s parents are reported to be Christian EDUCATORS…




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