“We” Were Standing At the Door

8 11 2012

I’ve been on a “poetry” binge of late, the windiness to point isn’t with me at the moment.
The national election has raised the rate of racism to a level that may ruin the PROMISE made at COLOSSUS by EMMA LAZARUS. An example of such is that I was helping a neighbor get the front porch ready for winter, his sister was getting ready to leave. To get my attention she called “Hey! BUCKWHEAT!”… I PROMPTLY told her that she was out of line and that ANY further IGNORANCE would find her brother looking for way LESSER help. When I turned to the post election plethora I found appropriate ammunition to base the following on.

“WE” Were Standing At the Door…

we were standing at the door
suspendered breeches adept de’cor
you called us here but, not a peep
the neighbors told us you’d been asleep

but, of those morns when we walked by
nods of disdain no cordial “HI!”
you speak of Lincoln, Strom was there too
you sell us “porch folk”, humble pie after our stew

you guard the coffers collusion, theft
Ms. Lazarus’ COLOSSUS, now bereft
the cold you winter by southern rent
faith’s JOY,December, now discontent

so WE chose leader of Nestle’ brown
he promised change not trickled down
if compromise could offer more
WE’D still be standing AT the door

It appears that Allen West forgot WHICH DOOR to use.