27 09 2012

…Just DON’T “go DOWN”.

AH, And YES, Ladies and Gentlemen it’s time, AH-GIN, for another round of “GUESS WHAT THEY WERE thinking?”

The fine folk of the STATE of ARIZONA have come up with another extraordinary MARKETING technique that WASTES NOTHING, except the future HEALTH of the ENVIRONMENT.


Arizona “SNOWBOWL” ski resort owner, Eric Borowsky, has decided that all the brew-ha-ha about global warming “just” may have a bit of MERIT. So, he decided to expand the available area of recreation “SNOW” skiing and make ARTIFICIAL SNOW,( even though the State IS amid a SEVERE DROUGHT.), to cover the lack of natural frozen water crystals that the season requires.

BUT! The ‘UNIQUE” way of achieving this is BY the use OF SEWAGE (!) WATER proported to be “safe”.

“It hired Catherine R. Propper, a scientist and professor at Northern Arizona University, who found that Flagstaff’s water contains endocrine-disrupting chemicals, or EDCs, including hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants, pharmaceuticals and steroids.

“We don’t know what effect freezing and thawing is going to have on the chemical compounds,” she said. “We don’t know what UV is going to do to them. Some of the compounds will bind to the soil; some will get into the aquifers. It is a very complicated system that we know very little about.”

WOW! This makes “ME” ‘want’ to spend Fifteen-THOUSAND dollars on some “PRISTINE POWDER”,and a nice drink of HOT “CHOCOLATE” after…

SO, to ALL YA’LL that has a hankerin’ to get yer “SHUSH’ on, remember to keep yer mouth shut when a wave of “golden” crystals is spayed yer direction…

The BRIGHT GOLDEN HUE ISN’T OL’ SOL paintin’ yer path. It’s BUDWEISER.




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