29 08 2012

Yes, young folks, the elder “spatesmen” of the PACHYDERM PRIDE have painted the picture of President Obama “fairly” inept.There IS a SERIOUS lack of EMPLOYMENT.The jobs that ARE out there ARE being offered to those ALREADY on the company payroll, so the company just offers THEM that infinitesimal part-time job …AS OVERTIME, no extra paperwork, etc. But that company complains of the extra outgo to their bottom line.When that’s a GOVERNMENT entity that equates to BLOWN BUDGETS that AREN’T getting met. BECAUSE of the ADDITIONAL OVERTIME!

The GOP has paraded someone that, in a “historical” scenario, would be one of the SLAVES that a Harriet Tubman would have accepted to be lead to the North, NOT knowing that the “YELLAH GAL” he’d been suffering over was actually the OCTAROON DAUGHTER of the Plantation owner who’d received enough TRINKETS to ignore the plight of the rest.She’s convinced this man to BETRAY any, and ALL others. Him NOT knowing of the “MARK”, to the others, he’d become.

This may seem far fetched to you, but another, RECENT example IS well documented. That would be the CANCER numbers of the PEOPLE that worked FOR, and “LIVED” around the Manufacturing Plant that made TEFLON cookware that contained the DuPONT chemical “C8″.

1.) (

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/teflon/teflon.html )

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So,”GRASSHOPPERS”, PAY ATTENTION to the SIGNS that mark the path they direct YOU on. Notice the FRESH PAINT that covers those “FUNNY” looking marks and STAINS…

“SOME”of it contains A LOT of YOUR DNA.




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