In The Spirit OF Competition…

27 07 2012

When I queried Google as to ‘how many WARS were happening around the ‘WORLD’ there were too many differing answers.The lowest was SIX, then came the sobering fact of the United States having citizens in SEVENTY-FIVE various theatres!

This IS the first day of the London located OLYMPIC GAMES of 2012. And with that chiseling in a CHALK-CLIFF face, (DOVER!),it seems to me that if this NATION is to “show” the world how to give HOMAGE to the SPIRIT of these games that our elected would follow the ANCIENT RULE of DECLARING a TRUCE during the dates of competition.


I’m not watching them, too much going on,but there’s news that the TWO running to “FIX” this country’s MONEY WOES are spending multiple MILLIONS of lobbyistic lucre to go on the commercial breaks to convince the JOBLESS and HOMELESS that the HOPELESS really do care about them, and their wellbeing.

If CHEATING is truly defined as…

1.)Sport, enhanced performance=

Imagine what could have “been” if ONE, or, both candidates distributed their fundings back… TO: THE PEOPLE.

It’s “bother-some” that the TWO vying for,(one OF), the greatest personal, and WORLD, accomplishments would tell their athletes that THEY are more important than an ANCIENT set of “GAMES”.