the “best and brightest”… with guns

20 07 2012

The sad news of a gunman KICKING his way into the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre, during the initial showing of the recent BATMAN trilogy, is inexpressible.Ever more tragic is the fatality of a young news person that HAD just escaped being a victim in the Toronto, Canada shootings in June.

Jessica Ghawi,


missed the Eaton event only to be seated TWEETING as the HOME GROWN, NON KEFFIYEH wearing, Junior “black-ops” HAD-TO-BE “kicked in”


That IS the ONLY way that this could have “happened”, UNLESS…

a.) The State of Colorado has reversed the emergency exit construction rules, therefore making a quick bottleneck/ DEATH TRAP for their patrons.OR…

B.) There HAD to BE an ACCOMPLICE.
If no-one has envisioned this “one” has to put the “palm-of-ponderance” into motion across the Tierra del Fuego of the lower mandible… (to:’scratch one’s chin in wonder’).

As this event is just unfolding the additional fact of the alleged perpetrator having built his abode into his own WOLFENSTEIN Castle, (DANGER, from the first attempt of entry.). Most that “read” this will ask at HOW did I reach this “analogy”…

1.= James Eagan Holmes is a “mature”, “GAMER” 24 years of age.

2.= Master Holmes was driven, intelligent and ALONE…

3.= He DIDN’T “fit” the homeland security “profile”. ( Mengelesque?)

The worst case scenario, for me, is that this “incident” has the clone-ish feel of an Anders Behring Breivik.

There isn’t much more to say at the moment.

Lastly, the timing couldn’t be greater for the home entertainment industry. In the “comfort” of your own home has gained an “added” feature.




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