Bailiff, Whack Her Vee-Vee

15 06 2012

One tends to wonder at the difference in the current age / maturity of those legislating in, (almost), any State of this “Union” with the way that the cliquishness and BULLYINGS have dominated our “progresses”. For / to those that CAN remember “CHEECH” (Marin) and (Tommy) “CHONG” the title may have tipped you off to wonder if there have been “representative” participations in Government MARIJUANA testings for its legalization. Evidence has been mounting for some time.

But, the State of Michigan’s House of Representatives have written one of THE best SCRIPTS for ‘SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’ to destroy their viewers’ collective diaphragms by BANNING Rep. LISA BROWN for a comment about “The VAGINA”… (” She used the word in an accurate medical sense, albeit sarcastically. She dared to tell her fellow representatives that women have the sole right to decide what happened to their vaginas–and men don’t get to force their views (or their penises) on them.”)…


Most of Rep. Brown’s male membership considered the statement a “RAPE REFERENCE”.


The “gentlemen” have assumed that they can claim ownership when it’s really ONLY A “LOAN”. Being an ‘adult’ Male, and having a newly adult DAUGHTER, has allowed me to “review” MY past and compare such to the cretins the “little” DARLING keeps giving directions to “Nirvana” to. And, then the truest argument IS that “if” the OWNERS / CARETAKERS of the HUMAN “factory” decided to “close-the-shop”…

And, yet them “goo-wed-ol’-buoys” still want to tell the ‘Fillies’ / “fillees” how to run the race.

That’s IT… short, not “sweet”.




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