High HOPES Past False Horizons

8 05 2012

There’ve been a few folks that have GLOSSED OVER the posts placed on omegetymon and myweblog:thnq. The throng is tiny,but appear to be a lot more educated and connected than myself, so I believed that by bringing a knowledge of an item that most certainly IMPACTS ALL OF US would ignite a new way of HELPING those that ARE, HAVE BEEN,OR COULD BE afflicted by a devastating disease… CANCERS, Substance Abuses, ABUSES of any type.

Being in an “age” of wonderous abilities to reach another from anywhere has brought the communicative “golden fleece” to cover everyone. Yet the FACT that when most of us finish our little expression of the one percent we’ve “witnessed” , ( re-blogging and relating another’s story don’t count.). The rush to see what was written on that topic often doesn’t go past three, or four pages… two-to-five articles that show a glimmer “of”… all to the elementary school notion of being the first to have the “teacher” call on you for the correct answer, (Hopefully.), to prove your whatever. I HAVE been that way too, MORE than I want to admit.

Maybe, it’s that I’ve become tired of taking such a SMALL STEP to reach the top of a simple “SOAP-BOX“, and have tried to get others to lend me theirs by proxy. ( DONATING. Really, just to go to the item’s site and try to understand WHAT it could mean to so many. And, ATTEMPT to perform the “DUTY of the COLONY”… The TINY “US” MOVING THAT RUBBER TREE

… A childish thought, NO! Many of us find the WHAT we’re supposed to do in ‘Life’ through those things- influences of the things of WONDER, whether pro, or, con.) And, then, there are those that LOOK until the “SCISSORS'” view is close to their “thread”, sometimes finding the proper assistance to change their entire life, ( SIDDHARTHA!), and at that moment bake enough Bread, for the crumbs, by providing ENOUGH SEED to keep up with “the SEASON”.

When these electro-scribe-stalls were opened I had the thought of telling “MY” side of what “you” were ‘missing’, so few times has THAT occurred. But, it seems that for all of you that HAVE found the posts about the WATCH’S PURPOSE a “LIKE” I see NO TRUTH in it, because it still sits without “seed”, added altitudes, or even CARE. How much MORE ANTI-SOCIAL can a group of “people” be than to walk PAST someone offering the “plumbing” for the “well” that helps them get healing waters for THEIR FRIENDS ,and FAMILIES!?!

It’s somewhat sad that so many who, almost DAILY, want a part of the WORLD to “HEAR THEM WILL walk PAST that “voice-in-the- wilderness”, hear it CLEARLY… AND,ONLY say “HI” and NOT TELL A “FRIEND” where they found such. And how “interesting” it would be to “HAVE”.

The one question I have in this IS… WHY do “WE” give each other so much information when “we” DON’T intend to do something about it!?!

I can care LESS about whether someone “likes” what I’ve presented if their next action is to be NOT to DO SOMETHING about it.




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