Oil and War: Feeding “the DRAGONS”

21 04 2012

In my being one with “only” a GED this may seem like fielding something in a ball park in Caracas, ( Venezuela), while standing in Yankee Stadium.

The perceived threat of Iran building a usable N-U-C-L-E-A-R “device” of aggression has rendered their economy almost equal in power as those that chose adjustable mortgages until 2007. The larger difference is that Iran has an economic tool to offset their building losses. BUT ! Since the WORLD has NO DESIRE to observe the “TEST” of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s resolve it has put a set of staples across the pocket that holds the “Wallet”… OIL EXPORTS.


Even as the talk is with their chin at “level” the fact that ALL SALES to CHINA, INDIA and KOREA MUST be IN THOSE NATION’S CURRENCIES, thusly ANY and ALL SPENDING has to be within those nations. In other words, Iran CAN’T use ‘that’ money anywhere else.


So, what DOES one DO in this situation of ‘SCIENTIFIC’ AND ECONOMIC National “GROWTHS” ? I have no idea of what Iran’s Leadership is outlining, but it seems that they have decided to put their “APPLES” into a number of “BASKETS” for the “FUTURE“.


Iran is selling oil to India for gold and rupees. And urging their neighboring Islamist regional residents to IGNORE the “European” based sanctions imposed by the U.S., Great Britain and German “conclave”.


There is an even more interesting factor that may bring some “dental powdering” to those responsible for the Iranian policy of “power”. Since the “demand” for the GRADE of product being extracted from the sands is not as “SWEET” as the surrounding area the further time period, PUMP to PUMP, is making the refining process more expensive.


Which brings us to “the Dragons”. During the past few years the “war-on-DRUGS” has led the various Cartels to embrace the advantages of becoming SUBMARINERS.


With Iran ‘having’ to place the previously recovered oil in some sort of storage the “innovative” would seize that day to find a way to “SIPHON” some of Iran’s “GOLD”.

Frank Herbert was “the” MASTER of the “Psychological thriller”, often basing the storyline on who thinks what and why. “Throwing” in the “tainted scales” of RELIGION, ( If you’ve read the DUNE series the scenario of TODAY would be clearer to you. The protagonist is landed on a planet that is “the middle-east”, and uses the background of the knowledge of such, as the antagonists are of the Monarchical genre…), Mr. Herbert’s “LEXICONIUM” could play a children’s learning tune for the Politicians and “KINGS” of the World right NOW.

The Book: The Dragon in the Sea, gets its name from the BOOK of REVELATION, which “many” see as the “time” we’re living now. The long and short of what this is alluding to is that the situation is RIPE for some INTERNATIONAL / (G)r(8)t pilfery on a level that could “ONLY” be done on a scale of the “unbelievable”. Making “the USUAL SUSPECTS” that much more susceptible to the (probable) culpability of “their” participations. Leaving the rest of US to receiving as many open wounds as we continue to witness on our ‘iPODS’ as “we” ignore the adaptive tune “ROCKET ROBIN“.

Even as this post IS a “reach” the facts of TECHNOLOGY still have a way of astonishing/ appalling us every time “IT” becomes a part of every day “happenstance”.