How MANY Brute’ Are There

15 04 2012

As with the ferocity of those that raised DEMOCRACY to an “art” form…

… the political KANLY,


the “WIN” AT ANY COST mind set has reared its SIMPLE HEAD at a MOST inopportune time.


IS the ‘wish’ of, (STILL EMPLOYED!?!), Liz Trotta

being assembled during this ensuing ELECTION? Have the SUPER PACS been “supremely” allowed to include “other endeavours” only visible via an electron microscope?

The fact that those whose “SWORN DUTY” IS to the protection of their COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF have “dallied” in the BOUDOIR of the “waifs” of Rhinoplasty is one of the most gargantuan flags to be flown across AMERICA that I can remember. Even though ELEVEN have been “officially” recognized there ARE UNIFORMED personnel included.

If this doesn’t expose the divisiveness that this ‘nation’ IS brewing between the PARTIES and their IDEOLOGIES then NEWT GINGRICH’S FOURTH WIFE will be elected BEFORE HIM.

One of the questions of a bigger picture is, IS this an example of how serious “SOME” are taking their JOBS… the POSITION OF this NATION?




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