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8 03 2012

After the last post it “may” seem to you that I’m attempting to EXPOSE some of the HYPOCRISY that most Americans let “slide”. And, speaking of sliding the BASEBALL world is preparing to crown a new Pitching King, his name is Yu Darvish, half Japanese half IRANIAN… they say he’s got a “nuclear” powered FASTBALL…

The HEAT generated almost appears to burn through the Ash!

Yu has been under the microscope for some time, especially during the WORLD BASEBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS…

Japan played Korea for the TITLE.

The fun part of this, for me, is how Baseball, being the ALL-AMERICAN game that it IS, has let the media remove the “MELTING POT” scenario and be covered by a fear of a response to Darvish’s heritage, ( http://ethnicelebs.com/yu-darvish ), calling him “PERSIAN“. Most likely because the media “mavens” think that the average Baseball FAN is too “dumb” and has too much rouge around their collar to make the actual identification during these “tense” times. I would, (and AM!), calling a ALL “runners” to advance, due to the BALK that in covering this Man’s BIRTH combination that they are turning OFF the “LIGHT” of WHAT THIS NATION STRIVES TO EXPRESS. “That WE are …

Very tired of the calls to KILL, to send our children to FOREIGN shores when all that needs to be done is INVITE Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a TEXAS RANGERS Baseball game. To WATCH, And LEARN, just WHAT the “crap” AMERICA’S been talking about with their UNITED WE STAND. It may take a “little” while for us to get the pieces in place, BUT when we do it’s pretty “neat” of WHAT a group of so “different” people can BE.

( http://www.usatoday.com/sports/baseball/al/rangers/story/2012-03-07/
yu-darvish-debut/53407580/1 )

I guess that making such an offer was “kinda'” predicated by Darvish starting in the ‘CACTUS LEAGUE’. It WOULD make the invite sorta’ PRICKLY.




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9 03 2012


9 03 2012

Amen to that, Hopefully this will open more eyes and hearts here in America. Like yourself, I love this country too and wish we could all meet on some sort of common ground to bring peace and order. Shalom

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