25 02 2012

The following tragedy is the very thing that IS why this nation has, and IS developing into what many around the WORLD are NOT going to tolerate ANYMORE. From those that desire to RE-INSTILL / REINSTALL, ( it’s “funny” how a simple switch of a single letter completes the act of a “VOWEL” thought becoming a MORE “VOWEL” decision.), the “reasons” that chased the Pilgrims from England to the shore of Plymouth Rock, that the “ideas and IDEALS openly expressed by a candidate to become the “LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD” have proved to be a CANCER that IS being FED to “the children”.

To ALL the HATE SITES and “racially superior” keepers of the flame… this is why YOUR type of “thought” and actions are JEOPARDIZING the very way WE ALL want to LIVE.

This is a very sad day when the youth, FED by the TUNNELED derisions of FEAR, are unveiled to become the false flags of HATE’S reasoning.

The saddest part of this is that both of these young women have Parents that that are covering over the tracks that they “bread-crumbed” since these two’s births.



This is the video:

This is just part of their beginning aftermath. I wonder what college they’ll enter?..

… it may be on scholarship through NEWT’S alma mater.

The trouble with the main speaker’s educational race pride is that she’s part Cubano and part Irish

Irish first… What America saw in the Irish:

“American” view of Cubano:( Within the “postresses” lifetime.)

( The year IS 2007. although President Obama is named WE all know WHO the purpetraitor is.)

Of this the young woman states that she HAS 400 “followers”, if true WHAT ARE THEY putting “out there” on FACEBOOK?

I wonder how her “Yella'” friend feels about her blurting his name as a FELLOW RACIST? These are the poisons being slathered over the youth of this nation… PLASTERED all over the walls of FACEBOOK. And “NOBODY” is doing a study / INTERVENTION for the deadliest of SOCIAL DRUGS… HATE.

Update: 04/21/2012

If you’ve just discovered this post make sure that you’ve taken note of the original posting date. In doing so the realization of these two FLORIDA High School Students were making these remarks just before TRAYVON MARTIN met HIS half Latino-half European heritaged KILLER in the same basic area. It’s a shame that no one else brought this to the attention of the media, or to the rest of you… but, most who “read” this previously dismissed it as “irrelevant”. The by-line does say, “little things I’ll see”.




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