Developing A Killer ‘CROSSOVER’

22 02 2012

As an industry develops and grows there’s the fact that the “labor” force that saw to its growths and, sometimes, policies build and strengthen unwittingly to become its SUPPLY SIDE of “employees”. The term for this, when it’s used unfairly, at most illegally, is NEPOTISM.

In the business of SPORT we have witnessed entire GROUPS of families become the foundation of a team’s DYNASTIC evolution throughout a decade or more. An example of such is the ALOU family of BASEBALL.To give you some names: Felipe, Moises, Matty, Jesus Alou; Uncle Mel Rojas and cousin Jose Sosa. The Alou brothers of Matty, Felipe and Jesus helped make the San Francisco Giants World Champions. ( The extent of “family” begins when Baseball began.

In nearer history, the genetic Platinum that comes by “birth” may present too much responsibility tonnage.


The weight of being the “Spawn of SWEETNESS”,has been a Calf
grown too fast for Jarrett Payton, even though the SKILLS were shown in college.

The BEAUTY of being ‘blessed’ with such an “extensive” tool-set can, more times than not, be “USED” for a whole different “product line” than what the progenitor bestowed…

Ronald “Popeye” Jones played eleven years in the NBA, and is now Coaching a Development team within the league’s system. But, unlike what happens in most of these situations his Son has taken those innate abilities and walked into another “ARENA” entirely…

The SUNDAY of February 19, 2012 was “HOCKEY DAY” for the National Hockey League. As a segment of the development of the sport here, today, NBC stepped into the ‘National MANDATE’ by giving fans a glimpse of “HOW” the DIVERSITY of AMERICA can be the CATALYTIC GLUE for its continued GROWTH, and continued GREATNESS sought.

Seth Jones is in the final stages of becoming ONE “OF” the United States’ UNDER 18 National Hockey TEAM. An assembly of the BEST Young men from ALL choices from these FIFTY STATES, and 14 TERRITORIES. The U.S. Under 18 Hockey TEAM has the distinction of being WORLD CHAMPIONS for THREE CONTINUOUS CONTESTS !!! The group is in LAKE PLACID preparing to defend that TITLE. What do YOU remember about ‘unknown’ U.S. Hockey players and LAKE PLACID ? (

Whenever a skill-set is developed, then improved on, the TOOL SETS “built” to go with them must be improved also. The events that “WE KNOW” won’t CHANGE” much… But, the “way” the TOOLS are used CAN enhance the outcome of BETTER, SAFER,LONGER LASTING… “PRODUCT LINES”.




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