American Business:Sports and the ART of the NO-LOOK, PASS

17 02 2012

The previous post glanced at the PHENOMENA of Jeremy Lin, the young man has generated an, almost, 75% increase in Madison Square Gardens’ game/ seat ticket price demands. I wonder about the write-up in the Harvard Business Review.

The fun part of this is that by this there’s “some” remarkable OPPORTUNITY to be accomplished wherever Mr. Lin will deign his presence. Now, as a fairly inventive character I thought of how the NBA could salvage some lost revenue from their shortened season, and make a little “Stone Soup” to feed the GLOBAL VILLAGE of BASKETBALL. The following is WHO I CONTACTED via EMAIL. TWO DAYS have passed and there have been NO RETURNS.

I began with the thought of the City of New York touting itself as the “capitol OF”, including the knowledge that the KNICKS’ offices were very close to David Stern’s DIAS. A little research gave me the clue of the Knicks playing the Indiana Pacers the evening of MARCH SEVENTEENTH, TWO-THOUSAND TWELVE!?! Oh MY ! So I send the email suggesting this… GREEN long-sleeved T-Shirts with a nod to Jeremy’s heritage, ( the ‘Chinese’ NUMBER for luck is the number 8 Lin wears the two digit version of 17, wow, that “looks” coincidental.), and the inclusion of the world’s first, or second,largest St. Patrick’s Day PARADE held in a “single” location, NEW YORK. More than likely the television networks will “oblige” the viewership in ASIA. The “GOLDEN SPIKE’ of this is that Europe gets “its” bow because of the inherent fiestiness of IRELAND. Tie all this in with…

“EIR-LIN go BRAGH” EMBLAZONED ACROSS THE WEARER’S SHOULDERS, and “you” have an INTERNATIONAL “LOVE”-fest that, even, includes ‘faith’ with the “FAITHFUL”…

I equate this to the vision of “Mini-ME” winning the SLAM-DUNK contest over SPUD WEBB.

The second THGIL BLUB to go nova is a tribute to New York’s Asian populace, OLD and new. Tea IS so much an association that I called upon the HARNEY’S* via the electronic vellum…
“LIN-CHAI TEA”: a little citrus, (Lin IS a STATE CHAMPION “beach-boy”.), a GREAT CHAI BASE TEA, ( Harney’s was at the TOP of listings for the “BEST CHAI TEA MAKERS IN NYC”.), a “waft” / “BITE” of a good Chinese ‘spice/ pepper’, finishing this ‘draught’ with three tiny bits of STEVIA for the lilt of sweetness.* The “Asian” purveyors called didn’t want anything to do with my call, asking if I wanted to order some Tea. Oh well.

Well, NO RETURN, yet. Though the NBA did send the CURSORY “Thank You, for…” without acknowledging the idea itself. Of course, NOT! That would mean that there’d have to be some sort of credit given.

I requested NO such thing. These ideas were ‘given’ as a “Here, take this and DO SOMETHING to help THIS COUNTRY get some COMMERCE returned …TO “THE PEOPLE”.





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