3 02 2012

I posted a “stupid” terse on another site, (neologism), that was found by a U.C. BERKELEY health RESEARCHER by the name of NANXI LUI, (, I believe that she is the young woman that was in the news about her extraordinary INNOVATION of NANO DELIVERY of CHEMICALS to SPECIFICALLY targeted CELLS that CANCER had attacked and overtaken. ( If this is correct I’m amazed.)No matter, she’s BRILLIANT.
I’ve been trying to get my own “innovation” completed, it too is for the HEALTH field. Raising Funding for Cancers and Addictions and such. I’d just completed sending the following to the White House after making comment on “twocentsansum” about Karen Handel, ( who definately needs a Messiah after the Susan G. Komen fiasco.). Okay, so Ms. Lui is seeking help with getting funding for her INVENTION called NANOLY, it’s being considered by DELL
(2.1 million people die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases because of accessibility problems. Nanoly’s technology enables cheap, convenient, and safe delivery of vaccines to anywhere in the world.

I’ve been working with graduate and undergraduate students at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and University of Colorado School of Medicine on this project. Help us get funding! We are competing in Dell’s Social Innovation Challenge.
It’s easy:

1. Register (takes 30 seconds-input only name and email) at
2. Validate your email address
3. Vote for us here:

Thank you for your support!

Check us out
On to the nearest I can get to such brilliance is this letter to Barack H. Obama…

I’ve written to you for over THREE years now. I’ve had an INNOVATION that could help solve some of the “fund raising” problems that have REALLY surfaced of late. A simple wrist watch, digital,but with the ability to register the HOPE of survival. The “remission” watch. As those that SURVIVE the devastation of CANCERS, Addictions… a child secretly marking their Parent’s TIME of foreign SERVICE. ( “redacted description”.)
As I said, I’ve contacted you in this manner several times. I was lead to believe that Mary Jo Kilroy had done such, I guess that was untrue.
You had ONE contact with a woman during a video chat and SOMETHING “GOT” done. I Don’t want to be Pheidippides in this. That I’ve run this IDEA to where it WILL do its “GOOD”, then to not see the fruit of this labor. Contact the business that holds the keys to this venture, they know the terrain I’ve traveled to get to THIS POINT. ( I’VE been unemployed for some time, due to a work injury. That is nothing BECAUSE I’ve CREATED “A” j.o.b. that includes MORE than just ME.
I’ve gotten ALL the emails, even Wasserman-Shultz has IGNORED the information sent, (just after she went through her Cancer “scare”). WHAT does a CITIZEN have to do to BE a “productive CITIZEN”?
02/02/12 09:18:30 PM
Post to President Obama’s site at the White House.
I hope that Eric Holder hasn’t made Mr. Obama surly today, or tomorrow. I seriously want him to understand how long I’ve been trekking this idea through people like Wasserman-Schultz and Mary Jo Kilroy, (former legislator). The funny thing is that her Republican ‘replacement’ won’t ANSWER. WOW, is he BUSY. (?/!)
The hope is that funding WILL be found, it’s only $20k to get the “package” wrapped for presenting. That includes programming to production. And a (possible) “TRUCE” item of EQUAL USE for ALL HEALTH entities.

Hopefully, the one or two people that will find the energy to read this have enough energy to tell a friend or someone that will assist the both of us.
That’s it for the moment, may all get to where we need to be.




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