“Little” Stories and the Things I’LL See

18 01 2012

Those are the “ticklers” of this blog’s title.
This is the year that so many “fear”, the year that four nondescript gents arrive from the ether of Heaven to give us our comeuppance for the STUPIDITIES we’ve DONE, or ALLOWED,but, most likely EVERYTHING that IS Man-“KIND”.
Time.Com, “GLOBAL SPIN”,
decision-imposed-on-him/?xid=gonewsedit&google_editors_picks=true), is relaying the initial ambature’s perfectings to signal the “drum-major’s” entry preparations. ( Remember, he’s gonna’ look like Omar Sharif!) What better way to FORCE this nation’s already battle weary to the breaking point than to have another, less prepared group of “chattel” suffer MORE for the (!) HALF PERCENT that WILL make the national debt’s WORTH… IN PROFITS.
Could this be an “ancient” vendetta of those that had a “religious”… SOCIETAL (!) control? And upon “losing” such have made it their “passion” to “see” this group of “super” CHILDREN tell the “really Big deals” what to do?
I won’t tell you WHAT I really DO see of this. I just don’t feel like losing any more ground in what’s left of this ‘life’. BUT! I can say that I DO BELIEVE that whoever wrote some of the footnotes in the description of the “anti-christ” have deliberately called attention to a wrong “time”, because the damages that that character is to “DO” WAS DONE a “Thousand”,Plus (?) years ago. The ‘reenactment’ of the wars,and “rumors” of wars HAS been going on much longer than the “outline” touts.
The best “action” that could be done at this moment of Time and RAW feelings is for this nation to tell everyone that “ if you WANT a WAR then YOU should send your “LEADER” over to this designated area. STAND in front of YOUR Citizens, (As well as Evryone ELSES, NO CLOTHES, NO WEAPONS, NO PLANES, NO ROCKETS,NO NOTHING !!!), EXCEPT holding a ROLLED Up towel. WHOEVER CANNOT “stand”, has the LEAST WELTS, CUTS, BRUISING… and ISN’T CRYING FOR THEIR MOMMY… WINS ONE consession of their “BEEF”.
THAT…! WOULD be a LEVEL“field of COMBAT”. Putin, Kim,Olmert couldn’t use their martial arts skills. Ahmajinedad and Obama could use the skills they learned in gym class.
THAT is a “COMMISSION of WAR” that sooooo many of this world WOULD PAY-TO-SEE THAT THE WORLD ECONOMIES WOULD HAVE SUCH A SURPLUS that this “could” become one of the COOLEST “ACTS” of WAR “EH-VER” !
The greatest concession the “loser(s)” have to make is when, or IF, the “winner” becomes a Parent soon AFTER the battle. REAL PROOF that they REALLY WON !




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