A Feint Within A Feint Within A Feint

12 01 2012

Knowing where the trap is — that’s the first step in evad­ing it. This is like sin­gle com­bat, Son, only on a larger scale — a feint within a feint within a feint…seemingly with­out end. The task is to unravel it.

—Duke Leto Atreides, Dune
The world of Frank Herbert, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Herbert), encompassed so many theoretical genres that those who’ve never read, or heard of him wil be shocked at how his “fiction” can be of such USE today. He gave us Dune the story of geneology and the revenge of politics. The starter, Dune, takes place on a planet that has a population the mirror of the “Middle-East” we “know” today, including a “language” typing. The intrigues of the story are many.
Then there are his heroes, one being Jorge X. McKie, a no nonsense, highly intellectual, invincible “WEEBLE” of the leprechaun series’ make-up.A a Saboteur Extraordinary, one of the principals of the Bureau of Sabotage, and the only human admitted to practice law before the “Gowachin” bar.
As of today there are many instances where a “McKie” would be useful. We “hear” of how an entire book has been written about the “true” goings on in the White House,( Jodi Kantor), WITHOUT speaking TO the folks the book is about. In New York, (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/01/11/swastika-earrings-latest-
example-anti-semitism-in-ny-and-nj-politicans-and/), the scare of a symbol that was used by a FIEND for for a few short years but, for CENTURIES by other cultures, has been called to the forefront as offensive enough that the youth should hold to the stupidity of that fiend, instead of LEARNING about the TRUE nature of said symbol.The PEOPLE that used the first atomic bomb against another are stopping others that threaten to do the same.
All these scenarios are just another feint to ruin the balances of thought and action to stop a few that seek to control the world. If just enough spoke to one another in a civil and truth-filled “PRO-VERS-ATION” there just might be SOMETHING DONE. But, as long as the “corporate” provocateurs keep rustling the bushes just outside enough doors the folks behind those doors won’t really “KNOW” what the “NEIGHBORS” are doing… and aren’t able to tell THEM the truth to what’s really happening.
This is the year where many believe it ALL comes to an END. It’s out of OUR hands if that IS so. But, we’re here NOW. And, if the world DOESN’T end this year the BETTER choosing of our leaderships just may make that charge of the FOUR less necessary in some way. But, no matter what WE have to STOP THE HATE, and EDUCATE OURSELVES so that if this world IS to be A BETTER PLACE that we resist the cartoons that we’ve started to believe and COMPARE our own better scripts for A WONDERFUL LIFE.
Oh, and by the way for those with DAUGHTERS, read the HERBERT book “THE WHITE PLAGUE”, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_White_Plague), it may open the eyes of those that have forgotten that WOMEN are the ONLY way our world populates itself… Just “IMAGINE”
If we don’t DO SOMETHING ‘RIGHT’ the world , this NATION, will see “its” goals as…




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18 01 2012

Thank You for stopping through. Although I DO find that you Do make sure that you ADVERTISE… I don’t go to you site for such. Commerce is is good but haven’t you noticed the downgrade of our “educated’s” abilities to compete, ‘in the “GLOW-BALL, Mark IT”(!)? Once Corporations started dictating the curriculum? When they started the more forward THINKING exec’s wondered. Their GEKKO brethren answered… “FAT CHANCE.” You DO understand, DON’T YOU !?!

18 01 2012
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