ANOTHER Example of an Elected’s Uneducatedness

24 12 2011

This post, you should file under the catagory of ” ANOTHER OBTUSE POLITICIAN” (
jim-sensenbrenner-michelle-obama_n_1163711.html?ref=mostpopular) [Pleases excuse your “having” to copy and paste, but WP and LINUX have issues that HAVEN’T been resolved.]
This find came here as I’d read that a FAILED California tea party “candy-date” had, (SERIOUSLY!), called for the ASSASSINATION of President Barack Obama AND his Daughters!?!

So, on to the gist of being here. Wisconsin Congressman Frank James (Jim) Sensenbrenner, Jr. has been heard giving his opinion about the amplitude/ compass worthiness of the FIRST LADY’S “SEATING ARRANGEMENT”, the comment being that if she’s to present a “good” example of fitness and health to the ” AH-MER-KAN” Kinder that such a “mass” can’t be deemed acceptable. (Notice that I haven’t quoted ‘Francis’.) This is his visage of knowledge about about “being” in-shape …

To “quote” a 1950’s “Rickilian” phrase of observation… “This man HAS more CHINS than the BEIJING telephone directory !”

Hasn’t this FORMER CHAIRMAN of the HOUSE SCIENCE COMMITTEE ever “browsed” a word that Margaret Mead provided to AMERICA!?! Didn’t this pillar of mid-west, Euro-GENED “ed-ja-muh-que-SHUN” ever “welcome” an AFRICAN Diplomat with SPOUSE in tow ? Hasn’t he met the PRESIDENT of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who earned her accounting degree at Madison Business College, in Madison, Wisconsin ? This WORLD IS small enough that this sort of S-T-U-P-I-D-I-T-Y should have ceased by NOW.
But, in this day and age “we”, STILL, have little “hitler’s” telling the citizenry how OTHERS should be just like them…


But can’t seem to follow their own rules.

I do hope that Jim and Rush don’t develop a “problem” with their lack of natural “sunscreen”, although Rush has a real cure for the pain…

Although, neither of these “fauhn- up-staindin-jenmin” mind gazing upon what a YOUNG, “IN-SHAPE” fawn of womanhood SHOULD look like…





2 responses

28 12 2011

How do YOU do what?… you only have pictures of a great PAIN from Russia. THINK.

28 12 2011
Chernobyl pictures

how do i do this

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