how long will we let this go on , the coming climax

21 12 2011

Today is the twenty-first of december, 2011 gregorian.The emails of the Kasich campaign machine sent, only, the railings presented them. I DO BELIEVE that EVERY THING that “is” me is under a scrutinization from the “powers-that-be” for Mr. Kasich’s “position”.
To this is my “au-que, ghyne” the spelling as unintelligible as my State’s government not being considerate enough to try an understanding with a resident. Who had paid taxes for over TWENTY years from a job that paid over that same number per hour as average. Stalked. By the folks voted to enhance my experience of being an OHIOAN.
Maybe, it’s the fact that I had the AUDACITY to “rear UP“. Maybe it’s the fact that I HAVE identified my self as a “minority”, though quite similar to the visage of the ‘SUPREME COMMANDER’, less the dentistry, hair, Basketball “skills”… JURIS DOCTORATE. It could be that I’ve “wasted” too much of their time, in that I have so little funding to drop in their KIMBERLITE lined Kettle.
How is it that those we’ve placed to assist in “growing the orchard” feel it necessary to shoo away the pollinators? And then attempt to destroy the hive too?
I have no clue as to if any within the line of “trickle down” can fathom the why that prompted my action here. BUT. If more folks that have this access did the same… to call the “leader” to a “woodshed”… there may be a moment where those we’ve accepted to make decisions that affect all of our lives that THEY might turn to look at the TANK tracks they’ve left. Then decide to get down to walk the trails that we travel daily.
I CANNOT and WILL NOT apologize for WHAT I’ve said. The TIMBRE of the voice just may disrupt the continuity of the State’s “CORPORATE ARMOUR” giving said pause to see WHERE THAT STONE CAME FROM.

This IS how I feel about this post, and why it had to be.The FLY, in whose SOUP ?




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21 12 2011

I stopped over to see your post on Govern-MENTAL “unconducts”. Remember that the national legislators are “working” to pass a Bill that REMOVES NINE-TENTHS of our FREEDOMS (HR 1540 & S 1867), GET THE ALARMS GOING!!!

21 12 2011

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21 12 2011
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21 12 2011

great post! enjoyed the read. i’m looking forward to reading more of your posts!

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