How Long WILL We Let THIS Go On ?

13 12 2011

I ‘live’ in a State that the Japanese use as a greeting.For all the business they do here the Governor has seen fit to grant Millions of dollars in TAX ABATEMENTS to these folk while granting the graciousness of sending out UNSOLICITED emails REQUESTING my vote.
It DOESN’T matter that my numerous phone calls are greeted by a Holly Hobby Gidget-esque strumpette that gets annoyed with my asking about getting informations. Well folks the campaign trail is ALL uphill with me at this point.Here’s the LATEST bit of POLITICAL POLE / POLL DANCING from the elustrious, WALL STREET TRAINED, John R.Kasich…

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John Kasich via to

show details 10:17 AM (4 hours ago)
John kasich for governor
Jobs-Announcement…( WHERE?)
Donate(… WHY !!!!)

58,396 – That’s how many jobs we’ve created this year or saved from going to other states or disappearing altogether. That is over 58,000 stronger Ohio families.( Notice that there’s NO DEFINITION of those getting versus those retaining.)

We’re beginning to see real momentum in our efforts to fix our great state.

The Plain Dealer noted, “In that light, the Kasich administration seems to have done a good job in its first 11 months of being aggressive when it needed to be — economic development professionals say they are impressed with the new speed of decision-making — and of demanding solid, early returns on public investment.” Read more here. ( This is like having the “town crier” of Bristol, England telling “DAILY” news from Brisbane, Australia.)

Also recently in the Dispatch, “The recent good news confirms that Ohio’s manufacturing infrastructure and its strong work force are attractive to companies looking to expand. The Dispatch hopes to see state officials continue to build on those assets with strategic incentives and smart salesmanship.” Read more here.( Salesmanship; like the boys at ENRON: The smartest group in the room.)

Please stay active and share your ideas with us*. Together, we are bringing jobs back, fixing our schools and saving our great state.
* (Just WHAT does Kasich DO with the IDEAS that he gets? They’re not showing up on the “books” of the small businessman.)


John Kasich
Governor of Ohio

D’Ellis R. McCammon to John

show details 2:55 PM (0 minutes ago)
Of those your office has YET to contact me about a business that I’ve contacted you about for over three months*. I will now place these pieces of untruth onto a blog that has readers in, at least twelve other countries. THREE of which have been GIVEN TAX ABATEMENTS while you can’t answer MY requests.
*(A note about the proposal. I had also been trying to work with Mary Jo Kilroy for the proceeding FOUR YEARS, but at least she DID some things for PROGRESS.)
The saddest part of this post is that the above is, basically, the only type of reply that we who’ve made no monetary contribution gets, other than the tax notice, ( It’s “funny” they tax you for NOT having a job.) If you’ve read anything about how Ohio is changing the way the “special” are elected check out the DIEBOLD Company, they make VOTING machines.
“Have fun STORMING the Castle”.

Lastly: John R. Kasich, if your administration hasn’t the where-with-all to toss the “lifeline”, placed in your hands, to a voice that SHOULD be familiar at least by frequency HOW can you have the AUDACITY to continue to toss CHUM into the waters around me?

UPDATE: “round two”
It’s OBVIOUS that this constantly casual dressing “leader” has a
“machine” without a steering wheel…

Dear IDIOTS, I have PUNCHED the UNSUBSCRIBE button the last two times you’ve sent this UNASKED FOR, UNSOLICITED, UNWARRANTED and STUPID EMAILING ! ( To the power of googl.) I received a phone call from someone “in” your office that had NO CLUE to WHY, OR WHAT she was calling about. THIS IS what the KASICH administration is about. I have placed the previous email into a BLOG and will do the same with this.
If this is what ” Intelligent”is supposed to “BE” under this administration I’d label ALL paid as SAVANT… in the art of stupidity. I contacted your office for business assistance. NOT as a campaign contributor.

On, Mon, Dec 19, 2011 at 10:45 AM, Kasich Taylor for Ohio Team wrote:

John kasich for governor


Please join Governor Kasich for a very special live online event at 2:00pm TODAY.

Governor Kasich will be joined my members of his cabinet to discuss Ohio’s accomplishments this year and the reforms that are allowing them to lay the groundwork for job creation, fix our schools and reduce taxes.

Please tune in live online by clicking the button below at 2:00pm to participate in this special event.


-Kasich Taylor for Ohio Team

P.S. You can read more here about some of new job announcements from around Ohio.

Donate GetInvolved
Paid for by Kasich Taylor for Ohio, Bradley K. Sinnott, Treasurer
14 E. Gay St., 2nd Floor, Columbus, OH 43215
Contributions to Kasich Taylor for Ohio are not tax deductible. Corporate contributions are prohibited. Partnerships, LLCs and other unincorporated entities may contribute, but must include the name of an owner to whom to attribute the contribution. Ohio law requires that all contributors must provide their name and address regardless of the amount of the contribution and the name of their employer if the contribution is for more than $100. If the contributor is self employed, the business name and occupation of the contributor must be provided. Ohio law in general prohibits the award of state contracts to individuals and businesses if contributions from owners of the contracting entity or their spouses or an affiliated PAC have exceeded certain limits during the 24 months prior to the award of the contract. The law also limits contributions after the award of contract. State employees are prohibited from donating to the campaign and should disregard this invitation.

Remove yourself from this mailing.

Remove yourself from all mailings from Kasich for Ohio.

I HAVE “tapped” BOTH preceding lines to NO A VAIL!
So, you “think” that your gubmint is paying attention to what YOU have to say !?!




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