Pat Boone …

11 11 2011

… The “great” WHITE [STOAT], (an expensive Weasel).
Charles Eugene “Pat” Boone (born June 1, 1934) is an American singer, actor and writer who has been a successful pop singer in the United States during the 1950s and early 1960s. He covered black artists’ songs (when part of the country was segregated) and sold more copies than his black counterparts.{WIKIPEDIA}. This is significant to the America that we live in today. AGAIN, he has been chosen to undermine “a” ‘Brown’ man, actually that would be TWO BROWN MEN… One, the President the Second a man whose NAME is Brown.

Chosen by a group of “[FOLK]” that are using the same “ammunition” that kept a “certain element” success-fully apart during their youths. And are seeking to rekindle those “HAPPY DAYS” feelings which are very much a societal “time-line” between the Flintstones’ FRED to “THE FONZ”. Although, unlike Pat BARNEY DID seem to be “passing”, because he recorded a Blues song On ,(I recall.), their second album called “THE HIGH ON THE HEADPIN, BUMPIN’ DOWN THE GUTTER BLUES”. But, I “digress”. The problem that “WE”, who ARE above the age of 55 years of age, are having IS the FACT that the things that we were trained,(by a “[BELL].), to desire HAVE been held HOSTAGE. Have you noticed that “FONZIE” is hawking a new [\"INSTRUMENT\"] to “cut” inheritance taxes? The Government WILL own these people’s homes !
All the while those that made millions of dollars through our fasination with a [13 YEAR OLD\'S] “science project” have been called on again to steer “Duck-Tails” around “[CONKS]”.
The real problem is that those that are retiring have let their “friend” assure them that “they” wouldn’t do what they’ve DONE. Barry Ritholtz explained the phenomenon in his recent WASHINGTON POST article, it’s called :COGNITIVE DISSONANCEthe intellectual crisis that occurs when a failed belief system or philosophy is confronted with proof of its implausibility.
I don’t have to say any more than that. Because this IS where we have let “THEM lead us.
And Pat will continue to make his stand, to the ovation of “the Brotherhood” chanting… “That’s mighty [WHITE] of you, Brother”. By this last link I DO think that HE believes so.




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7 12 2011

Thank You for stopping through and leaving your exercise in “con-man” advertising.
I hope that the site of Jeffery Harris does well. But, as something more viable.

6 12 2011
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Jag har tillbringat hundratals timmar genom åren att eftertrakta hitta vad jag behövde gratis.
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1 12 2011

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1 12 2011
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19 11 2011
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