Institutional FEAR, Political “HANGINGS”

2 11 2011

I wish I’d gone to college and graduated a “[JOURNALIST]”, someone that recorded AND was ABLE to research the previous [JOURNALS] available to me. So that I COULD/ would present my observations in the LEAST SLANTED manner that I could. If you READ the Dowd link, (New YANK Times, 11/02/2011, ( the perfect numerical [PALINDROME].), and are older than 48 years of age… AND American via AFRICAN descent you’d see the Herman Cain scenario in a MUCH different “light”.
What Ms. Dowd may be overlooking is the approximate age similarity of Mr. Cain and the painful journal entry of one that was born only four years [EARLIER]. But, that wouldn’t serve the purpose of the current “Lynch Mob” trying to get someone “better suited”, ( NO SPADES in this deck.), for the sprint to the ‘WHITE HOUSE’… while “suffering” WITH acute ‘[ELEPHANTITIS]…

And, here’s the only one NOT suffering…

For all the skills that are supposed to be exemplary “vision”, ( past, present,future.), MUST be more than what one sees in the “mirror” of THEIR surroundings.
News of just how “well” U.S. education is doing with its children has “improved” to 45% of k-8 grades in reading, and 43% in math. If those that WRITE our daily histories can’t read enough to provide a COMPLETE vision to readers that don’t comprehend more than half the words’ meanings how can they hold to what they don’t KNOW ? HOW can the next group make a proper, individual decision if the information is skewed to cut the underpinnings of their FREEDOMS, PRESENT AND FUTURE ?
The simple, and sad thought of this is that the wrongs of the past keep getting dredged when the water is JUST GETTING CLEARER.
Newcomers seeking to become representatives of their neighbors should be LAUDED, not slaughtered. And the new journalistic rendition of the [CLANSMAN] seems to be getting its national screening “today”.Will the fair-skinned lass’ words re-stir thoughts of “old” ? Will we “ever” know WHO “they” actually are ?
It seems like, almost August 28, 1955… AGAIN. I can hear the voice of a ‘HOLIDAY’. Hawking *STRANGE FRUIT, oddly familiar but, not offered by the “usual” purveyor.It’s not so OPENLY wholesale anymore. BUT, not any less either.


After reading the news of accusations about the Perry camp stirring the dirt about three women I sent, (ATTEMPTED.)*, Mr. Cain the following…

“Read the news about the ‘ladies’, and, have an opinion @
Institutional FEAR, Political “HANGINGS”.
You may feel that the comments are too much but, so is what’s been happening to you. As ‘Mr. Spoq’ would say:
LIVE WELL AND PROSPER. You’ll like the Perry pic.
*(From the site:”Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”) Is there any wonder WHY either “leadership” can’t get done what WE want/ NEED DONE?




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28 11 2011

THANK YOU,for stopping by. You have a BEAUTIFUL web-site. Nas Tuk.

26 11 2011

I just found your website, and I like it. Thanks for allowing this comment.

20 11 2011

Danke’ for stopping through. I hope your teeth sparkle.

20 11 2011
Elektrische Zahnbuerste

But wanna admit that this is very helpful , Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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