Tea Parties Are For Pikers

14 10 2011

Looking at how the strength of a collection of [LEAVES] has made “DEMOCRACY” hard to [SWALLOW]. The past few months of what [INSPIRES] American “thought” and participation have sped “CHANGE” into stop.Things that were supposed to get this country “back-on-its-feet” are actually a fungus that is rotting away the foot itself… the “BASE”, what we STOOD FOR.
Just a small time frame later a [GROUP] has blood-HOUNDED their way to one of the sources of the “Wall Street” [MERCAPTANS]. The best thing about these “Occupants” is the fact that they have been willing to reach out to those of other nations and instruct them of a few techniques that may assist to render/ remove the offensive aromas left upon the World’s citizenry by the bosses of the “Bean-Counters”. Oh, wouldn’t that nick-name also be a source of the power “behind” the [POOT]?




say sump'in n'telligent!

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