Is Fashionably LATE Charming ?

1 10 2011

The count-down is now an earnest effort for those that want to “lead” this “United” States of America.

The “obvious” choice of the ‘Democratic’ party is one Barack Hussein Obama, administratively [TATTERED] and, Second Term [TORN] . The covert view presented, of late to the younger voter, is that seen in the movie Final Destination 5 as [DEATH]. Isn’t that immaculate timing !?!

Now, the time for a challenger has arrived. Someone that will accomplish those things that have been weighing [DOWN] this nation’s water treading abilities for the past two years. This soul will be buoyed by those that haven’t been afraid of the depths that they MUST go to insure their fellows have learned to “BOB” and Weave as they continue to call warning of their being in the vicinity of these “patriots'” actions.

STRAW, as a [POLL], or each prospective candidate’s [POSITION] of the “Party”, is but the “after” of the political [THRESHING]. “After”= the real decision makers have filled out the “dance-card” of the ‘Nation’.
And, as with any “dance” worth being “AT” we are witnessing the intricacies of HOW the “game” IS played. Do you remember any movie that had public, social interaction ? Those that were able to get the invitation to the [\"SOIREE\"], ( I label it thus because “IT” is getting LATE for just about everything !), usually get to the event as the doors [SWING OPEN]. Then you have those who are using their [CONNECTION] to enhance their standing, waiting for the next “dance”, so that they may be the “IT” boy, OR ‘GIRL’?

So, when these folk attend do they ever think about the previous events of “before” ? The “who” were that the event’s success is based on ? Let’s say that this is a “REGIONAL” trophy event, and there’d been ONLY two previous times that the “dance” produced the [VERVE] and [EXCITEMENT] that is building as you read this.
Is there a whiff of Texas Tea rolling across the plains ? It’s difficult to tell because the Lad from the [REPUBLIC] wouldn’t [TWO-STEP] in a [CYCLONE].We’ll just have to wait, like “Rick” is. Because any fighter worth their salt watches an opponent, in the [\"RING\"], weighing whether they are willing to trade “blows” to be able to PRESIDE before the next “dance”.
So, with no heroic record like Eisenhower. And NO Thyssen Bank holding your “BONES” out of the closet,like G.W., is it better to use the blood of your opponents to slide into the “show” ring to take the “regionals” ?

So, again I ask… Is Fashionably [LATE] Charming? Or the “CHARM”




2 responses

5 10 2011

“Have fun storming the Castle”!…

3 10 2011
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