And So IT Grows

19 09 2011

It’s become unusual for me to encourage the [\"WHY\"] generation that’s questioning those things that “we” hold sacred. The life we’ve lived has been founded on a fault that has seen enough movement to swallow the houses that we’d been told were safe on “higher” ground. There’s [NOTHING] “safe” in THIS universe.
As the elections loom on the Sunset of our way of life the politicians have been guided through the training of the art of pulling a rug from under America’s feet.
One of the best tactics either party can use is [REDISTRICTING], even though the GOP called on Diebold [VOTING][MACHINES] before the Obama election.
Whatever happens next will be one of the biggest examples of HYPNOTISM in U.S. history… EVERYTHING that has happened in this country, and around the world, is “ALL” because of BARACK H. OBAMA… Rush,Karl,Dick, and every Tea party member says so.

Update: 9/19/2011
As the morning arrived in a damp fashion it reminded me of the fact that President Obama has been [GLEANING] what has been left of what was stolen from the larger segment of the [ CITIZENRY]. If the Republican “majority” think that the lobbyists can fool the country any more then I see this ‘nation’ traveling the VERY CLOSE PATH of [THOSE] that invented [DEMOCRACY]. Is the fact that when life intimated art that it was, more often than not, as a TRAGEDY !?!




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