30 06 2011

To begin this article I have to begin with the Joe Friday quote of “Just the FACTS, Ma’am.”
It appears that Supreme Court Justice, (Just-US!),[CLARENCE THOMAS] has begotten another star on his office’s ‘[CONFEDERATE] flag’.
I don’t have to write much, since the Huffington Post is ALL OVER IT. But, there is one important *semi-factual joke that I MUST place within a section of this. When I read who the sponsor of the “historical” museum located in Pin Point, Georgia was I had a hysterical “” moment,(See at article end.). As the “Benefactor”, Harlon [* FINIS] Crow is a force to be reckoned with.
SO, the call for African-American “reparations has begun, of sorts, with a shining example of “first fruit” being bestowed. Just how long it will take for the final verdict to be “PASSED” by the remaining ELEVEN of SCOTUS is a question that may remain on hold for some time.
Wouldn’t it be “funny” if Mr, Crow was the great-great nephew of a JAMES CROW ? Talk about “CHANGE”.

As we are now celebrating the BIRTH DATE of these “United” States the insidiousness of the “GOOFY OLD POTTERS” has thrust its limpness at new Justice [ELANA KAGAN]. If this type of legislative frivolity continues to grow there WON’T be many more celebrations for the Land of the “FREE”.




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