A New (and USE-FULL) “WORD”

6 06 2011

It’s nearing time for the ultimate office race in these “You-Knotted-Stakes”. It doesn’t matter if they’ve “grad-ee-ate-Ed” SUMMA, or Some of. Not Red, nor Blew. Their “FAITH” … one Wife, several Wifes, TRIAL wives,or someone ELSE’S WIFE, it SHOULD, but DOESN’T, matter. OR should it ? And just what is THE proper chromosomal make-up OF a “WIFE” ? This line of… “thought” may be too much for the masses at the moment, but I just HAD to jot down something.
The PAID journalists are raking in the cheddar because they HAVE to make copy for all their advertisers to cover with POP-UP windows to piss off everyone that CAN, and Will READ what they’ve written. I do so to find that NEW PEARL of thought, that wonderful combination of multisyntaxial mayhem that could be the poetically linguist art of a [ANNA MARY ROBERTSON MOSES] and [Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso] coupling. Intriguing muse ain’t it ?
As the Pachyderm Pride gather their next wave of adherents we see that they’ve been blessed with, almost, every creed, race, and religion that they’d SHUNNED since Jefferson Davis sat in opposition to the last Republican in the oval office.
There’s a nicely short list for the Burros, their dappled Dapper has shown that knowing both sides of a fence still doesn’t make your neighbor like you.
Hopefully, you’ve PAID some ATTENTION to how much absurdity that all “parties” are [THIMBLERIGING] us, and how much we like to play.
Doesn’t it seem like these corporate whores are just regurgitating what they’ve…

joy-fully swallowed?

And WE are the designated clean-up crew when their vocal chords get too irritated by their feasts.
Yet, and STILL, we drool over the “new” [TOYS], continue to jump when we turn away from the Sun to see that black “thing” that’s copying us. (” No, Mr. Jones. I really can’t say that your Röntgen count is the product of your moving to Arizona.”) Oh, and ISN’T the ex-Governess of Alaska just at the correct age to have been ONE of the students LEFT BEHIND ?
I guess it’s time for that “new word”, from the title. It’s “B-O-M-B-A-S-B-L-E-S-H-I-T-E”: A COMPOUND “word”.
a.)Bombastic=(of speech, writing, etc.) high-sounding; high-flown; inflated; pretentious. Use bombastic in a Sentence.
b.)Ble= -ble, *-bul. (Latin: a suffix; result of the act of, means of, place for). assemble, assembles, assembled,assembling. *, Or BULL!
c.)Shite= A very British and therefore great way of saying shit. Shite sounds much more effective than shit.
SO, there you have a new, and VERY use-full word for this year’s election jargonage. I do hope that the “readership” spreads it as freely, and EXPERTLY as any POLITICIAN could. I thank YOU for taking the time to read a crazy’s post.




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