Are WE Walling Ourselves In

21 02 2011

There are innumerable metal and stone remembrances to and for those who gave their lives to the, now hungrier, ‘god’ of war MARS, ( that’s why soldiers MARch.). And since the beginning of this country, COMMERCE is the real export, DEMOCRACY runs a distant second. It’s well known, now, that the BUSINESS of war can soon become the garnered equivalent of many of this worlds’ gross domestic products. Just check into the tally sheets of KBR or HALLIBURTON, heck… CHECK YOUR NEXT GASOLINE ‘FILL-UP’ ! Now we learn of the nation of GEORGIA. Since 1992, when this nation stands from the ‘Soviet Union’ its President, Eduard Shevardnadze, foresees this new nation as the central hub in the transporting of OIL from between ASIA and EUROPE, as it uses its central positioning on the old SILK ROAD. That positioning was not lost on George H.W. Bush, who established the GEORGIA TRAIN and EQUIP program through the U.S. Department of Defense. It was to be a $64 million, 20 month effort involving a “maximum” of 150 soldiers. AND was expected to be duplicated in TWENTY OTHER countries ! Sixteen years later, son George W. Bush attempts to, slyly, complete another of “Daddy’s” and “Grampy’s” global taskings. [ Georgia: Old dog, tired tricks ]. The interesting partner in this chain of events is our “able to vote in the election of the PRESIDENT’ state ISRAEL, who either volunteered, or was hand picked to “train”, as well as be equipped with American made weaponry. There’s a large body of information that CNN, and  OTHER “news institutions”, to have been “unable” to place this caustic foreign policy implementation into our cognitive view. Those that can remember the event called KENT STATE may wish to stop. What happened after the French lost in Viet Nam, we cannot save anyone’s face, nor should we try. The stakes today won’t allow for such ‘fal-da-ral’. And, there may be NINETEEN other situations developing as I write this. As I’ve said before… The payment that MUST be tallyed for freedom is that one must pay attention.

When I began to jot these thoughts it was 2010, the world was caught up with the BAILOUTS of companies and banks that had STOLEN from the citizenry. These past few weeks have seen the man who benefitted from the assassination of [ANWAR SADAT] lose HIS role as the “President” of EGYPT. Our “friend” Muammar el- Qaddafi is [FRANTICALLY] trying to stay in power. And is, yet, to stop LIBYA’S BLACK GOLD flows as he takes a vacation with Hugo Chavez, in Venzuala.

Pakistan is, still, many U.S. soldiers’ vacation destination. Their neighbor is geting a “nice” shot of [CAPITAL] that might tip the balance of power along their borders.  [BAHRAIN] can’t advertise for Exxon, Total Or BP during their freshly CANCELLED mega- million “dollar” Grand Prix. Iran is making Israel “pucker” by having their WAR-Ships sail through the SUEZ Canal.

The Drug War in Mexico is closing off a 300 year old relationship of those that have danced cautiously for the past century.

And, when there IS war the term that “an army fights on its Stomach” is being challenged by [MONSANTO] being given the REINS/REIGNS to the food supply.

The many walls designs are being set in a financial/ social [LABYRINTH]. The question is who is the Minotaur, and who will volunteer to play Theseus ?




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