12 02 2011

What do you think was the look on the faces of [FRANCIS LENN TAYLOR] and [SARA VIOLA WARMBRODT] on February 27,1932 in Hampstead, ( United Kingdom), England ? Do you think that this Midwestern, ( Arkansas), couple knew just how special and fully blessed their second child was ? How much of her Mother’s Beauty and thespian gifts had been deposited into this ebon-haired darling ?

[ELIZABETH ROSEMOND TAYLOR] has given the world of entertainment her “HEART” in so many ways. From our first glimpse of National Velvet the Violet-eyed DAMSEL caught most by their dreams and lead them through Sixty-Six years of life lived for others. As ART and pleasure. From the wisp of a girl training her horse for the Nationals, with the help of Mickey Rooney, “Velvet Brown” brought enough moisture to the eyes to make “KLEENEX” a valued stock.

From there is too much for one who isn’t named Ebert, but there aren’t many left who were “born” to be in front of the world’s eyes from “the old days”.

If you feel the urge to speak to your “Higher Power” on Ms. Taylor’s behalf go ahead, she’s been working for the benefit, and health, of a lot of those that are shunned or overlooked. For that alone Elizabeth Taylor has earned the title Dame. But, as all things under the Sun, the constant [HANDLING] makes the finest of materials weakened. This is, probably, what has happened to Ms. Taylor’s Heart.

As of March 23, 2011 Dame Taylor [PASSED] into her own immortality.




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1 03 2011

yeah nice

say sump'in n'telligent!

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