What If (?)

24 10 2010

What if we could actually go back and CHANGE those ‘terrible’ things of history ? What if the truly ‘important’ events could be EAR-MARKED for “correctings” ? Again I find a tasty mental morsel to chew on electronically.

[\”WHAT IF\”]: to ponder a scenario known, but, not having ones desirable outcome. To change it to become so mentally.

CNN dropped this charged bit-o-introspection for the coming anniversary of the fiftieth year since [JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY] became America’s Thirty-Fifth President. He’ said that:
“A nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.

The interesting thing, of this coincidence, is that when the “Black” population, of THIS nation, were going through “White” people locking their car doors when they’d stopped at corners with “Blacks” on them Juan Williams had JUST moved into America from Panama. Suspicion was the wardrobe worn through the fear colored glasses of the “majority” at “that” time. And ANY [\’KNOWLEDGEABLE\’] person should remember such, especially if they’d been PART of said time.

So, what if the HISTORY “OF” only changed by a [SINGLE DIGIT]* factor, instead of a [CAST] ? What if we stopped reading the covers and tried to edit the (mal-) [CONTENT] before a second* “printing” were run ?

What if we ACTUALLY paid attention to what WAS going on around US, instead of allowing another to skew our trusted perceptions with FEAR and STUPIDITY ?

When WAS the last time that you “sat down” and really THOUGHT, instead of continuing to put compresses on your chin… where your KNEES keep catching it ?




One response

13 11 2010

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