And The “TRUTH” Shall Set You Up

20 10 2010

We’re so close. Can YOU feel the tension ?

The “news” (h)a(te)gencies are working VERY closely…

… with their [CURTAINED] com-patriots, along with some “outside” interest(ed)s to finalize the recension of Democracy, ( probably since it sounds like D.e.m.o.c.r.a.t..), and that ugly ruse called FREEDOM.

After 40, intermittent, years of assisting America in its [DUMBING] down the masses there’s a clear avenue for the “RED WAVE” to nurture themselves a new and more [\”FIT\”] constituency. With the current, (see: Monsanto.), ‘crop‘ of indoctrinated, and “learned”, [CANDIDATES] for States’ [REPREHENSATIVES], proudly wearing the hue of PEKOE, ( I didn’t know that there was a RED besides the Orange or Black. But, hey, gene juggling has risen to new heights recently.), it’s not difficult to see why that ALL the blows to the heads of our ADULT population have given them [(JIM) CROW-TIMERS] disease.

How can it be that All of this anger at …

#1.) The “WAR”(s) that HAVE lasted LONGER than Viet Nam,

#2.) The “saving” of our ECONOMY,

#3.) The “SECURITY“of our policies…

Have landed, the first man in EIGHT YEARS to be able to pronounce / SPELL,

(N.U.C.L.E.A.R. !!!!)

…Into such a deplorable National distress ? He DID “Talk Softly”, he DID walk softly. And I do believe that by doing so the “TAN-MAN of YES-WE-CAN” is finding that those “CANNED” through letting those that set the underpinnings, of this current “nation”-WIDE fiscal disaster, ( cue the ‘church lady !!!), CONVIENIENTLY KICK them away from THEIR paper mache’ foundations ?

We’re, only, 13 lucky days away from a [PREVISIONIST] Gulag redistricting. Have YOU decided on the new wardrobe that you’re not being able to choose ?




One response

27 10 2010

Dear “Ovoid”, I’m 160lbs. LESS than I was IN high school. Used to climb the steel stages for out door rock shows. YOU, on the hand that isn’t stuffing an obtuse ad on a good blogsite, DEFINITELY NEED a weight LOSS calculator for the swelling that is your continuous pride.

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