They JUST “Care” About your ‘VOTE’

14 10 2010

Now we’re into “turn THREE” of the ‘mid-term’ elections. I have received, at LEAST, twenty mailings from each of the two “primary” political parties, ( I don’t believe that the PEKOE PARTY cares what I believe.). My question is “how did the Republicans get my information(s) “? It may be that since this is a ‘free’ nation that there can’t be any sequestering of basic voter information.

Now, here in Ohio we’ve got an exciting group of “WANT-TOO-BEES”, (One republican candidate actually plays/ RE-‘ENACTS’ being an [SS TROOPER] when he’s not helping “STIR THE MELTING POT“. He states that it won’t / doesn’t effect his governance.). Some are returning, seeking a different “position”, from taking a “sabbatical” from their time as a STAUNCH BUSH ADVOCATE, ( Isn’t it “funny” that we haven’t seen, OR heard from “GEE-DUB” during this CRUCIAL JUNCTURE OF OUR NATION !?!). And having to take a TWO COUNT, to let their “laundry” AIR OUT, is how they’ve been able to point THEIR finger to the DISASTER that they KEEP telling us that the DEMOCRATIC party is letting the nation ruin itself with.

The problem with ALL of these entities is that they ARE TOO LAZY to make enough effort to let “the recipient” know that they care enough to research, AT LEAST(!!!), the CORRECT SPELLING of a NAME. It seems, (At least to me.), that if a need for employment, with ANY political party, IS that TWO YEARS of ‘POST SECONDARY / SOME College education qualifies one to be able to handle the “work-load” of buying, lying, spying, plying “the constituency” would mean that they’d LOOK UP HOW their intended represents themselves, calligraphically, to the world. If you want to know who I am, through correspondence, just ask. But, if you WANT something as important as a $161,100 part-time job through me YOU BETTER ASK me for it CORRECTLY… STARTING with the spelling of Mister……’s parental designation of verbal identification ! An [APOSTROPHE] may seem a frivolity to the Government, but this is the written I.D. of the sound that makes me ME!

You may say that I protest TOO much, BUT, as a DYSLEXIC person THIS NAME deserves a PLATINUM Kiss for learning it precisely ! And, then to have some YUTZ with a J.O.B. NOT HONOR me with its proper assortment of letters AND PUNCTUATION merely says that the chattel only needs to do as “requested”. The Democratic party HAS “known”this name since 1972, when 18 year olds were first allowed TO vote… And, I WORKED the McGovern campaign ! If you’ve read any of this blog you have to have a little guess of what I did, almost, two years ago.

But, this seems to be how the collective branches wear us into “being” an AMERICAN… simple names with simple spellings mean SIMPLE CITIZENS… NO room for the nuance of individuality, unless you’re an [AUCHINCLOSS].

Governor Strickland continues to wear a question mark for me, he’s NOT put restrictions on [rBST MILK], has put a TAX on EVERYTHING and has seen the jobless rate become embarrassing, but not like MICHIGAN. (Hey, at least it’s not crossed out !), but that’s Soda compared to the, almost, $ 400k pay cut Kasich would swallow for “stepping” away from [LEHMAN BROS.].

Well, that’s all my time on this soapbox. But, before I go have you noticed the unique names and spellings throughout the article ? I found them on Google and IT GAVE the CORRECT ONE(S) !!! Do YOU think that it would be so hard for someone to find [D\’Ellis R. McCammon], a French, type, derivative first name with a nice Irish last. WHAT’S so tough about a name like this !?! I mean it’s Not like they’re spelling [pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis] !




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7 12 2010

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6 11 2010
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27 10 2010

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24 10 2010

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