Of “LITTLE” Visions

10 10 2010

… And the things WE should have [NOTICED] !

Here we are. At the terminice, (which is a Latin word for “end”.), of what should have been. For a nation begun by those that sought freedom. Theirs was [NOT] as we’d been “schooled” to believe. As the world, as our politicians and their cronies tell us, IS NOT what they’ve been STUMPING us [WITH] / [FOR].

As most “read” the latest [PROGNOSTICATION] they FAIL to look at HOW we’ve been [LEAD(ED)] by the will of the [AFFLUENT] and their constant , public unveilings of a “NEW’ [BOOGEYMAN]… which is only their Dorian Grey portraitures.

November SECOND, Two-Thousand Ten, most likely its anniversary that will prompt OUR Grand-children to visit our graves and EXPECTORATE their gratitudes to our “wisdom” of choice.

And, with it following so closely to All Hallows Eve it’s become very easy for “Elephants” to charge that the Obama “tribe” conjured up many things before coming here to study…




But, then again, it’s been easy for the infused American grandchildren of, ‘hidden’ [\”AYRYAN\” DESCENT] to tell the rest of us how THEY feel about the freedoms that we’re “entitled” to…

When you’ve drawn that curtain to pull that LEVER of ‘CHOICE’ make sure that it’s not connected to the “[BOOBY]- trap” “they’ve” been having YOU BUILD ,
FOR THEM, all this time.




say sump'in n'telligent!

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